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Wuhan, China To Continue Testing Residents For Covid-19 As Lockdown Lifts

Wuhan, China is where the coronavirus pandemic initially began. Now, China has begun to loosen their two-month lockdown policy as the virus has slowed down its spreading exponentially compared to where the country was even a couple of weeks ago. Even though China is seeing a decrease in positive cases for covid-19, they will continue to test residents vigorously to avoid any kind of resurgence in case numbers; their overall goal is to loosen the lockdown enough so that they can begin to rebuild their economy, while still enforcing distancing measures.

One of the biggest concerns among all healthcare professionals and government officials worldwide is being able to detect patients who are asymptomatic and may not even know that they’re carrying/spreading this virus. This is the number one issue when it comes to Wuhan loosening their policies, as they’re worried they’ll just end up right back where they were a few months ago. 

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Feng Jing is a Wuhan resident who lives in the Tanhualin neighborhood in the city. Jing has been running a group of community workers who have looked after the Tanhualin neighborhood and ensured that everyone was following the proper lockdown protocols and keeping themselves healthy and safe; sort of like a pandemic neighborhood watch group. 

“We carry out comprehensive health checks everyday and keep detailed records of [our residents] health conditions. Currently our neighbourhood is an epidemic-free community – it’s been 45 days so far, so we don’t have this situation. There is [also] no likelihood of asymptomatic cases in this community,” Jing Said. 

Jing’s neighborhood isn’t the only Wuhan territory that’s seeing improvement in terms of new coronavirus cases. Leaders in China recently reported that this past Thursday only 42 new cases appeared throughout the entire country, to compare on both Wednesday and Thursday 60+ new cases appeared. 

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As previously stated, China’s government’s main goal is to accelerate the country’s economic recovery, which they will do by loosening how many “non-essential” workers will be able to return to work in the coming weeks. It’s difficult, however, to make those types of decisions, as the government is also focusing on ways to ensure that infected individuals still aren’t able to come into China from other countries. So while there’s a huge focus on economic growth, there’s also an even larger focus on keeping the country healthy.

In general, the coronavirus has infected over 1.4 million people worldwide, and over 87,000 individuals have died, and while this virus may have originated in Wuhan, it’s unfair to blame one city for the world’s overall unpreparedness for a pandemic such as this. 

In Wuhan specifically, the city is looking to spend what equates to $28.4 million on upgrading the city’s 400+ farmers’ markets, where it’s believed the virus first appeared. Several of the earlier cases of Covid-19 were linked to seafood markets in Wuhan that sold exotic species of animals as well, leading many to believe cross-contamination was the culprit of it all.

“Once reopened, the farmers markets should ensure no trade in wild animals and no trade in live poultry. Infrastructure in the markets should also be improved and become more similar to supermarkets.” Hong Zhihua, vice director of Hubei’s Patriotic Health Campaign Committee Office, said.

Many Wuhan residents share Zhihua’s perspective, and so does the government. Hopefully within the coming weeks, we’ll all see China improve massively in terms of coronavirus recovery, and the rest of the world will follow suit. For now, it’s imperative that we all stay inside as much as possible to stop the spread.