Elon Musk Has Plans For Twitter As The Company’s Largest Shareholder

The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, has become Twitter’s largest shareholder with a 9.2% stake in the company. Musk immediately took to Twitter to announce some of his plans for the social media site.

Apple Picking

Fun Fall Activities You Can Still Do During The Pandemic 

Covid-19 has uprooted all of our lives. Now that autumn has officially started and the three-month holiday season has begun, it’s time to start planning some fun themed activities to keep you and your loved ones busy as we take on the upcoming months of quarantining in colder weather. 

Apple Picking: This is a great activity that the whole family will enjoy. Luckily, apple orchards naturally are socially distanced, so you and your loved ones can walk around the open space of apple trees while picking some fresh fruit. Most orchards also offer outdoor dining and shopping excursions that are available as well. 

Hiking: Before the weather gets really cold (depending on where you live in the world) take advantage of the cool and cozy fall weather by taking a hike at your local nature preserve. Want even more of an adventure? Look up places to hike near you that require a little bit of a drive to get to. This way you can go out and experience a new environment while enjoying all the fall foliage. 

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Make Some Fun Fall Recipes/Cocktails: There are numerous resources online for easy and fun fall recipes that you can make at home! Thanksgiving isn’t the only day of the year to really embrace pumpkin and apple flavors, so use all your freshly picked apples to make a homemade pie or spike cider. 

Take A Nature Drive: One of the simplest pleasures I’ve found myself appreciating during this pandemic is going out for drives. After spending the first few months locked in my room, I decided to get in my car, roll down my windows, put on my driving playlist and just start driving. Now that all the leaves are starting to change colors, there’s never been a better time to get in your car and drive around to see some of the beautiful sights nature has to offer.  

Decorating Pumpkins: This classic Halloween tradition has always been an at-home activity, so why should a pandemic stop that from happening? Going to your local pumpkin patch and picking out a pumpkin to carve is the perfect way to feel like you’re having a typical fall experience. 

Clean Out Your Closet: Home organization always falls under the category of “spring cleaning” however, fall is the perfect time to clean out your wardrobe and prepare it for the potential influx of new clothing items you’ll be getting from Santa in a few months.

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DIY Halloween Costumes: Since Halloween will likely be cancelled this year in terms of going out and celebrating, why not celebrate in your own way by creating something amazing to wear. You and everyone you’re quarantined with could even coordinate a group outfit to make together and then have a spooky photo-shoot to share with friends and keep the Halloween spirit alive. 

Learn To Knit: What better way to prepare for a cozy season than making something cozy for yourself to wear? Knitting is known as one of the easier forms of creation when it comes to clothing, so pick up some needles and yarn and start slow with a beginner YouTube video. I was able to teach myself in one day how to knit a basic stitch and pattern, so why not give it a try?

Create A Book Club: Cold weather is always ideal for reading by the fire, but why not take it one step further and create a book club with all of your friends to help keep you motivated? Platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts make it easy to hold virtual weekly meetings with whoever you want so that you don’t have to worry about potential Covid-19 concerns. However, since the weather is still relatively nice out, consider holding the meetings in an outdoor setting, socially distanced, until it really gets too cold out. 

Decorate With Holiday Decor: October is for Halloween, November is for Thanksgiving, and December is for Christmas, that’s three months of holidays that one could decorate for. You don’t have to break your bank either to create a cool themed ambiance that you’ll enjoy all season. By switching up the decor monthly to match up with the respected holiday, you’ll keep your mind and body engaged while having a fun time decorating your space to feel the most cheerful.

Fall Road Trip

8 Road Trip Ideas That Capture The Beauty Of Fall In The US

All throughout the US, many are opting to take road trips in lieu of the Covid-19 pandemic putting a wedge in other travel plans. Now that autumn is officially beginning, it’s the perfect time to get in your car and start taking in some of the wondrous sites the US has to offer during this colorful and cozy season. 

Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia: New England destinations in general are always a hot spot for fall lovers, and the Blue Ridge Mountains are no different. The stunning fall foliage will give you some of the most breathtaking landscapes you’ve ever seen, and the adjacent mountain town of Helen is known as the highest natural point in Georgia. The mountains are also right next to the town of Clayton which is known for its old school charm and slew of antique shops, galleries, wineries, and other fun activities. 

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Rhode Island: The US’s smallest state offers a wide variety of road trip excursions anyone would enjoy. One could go to the famous town of Newport and hike along the historic railroad tracks while taking in the stunning scenery and historic mansion views. During the whole month of October, the town also has a variety of Halloween themed activities and attractions, such as pumpkin patches, haunted houses, cider houses, and more. 

New York’s Finger Lakes: The finger lakes are a great destination for any New Yorker desperately seeking a break from the city. If you leave from the city, you can head through the state of Pennsylvania and stop at the  Tobyhanna state park for some stellar autumnal scenery, and natural mountain views. The finger lakes themselves also offer a variety of hiking locations to really connect you to nature.

Route 6 Pennsylvania: Speaking of Pennsylvania, Route 6 is famously known for its various road trip excursion opportunities, and the views along the route are worth the trip alone. Along the route drivers will see a multitude of signs advertising fun seasonal activities such as cider tastings, apple picking, hiking trails, and more!

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The Blue Ridge Parkway: This winding road is a quintessential road trip for anyone in the North Carolina/Virginia area, especially in the fall. It’s 470 miles and connects the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina to the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. The route itself will pass you through various farmlands and scenic forests any fall lover would enjoy. 

Connecticut’s Covered Bridges: In the northwest corner of Connecticut there’s a 100-mile loop that passes through the Town of Falls Village where all the churches, streets, houses and railroads look exactly like they did in the 1800’s. The Appalachian Trail runs right through the town offering up some of the most scenic hiking in the country. Visitors can also pass through the West Cornwall Covered Bridge which stretches 172 feet over the Housatonic River. 

The Oregon Coast: The coast of Oregon may not have the most traditional fall foliage, however, it has its own unique scenery through its various hiking trails. Travel experts recommend visitors start in Astoria and head south so they can take advantage of all the trails and stop at some of the state’s most famous historical parks and beaches. 

Route 66: Finally, the most classic American road trip of them all would have to be the historic highway that’s been forever memorialized in pop culture; Route 66. Most experts recommend starting in Chicago and then just following the turn-by-turn directions along the way to trace the entire route. There’s plenty of signs to warn you when upcoming sight-seeing destinations are about to appear so you can stop as many times as you want along the way.

Fall Decorations

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas To Warm Up Any Space

It’s finally that time of year; the weather gets a little cooler, our homes get a little cozier and the scent of cinnamon fills the air as leaves begin to fall from their orange and yellow trees. Now that autumn is officially starting, it’s time to warm up our indoor spaces with fall decor items that give us that warm and fuzzy feeling while we watch old Halloween movies and sip on cider. Luckily, there are plenty of easy design ideas that can help make any space feel ready for sweater weather. 

Fall Florals: Many people assume that florals are reserved specifically for the spring and summer season but that couldn’t be further from the truth. After all, fall is known as the harvest season, so why not cover your house in florals of orange, yellow, red, and brown. This could be as simple as adding a few accent plates to your dinner table, or creating bouquets of artificial flowers accented with pine cones, acorns, corn stalks, and other autumnal accents. 

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Outdoor Spaces: As the world continues to endure a global pandemic, many of us have opted for hosting small, socially distant, hang outs in our outdoor spaces. Warm up any outdoor set up by simply hanging some string lights, and putting out plush blankets, thick pillows, and lanterns. Bringing those floral elements outdoors is also a great way to create a cozy fall vibe. 

Pumpkins: Pumpkins are truly the mascot of autumn, but larger ones can definitely be expensive. Instead, invest in a lot of mini pumpkins, they typically retail for a few dollars each and vary greatly in shapes, texture, and colors. By buying a lot, you can set up a bunch of accent harvest pieces in the home and add other elements like string lights, acorns, fake leaves, and more. 

Tables: Fill your tables with plaid patterns and natural elements to give your eating areas a nostalgic and traditional feel. This is the perfect opportunity to create a centerpiece with mini pumpkins and all the other autumnal elements mentioned previously. 

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Candles: Long tapered candles will not only warm up any space, but give your home a spookier Halloween feel. Many tapered candles offer multi-colored wax options so as they melt they display a beautiful array of colors and shapes. Beyond that, scented candles placed throughout the home are the icing on the cake when it comes to setting the fall scene. When you walk into your space, you want it to feel as warm and cozy as possible, and smelling accents of pumpkin, cinnamon and apple throughout your home will do just that. 

Corn Husks: Corn husks also give off the perfect fall season vibe. Combined with pumpkins, hay, and fall flowers, and you have yourself a fantastic centerpiece for any table or shelf. Take it a step further and dress the door with a corn husk wreath; which you can likely pick up at any local crafting or gardening store. 

Pillows and Blankets: Now that the weather is going to start cooling down, don’t be afraid to go overboard with decorative pillows, throw blankets, and quilts. Flannel and hand-knit designs will make any space feel like home, and allow you to get comfortable wherever you are. Adding decorative pillows to the seating in your home will also warm up the space, and gives you the opportunity to display some cool seasonal designs. 

Seasonal Crafts: Finally, doing some sort of DIY craft for your home will not only give you the satisfaction of creating something yourself, but it’s a great way to really make your space look like what you want it to. If you have kids, you already know the multitude of seasonal/Halloween themed crafts you can do with the whole family, however, for those in a creative rut, head to your local craft store, they’re bound to have tons of kits of fall-themed activities to do.


Things You Should Know Before Renting An RV

Fantasizing about going on vacation during a worldwide pandemic is either the last thing on your mind, or the only thing keeping you sane during this entire quarantine. However, it can still be fun to disengage from our current reality and think about what life will be like once all of this over, even if it’s just for a little while. 

Taking a trip in an RV has risen in popularity exponentially within the past decade, and now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic that requires you and your loved ones to distance yourself from the rest of the world, an RV road trip is actually one of the most realistic vacations you can go on in the middle of a pandemic; assuming you’ll be keeping to yourselves wherever you end up camping out. So if you’ve never owned an RV but are debating investing just to get out of this reality for a little, here are a few things you should know: 

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The biggest obstacle most people think about when it comes to getting an RV is the investment itself. But if you’re simply renting the vehicle, it’s really not as expensive as you would think. The cost of rental is dependent on how long you’re planning on using the RV for, where you’re going, the type of vehicle, and other extra costs like insurance and camping supplies. On average an RV rental can run about $150 a night, or around $1,000 for every five days. 

The other major cost is paying to park your RV, if you have a friend’s property or access to a free overnight parking lot depending on where you’re going, that’s obviously going to be your best bet. If you don’t have access to either of these options, RV overnight parking normally costs around $30-$50 a night depending on the area. 

“Pack thoughtfully, RV renters should speak to the RV owner about what they keep on board for their renters, such as linens and cookware. It’s important to have a tool kit and first-aid kit on hand, in case of emergencies. If you’re traveling with kids, don’t forget games, craft supplies, movies, kitchen supplies, and of course, sticks, graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate for making s’mores,” says Megan Buemi, senior manager of content marketing at RVshare

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When planning your trip, get the whole family involved in what you guys are looking to do. Plan out your route beforehand so that you’re prepared for how long your journey will be and where the most ideal places to stop, for either sleeping or bathroom breaks, will be.If you’re going to be staying at a lot for RV’s specifically, make sure to call ahead of time to reserve a spot if needed. 

If you’re making the decision to go on an RV road trip, you also need to consider things like if you’re going to be the one driving, where you’re going to pick it up, if you’re just going to tow it behind your regular car for the whole journey, etc. There’s a lot of specific factors that really have more to do with how you personally feel. 

Don’t drive an RV for the sake of adventure if you’re not actually confident in your ability to do so. Like any vehicle, once you get behind the wheel you’re responsible for the safety of everyone inside the RV as well as everyone else on the road. So be mindful, do your research, and talk to some experts before making any major decisions.

Young Girl doing School Work

Tips For Keeping Kids Entertained During Quarantine

Trying to occupy your time during a global pandemic can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, and if you’re a parent, it can be even tougher. Quarantining with kids is no easy task, however, there are a multitude of things you and your children can do together that will not only occupy your days but also be fun for everyone. 

First and foremost, you should be trying to get as much outdoor exposure as you can. Obviously health and safety needs to be your number one priority at all times, however, the weather is finally starting to warm up again, so if you’re privileged enough to have some sort of outdoor area attached to your property, utilize it. If not, go for a walk if you’re still able to in your specific area as well. Social distancing initiatives tell us to be at least eight feet apart from one another, so as long as you maintain that mentality when you’re out, getting your bodies moving is the perfect way to engage your minds, bodies, and souls in some real activity; it should also help tire out your kids. 

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One of the hardest parts about having your kids at home and not in a more organized school setting is the lack of schedule. Since we’re still in the earlier stages of this pandemic, it’s important to establish a daily schedule now, and stick to it as much as possible during the work week. If you have a child who was old enough to be enrolled in some sort of school, make sure you specify which hours of the day will be dedicated to school work. Then, schedule out times for all three meals, activities, television, etc. This will not only help your child better adjust to life in self-isolation, but also it will make your adjustment period easier as well; definitely consider making yourself a daily schedule.

As a part of this schedule, make sure you separate a “recess” period at some point, especially if your child has school work every day. By giving your child a dedicated hour of recess in the middle of the day, they’ll be more motivated to finish whatever they have to do in the morning, and will have the energy to finish their day afterwards since they were able to get up and do some sort of leisure activity. 

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It can be really easy to leave your kid with some sort of smart device and call it a day, however, since we’re now living during a time where streaming shows and playing Angry Birds is becoming second nature, it’s still important to set screen time limits. This is especially true for kids living in isolation, you want to ensure that their brains are still getting proper stimulation, and not just from mindless cartoons. 

Instead, put your kids to work by turning household chores into family-fun activities. Kids love to get messy, so let them lend a hand in the kitchen when you’re making your meals, this way they can also learn some basic kitchen skills for the future.  More basic chores like cleaning their rooms or vacuuming can be turned into competitions or races to offer some sort of greater incentive for a job well done. 

One of those incentives can include choosing a movie for movie night, which by the way, should be every night at this point. I know we just said that we need to be monitoring screen times throughout the day, but no one said anything about what happens at night. Before you tuck the kids in, watch something together as a family and rotate who gets to choose the film every night. Living all together under one roof can become very overwhelming, very fast, so wind down every night together with some classic mindless entertainment, salty snacks, and loving company. 

Business Meeting

How To Make Your Business Idea A Reality

We’ve all had that moment when we’re gathered around the coffee table, hanging out with a few friends, having a few drinks, when suddenly one of you gets a brilliant idea. The idea is shared amongst the group and you all agree that the idea could make you all millionaires! You all could finally quit your nine-to-fives, buy a house, and retire early, it’s that good of an idea. Typically, after the initial excitement wears off, the conversation often quickly changes, and maybe one of your friends wrote down the idea just in case, but it’s likely it will never get brought up again. But what if that wasn’t the end of it? So often we have these brilliant ideas that never actually see the light of day, unless a bigger and wealthier corporation comes up with it somehow, but what if we actually all had the means to create our dream businesses? While I can’t provide you with a proper investment or all the specific logistics for your particular idea, I can give you the right tips to actually making your business dream ideas a reality. 

First and foremost, one of the keys for creating a good and marketable business idea is to ask yourself: what problem does your idea solve? Consumers want a product, store, service, etc. that will be beneficial to their life in some way. Even if your idea is a simple corner coffee shop, what is it about your specific shop that makes customers want to walk into your doors every morning for their morning coffee? Maybe it’s the fact that your shop is the closest coffee shop within a five mile radius, or maybe it’s that you make homemade muffins every morning so that they’re fresh for the customers. Whatever it is, your business needs a niche that makes it special; the goal should always be to be as memorable as possible.

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If you’re having trouble even thinking of a general idea of what you want to do, make it personal. Think about your own life and current living situation and what would make going about everyday easier. Making it personal connects you on a deeper level to the idea, and will create a greater sense of passion for the project. 

Lindsay Cook, the founder and CEO of the app FitOn, spoke with Forbes Magazine about this concept:  “As a busy working mom, I realized that making it to my favorite studio classes had become seemingly impossible. When I searched online for more accessible and practical workouts, I was disappointed in the quality and lack of motivation that existed. Hence the inspiration behind FitOn.”

Once you have your idea it’ll be time to do some research. You want to research your general market, and designate your target audience. When researching your market you want to think about it in relation to your product/idea. Does it reach a broad enough audience? Is your intended market large enough to sustain the business in its entirety? What aspects of your idea should be expanded upon in order to be more relatable and usable to the general public? You also want to think about how you’re going to market yourself and sell your product; obviously this all depends on the specifics of your idea.

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Will it be exclusively online or do you want a storefront to start off? Either way, definitely make a professional website for the business to make it easily accessible to anyone. Additionally, having an online presence can include making your business multiple social media accounts; this way, your business is more likely to reach that broader audience you need. 

Before you dive fully into your idea, it’s good to get some honest feedback, validation, and tips from others on how you plan on running your business  and the product itself. Create focus groups or online forum boards in which you can present your idea to friends, family members, or even complete strangers. Consumer feedback is so important, especially when it comes to a business that you’re starting from the ground up. Your audience is your customers, so it’s important to appease to their wants.

Once you have your feedback, it’s time to take this coffee table idea you made with your drinking buddies and turn it into a reality. Running a business is no easy feat, so take your time to make sure you’re jumping through all the right hoops and crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s. Believe in your idea and have some faith that you will be able to retire early on a beach in Miami when the business finally does take off. Robert Herjavec, star investor on the show Shark Tank, recently gave Business Insider some of the best advice he’s received regarding starting a business:

“You have to have a senseless belief in your idea and yourself—almost to the point of being delusional. Remember that everyone has advice, but no one knows what you have to go through to start, grow and scale a business until they live it. Talk is cheap, but action speaks volumes.”

Christmas Gifts

Unique Gift Ideas for Holiday 2019

With Black Friday only a few weeks away, it’s not too early to start thinking about the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list this year. Whether you are buying gifts for relatives, close friends, coworkers or a significant other, the Internet is a tremendous resource not only for finding deals and obscure items, but for researching gift ideas that will leave your loved ones surprised and delighted. For help shopping for the person in your life who seems to already have everything, or for the person who refuses to give hints about their ideal gift, this guide offers several suggestions for unique and fun presents this holiday season.

For the person in your life who loves technology, accessories for their devices are always a good idea. Redbubble offers a wide selection of designs for laptop skins, allowing near-limitless customization opportunities. You can order a skin featuring designs from your loved one’s favorite movie, TV show, or video game, as well as a number of custom, abstract design. Additionally, Redbubble offers skins and cases for iPhones, iPads, and other devices, as well as custom wall art in the form of posters, canvas prints, and even metal prints. For even more help, Redbubble’s website even has a page dedicated to gift suggestions. Redbubble’s extensive variety of designs and customizability ensures that you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for someone interested in technology and art.

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Another unique gift idea is a custom map, which can depict an area of your choosing and makes for sleek custom wall art. The maps are available in a number of aesthetically-pleasing designs, and include the option for custom text. The area depicted on the map can represent a person’s hometown, a place that is special to them, or even a place they’d like to visit someday. Prices start at $49 for a paper map, but the maps can be printed on canvas or metal if you prefer for an additional charge. This gift is ideal for someone with whom you have a shared memory from a particular place, as the map serves as a reminder of the relationship between you and your giftee.

Scented candles are a frequent choice for gift-givers, as few people will complain about being gifted a candle. However, ordinary scented candles can be a bit boring. For a more personalized option, consider gifting a candle with scents that bring back memories of a particular place or time. Homesick candles, available on Amazon, are categorized not by scent but by more abstract ideas, such as states, cities, and environments. Instead of attempting to replicate the smell of these places, the scents of Homesick candles are based on input from residences of the places in question in order to invoke a mood associated with the place. The Seattle-themed candle, for instance, smells like “a strong cup of coffee on a perfectly rainy afternoon.”

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For children who enjoy video games but don’t already have a Nintendo Switch, the newly-released Switch Lite is a great option. The handheld costs $100 less than the original console, and while it loses detachable controllers and the ability to play on a TV, it retains compatibility with nearly the entire library of Switch titles, including the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. The Switch Lite is available in grey, yellow, and turquoise, and its smaller form factor and more durable construction is perfect for young gamers.

Finally, while most people already have a case for their phone, a new phone case nonetheless presents an opportunity for a personalized, unique gift option. Casetify’s Sand Liquid cases react to gravity and the movement of the phone, creating a dynamic and visually interesting pattern in colors of your choosing. 

Cozy Home

How to Make a Tranquil Home

Our homes should provide us with a relaxing, serene environment in which to unwind at the end of the day and escape from the problems of the outside world. Too often, though, our homes serve only to make us even more frustrated and irritated, such as when we leave everything a mess or our redecorating projects don’t turn out as planned. Cultivating a pleasing environment can be tricky, but it’s essential for our overall sense of well-being to have a place we’re proud to call our home. Here are some guidelines for turning your house or apartment into a space where you can enjoy yourself and forget about the troubles of work or other responsibilities.

The first step, as with most things, is to make sure that you have a clear goal in mind for how you want your space to look and feel. This starts with assessing your environment as it is: do you have too many knick-knacks scattered around? Do your decorative elements suffer from stylistically clashing with one another? Or do you simply have too many bare walls? Assessing the style of your home can be difficult when you’re so used to seeing it every day, so it can be helpful to invite a friend over for feedback or suggestions. And of course, if you have a partner or roommates, you should collaborate with them to brainstorm ideas that all can enjoy. Most importantly, try to consider the mood that your space puts you in, and what energy you’d like the space to inspire instead. Your environment impacts your mood in ways that can be easy to ignore, so it’s good to be in tune with how the space around you impacts how you feel.

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Once you have a vision for your ideal home in mind, the next step is to work on carrying out your ideas. Think about what activities you’d like to do in each space of your home, whether they be writing, playing board games, or exercising, and plan accordingly. Although the task of transforming a space can seem overwhelming, taking it step-by-step helps to make it feel like a more attainable goal. A good first step is to get rid of the things that you know you definitely don’t need or want anymore; not only is this easy to do, but it helps clear up your space, giving you an idea of where things can be added or rearranged. As you’re doing so, you can put the things that you’re not sure of what to do with aside to deal with later. You’ll begin to notice the energy of your space changing, which will help later on in the process when you introduce new elements into the environment.

During the organizational process, it’s helpful to differentiate between items that you want to keep in open storage and those you want to keep in closed storage. Useful, but unsightly items, like vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies, should be kept in closets and drawers, whereas personal effects, like vases, pictures, and coffee table books should be kept out in the open. When you have less stuff in your space, the things that remain become more prominent in the mind’s eye, so it’s important to highlight the things you really care about and that contribute to the atmosphere you’re looking for. 

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With that in mind, it’s important that you coordinate the locations of your items with their functions. For instance, if you like to have a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, everything necessary to prepare your beverage should be closeby. Additionally, keep in mind that as time goes on, things are going to accumulate; as such, your should have a dedicated space to put your keys, your mail, your jacket, and so on. If you don’t, you’ll find that your newly redesigned space will quickly become just as unsightly and cluttered as it was before you began your efforts.

An often-overlooked, but essential, element of home decor is lighting. Lighting can fundamentally transform the atmosphere of a space, so it’s important to pay close attention to how your home is lit. Bulbs with a warm color temperature are generally preferred over cold, bluish lights, but you should choose the type of lighting that best suits your space. Also pay attention to your lighting fixtures of choice, as lamps can contribute to an atmosphere that is very different from overhead lights. If possible, ensure that all of your lighting fixtures are set on a dimmer, so you can experiment with the brightness of each bulb. And take advantage of natural lighting whenever possible by installing blinds, shades, and curtains as appropriate.

If you’re interested in, and able to repaint your walls, it’s usually best to choose colors that are bright and muted. Think soft grays, pale blues, and off-white. Ceilings should generally be painted a lighter tone of what’s on the walls. Smaller spaces, and those used primarily at night, can benefit visually from being painted in darker tones.

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When picking out furniture, it’s often better to choose pieces that are comfortable over ones that are visually striking. After all, you’re looking to create a comfortable environment that you’d like to spend a lot of time in. Make sure the texture of your couches, chairs, futons and tables is visually appealing and soothing to the touch. By choosing comfy furniture, you’re also creating a space with a serene atmosphere, both in terms of its tactile properties and visual appeal.

While it’s easy to focus on how things look, make sure to pay attention to your other senses too. An old chair may be comfortable to sit in, but if it creaks every time you get out of it, it can start to become annoying. Putting down a runner on a hardwood floor can help minimize the sound of footsteps, and lubricating hinges can help with squeaky doors. Additionally, incorporating candles, incense, or scent diffusers into the environment can be just the thing to complete your home’s transformation.