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Trauma is a silent epidemic that affects millions of people around the world. In times of natural disasters, armed conflict, humanitarian crises or interpersonal violence, the aftermath can leave individuals and sometimes communities with deep emotional scars. To help survivors transform their suffering and find resilience, psychologist Dr. Ani Kalayjian founded the international non-governmental organization MeaningfulWorld.


Over 2,700 Killed after Two Major Earthquakes Rock Syria and Turkey

Over 2,700 people were killed, and thousands more were injured when two major earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria on Monday. Hundreds of buildings collapsed and buried residents under their wreckage.


China’s Zero-COVID Policy Causes Mass Food and Supply Shortages

China’s ongoing zero-Covid policy has caused a massive shortage of food and essential supplies for millions of people.

The country enacted its controversial zero-Covid policy to contain the virus’s spread, utilizing authoritarian methods for its enforcement, even in the case of a few infections within a population. Thirty regions spread across China are placed under full or partial lockdown.

Authorities have banned citizens from leaving or entering their cities to purchase essential supplies. In some regions, the government has resorted to drastic measures to prevent citizens from coming into close contact.

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People residing in Xinjiang, a subdistrict in Henan Province, have taken to social media platforms like Weibo to post about widespread food, medication and essential supply shortages. The subdistrict has been in lockdown for over a month, and posts show a grim story of being unable to access medical care or replenish supplies since supermarkets closed.

“It’s been 15 days, we are out of flour, rice, eggs. From days ago, we run out of milk for kids.”

Xinjiang has long been under scrutiny by the international community. A U.N. report accused China of mass “human rights violations” against its Muslim minority and Uyghur population.

Authorities are resorting to turning off elevators to prevent residents from leaving their buildings. According to BBC, authorities locked down 500,000 residents in the Guizhou province without warning.

In Chengdu, a city of 21 million people, residents were instructed to stay inside during a 6.6 magnitude earthquake. Videos surfaced online of people trying to exit their buildings, only to find police had locked the doors, trapping them inside. Only 156 cases of covid had been reported.

In Xi’an, a man died of a heart attack after being refused admission by hospital employees. A woman who was eight months pregnant and bleeding was turned away, resulting in a miscarriage.

A video of an Uyghur man pleading for assistance for his children, who had not eaten for three days, surfaced online. In Yining city, 300 people signed an online shared document requesting food, medicine and sanitary pads.

“I’m out of money to buy supplies. My wife is pregnant and we have two kids. We are running out of gas. My wife needs a medical check.”

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Chinese media outlets are accusing authorities of flooding social media with benign posts about Xinjiang in a campaign to drown out posts about living conditions.

The Independent reports that one media outlet published a leaked document from the government instructing censors to “open a campaign of comment flooding.” The order asks enforcers to post content about domestic life, parenting, cooking and personal status updates.

 “All internet commentary organizational work units must carry out comment flooding work at the relevant times … the time period in question is from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. tonight.”

Users on the platform quickly recognized the propaganda comments and spoke out, ridiculing them, prompting the accounts to go private.

In May, the World Health Organization advised China to change its containment policy, warning that the policy was unsustainable knowing the virus’s behavior. The organization urged the country to consider such a stringent policy’s human rights concerns and economic cost.

USA Covid-19 Virus

Health Experts Claim Covid-19 In The US Is A ‘Humanitarian Disaster’ 

“This is a humanitarian disaster — probably one of the worst stories I’ve covered in my career,” said CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta said Thursday. Gupta’s comments are intense, yet unsurprising and universally accepted among health experts and scientists all throughout the country who have watched as over 10 million Americans suffered from this virus; over 280,000 Americans have now died from the coronavirus. 

Workers from Doctors Without Borders have been called upon to help the US get the pandemic under control. “I mean, this is an organization that typically covers true disasters and medical crises all over the world, and when they sort of look at a map right now and say, ‘Where do we need to be?’ they pointed to the United States. They were in nursing homes in Detroit. They went to Missouri. They’re in these different places trying to offer their services. And still, the numbers are what they are,” Gupta explained

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On Wednesday the US reported 1,893 Covid-19-related deaths according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Within the next two months it’s projected that 110,000 more Americans will die from the virus based on the current rate in which it’s spreading/impacting certain communities throughout the nation. 

The US has also topped 100,000 new daily infections for at least nine days in a row now. The current White House coronavirus task force warned of “accelerating community spread across the top half of the country,” in state reports distributed this week. The task force went on to state that the lack of response to these constant increases has led to the “most diffuse spread experienced to date,” comments which obviously caused them to receive a lot of backlash, considering they’re the ones who should be working on minimizing this spread, not just pointing out when it’s getting to a “humanitarian disaster” level. 

Third-party researchers are projecting conditions to really worsen in the West Coast, Northeast, and mid-Atlantic states over the next couple of months, as these have been the areas that have seen some of the biggest outbreaks within the past nine months. According to data from Hopkins in every single Midwestern state currently, Covid-19 patients are occupying more than 25% of all ICU beds, and some healthcare workers are worried for what’s going to happen when that percentage nears max capacity. Experts are especially worried that with the impending holiday season many individuals will ignore the global health crisis and continue their holiday part plans as usual. 

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“This pandemic has taken such an emotional toll, on children and seniors alike, that we suspect many families will likely take the risk of gathering.”

The holiday’s also mean college students will be returning home indefinitely until they receive updated news on what their spring semesters will look like under the new Biden administration and whatever shifts in policies he implements to further protect Americans. The thought of young students who could have been carelessly gathering in small dorm rooms coming home to their more vulnerable, older family members has many worried. 

College campuses in all 50 states have reported Covid-19 outbreaks since the fall semester began. If you have a young adult planning to make the trip home in the coming weeks, make sure you’re all taking the proper precautions and getting tested and quarantining if needed. We’re likely all about to be spending even more time with one another as the weeks progress, the pandemic worsens, and we get a new administration in the White House that’s already planning a multitude of new health and safety measures to keep us safe.