Potato Juice

Lifestyle Coach Says Potato Juice Is Key To Healthy Life

Famous lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho recently took to his Instagram to discuss the health benefits of an unlikely produce item that many of us overlook as a heavy carb that’s bad for us. The vegetable in question is a potato, however, Coutinho specifically went on to discuss the major health benefits that potato juice has on the body, and why we all should be drinking it everyday. 

Potatoes in general are packed with vitamins, however, many of us often associate potatoes with their more unhealthy byproducts such as french fries, tater tots, or hashbrowns. In its raw form, potato juice is packed with all the nutrients that normally get lost when a potato gets fried and turned into a tasty fry. While it may taste rather bland and natural, it can have amazing health benefits, and can be mixed with other tastier juices that are just as healthy! 

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Potatoes in general are high in alkaline, according to Coutinho, which is important if you’re someone who suffers from acid reflux or have an overly-acidic stomach in general that can make digesting certain foods difficult. Having potato juice can help “neutralize excess acids in the stomach,” and make eating more enjoyable. 

On the more cosmetic end, potato juice can also help improve dark circles under your eyes. Studies have suggested that part of the reason we get dark circles under our eyes is due to toxicity in our kidneys and liver. 

The word “toxic” sounds scary but simply having a few alcoholic beverages is considered to be “toxic” for our liver and kidney functions due to the fact that our bodies aren’t used to processing alcohol as it’s not a basic need for survival. Potato juice has been shown to cleanse the kidneys and liver and improve their function overall. As their function improves, the dark circles under your eyes should also begin to disappear as well. 

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Some of the vitamins that potatoes are saturated with is Vitamin B1, B2, and B3. Vitamin B in general works to assist our bodies in converting carbohydrates into glucose to produce energy, it also supports brain function and motor abilities. So if you’re feeling particularly foggy or exhausted during the day, Coutinho suggests reaching for a glass of potato juice instead of another cup of coffee. 

If you’re someone who suffers from eczema or psoriasis flare ups, potato juice can help with that. Applying the juice to your skin during a flare up can help ease the irritation and itchiness during a flare up and while it may not get rid of the flare up, it can provide some temporary relief. It’s also been proven that potato juice can help reduce dandruff when applied to the scalp as well. 

Besides vitamin B, potatoes are also full of potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin K. Each of these things have countless health benefits; vitamin C helps absorb excess iron in the blood while also aiding in the production of collagen. Collagen is essential for skin, bone, and joint functions. 

The easiest way to juice a potato is to peel it and cut it into small chunks. Put the peeled chunks into a blender with some water and mix. Coutinho suggests adding some beet juice, carrot, mint, or lemon to the juice to improve the flavor while further benefiting your body as well. 

Coutinho also emphasized that everyone should talk to their doctors for any medical conditions they may have, and not to rely on potato juice exclusively for improving your health. He also noted that individuals on certain medications or who have medical conditions regarding their kidneys should likely stay away from potatoes and, again, discuss it with your doctor over anything.