Major Storms And Torrential Rain Have Hit France, Switzerland, and Italy

Major storms and torrential rains hit France, Switzerland, and Italy this past weekend, leaving seven people dead, according to local authorities.

Authorities spoke with the media outlet Agence France-Presse, and detailed that three people in their 70s and 80s died in France’s north-eastern Aube region on Saturday after their car was crushed by a tree while they were driving against major winds. A fourth passenger is currently in critical condition. 

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Four people died in Switzerland and another is missing, according to the local police. Three were killed from a landslide brought on by torrential rains in the south-east, according to Italian police. 

According to the Guardian, police said that a man was found dead in a hotel in Saas-Grund in Valais, likely due to rapid and sudden flooding. Another man is also currently missing in the same area. 

“Several hundred people” were evacuated in Valais and multiple roads were closed from flooding and landslide warnings, according to civil security services. 

Emergency services had to navigate how to evacuate 300 people who were in Peccia for a football tournament, and 70 individuals who were at a “holiday camp” in the village of Mogno. 

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In recent years when major natural disasters have occurred, scientists have reminded the world that climate change brought on by human activity and lack of government intervention has caused the intensity, frequency, and length of extreme weather events to increase immensely. 

Police also discussed how rescue efforts have been very difficult due to continuous poor weather conditions and destruction that has made a lot of areas inaccessible, such as several valleys. Electric networks have also been cut off in multiple areas. 

The federal alert system also stated that parts of the impacted areas were without drinking water. In the west side of Valais, several hundred people were evacuated and roads were closed due to repetitive dangerous weather conditions.

Extreme rainfall in Switzerland also caused major damage and led to the death of one individual. Recovery and rescue efforts are still underway.