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Tips For Keeping Kids Entertained During Quarantine

Trying to occupy your time during a global pandemic can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, and if you’re a parent, it can be even tougher. Quarantining with kids is no easy task, however, there are a multitude of things you and your children can do together that will not only occupy your days but also be fun for everyone. 

First and foremost, you should be trying to get as much outdoor exposure as you can. Obviously health and safety needs to be your number one priority at all times, however, the weather is finally starting to warm up again, so if you’re privileged enough to have some sort of outdoor area attached to your property, utilize it. If not, go for a walk if you’re still able to in your specific area as well. Social distancing initiatives tell us to be at least eight feet apart from one another, so as long as you maintain that mentality when you’re out, getting your bodies moving is the perfect way to engage your minds, bodies, and souls in some real activity; it should also help tire out your kids. 

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One of the hardest parts about having your kids at home and not in a more organized school setting is the lack of schedule. Since we’re still in the earlier stages of this pandemic, it’s important to establish a daily schedule now, and stick to it as much as possible during the work week. If you have a child who was old enough to be enrolled in some sort of school, make sure you specify which hours of the day will be dedicated to school work. Then, schedule out times for all three meals, activities, television, etc. This will not only help your child better adjust to life in self-isolation, but also it will make your adjustment period easier as well; definitely consider making yourself a daily schedule.

As a part of this schedule, make sure you separate a “recess” period at some point, especially if your child has school work every day. By giving your child a dedicated hour of recess in the middle of the day, they’ll be more motivated to finish whatever they have to do in the morning, and will have the energy to finish their day afterwards since they were able to get up and do some sort of leisure activity. 

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It can be really easy to leave your kid with some sort of smart device and call it a day, however, since we’re now living during a time where streaming shows and playing Angry Birds is becoming second nature, it’s still important to set screen time limits. This is especially true for kids living in isolation, you want to ensure that their brains are still getting proper stimulation, and not just from mindless cartoons. 

Instead, put your kids to work by turning household chores into family-fun activities. Kids love to get messy, so let them lend a hand in the kitchen when you’re making your meals, this way they can also learn some basic kitchen skills for the future.  More basic chores like cleaning their rooms or vacuuming can be turned into competitions or races to offer some sort of greater incentive for a job well done. 

One of those incentives can include choosing a movie for movie night, which by the way, should be every night at this point. I know we just said that we need to be monitoring screen times throughout the day, but no one said anything about what happens at night. Before you tuck the kids in, watch something together as a family and rotate who gets to choose the film every night. Living all together under one roof can become very overwhelming, very fast, so wind down every night together with some classic mindless entertainment, salty snacks, and loving company.