Kanye West Wears ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt at Yeezy Fashion Show

Kanye West donned a shirt bearing “White Lives Matter” on its back at his popup fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. He sent several models, some of whom are Black, with t-shirts sharing the same slogan down the runway at his YZYSZN9 show.

The Anti-Defamation League recognizes the slogan as one that is commonly used by white supremacist groups, including the KKK. The Southern Poverty Law Center also acknowledges the “movement” as an extremist group.

“White Lives Matter, a racist response to the civil rights movement Black Lives Matter, is a neo-Nazi group that is growing into a movement as more and more white supremacist groups take up its slogans and tactics.”

Kanye West, who has legally changed his name to Ye, is no stranger to controversy. He made headlines in 2018 after implying slavery was a choice during his interview with radio host Charlamagne Tha God.

Selah Marley, Lauryn Hill’s daughter and Bob Marley’s granddaughter, was among the models who modeled the garment. Candace Owens, a conservative political commentator, sat in the audience wearing a shirt with the same slogan.

The rumors of the popup fashion show began a few days before the Balenciaga mud show, where Ye made his runway debut. On Monday, the Avenue de la Grande Armée was packed with fans.

According to the NYTimes, “Anna Wintour came. So did John Galliano. Demna, the Balenciaga designer, and Cédric Charbit, its chief executive. Alexandre Arnault, the chief marketing officer of Tiffany & Company and a son of the LVMH chieftain Bernard Arnault.”

The show featured a live choir with a host of children from Ye’s Donda Academy in California, including  Ye’s daughter North.

Jaden Smith, who was also in the audience, walked out after the shirts came down the runway, later tweeting his support of the BLM movement, stating “I had to dip” and “we demand a more progressive future.”

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Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, the vogue editor, called it “indefensible behavior” on Instagram. In a series of stories, she shared screenshots of her thoughts on what happened.

“I know what he was trying to do. He was trying to illustrate a dystopian world in the future when whiteness might become extinct or at least would be in enough danger to demand defense…it didn’t land, and it was deeply offensive, violent and dangerous. The danger is that this very premise, the idea that white supremacy is in danger of extinction, is what justifies mass incarceration, murder en masse, indeed even the advent of slavery. The idea that blackness must be snuffed out for it will surely supersede whiteness in power and influence if given the chance, and it’s so hugely irresponsible to furnish the most dangerous extremists with this kind of fiction narrative.”

Kanye responded to the criticism by taking to Instagram and posting screenshots of the writer online.

“This is not a fashion person You speak on Ye Ima speak on you Ask Trevor Noah.”

Model Gigi Hadid came to the writer’s defense, commenting on Ye’s post.

 “You wish u had a percentage of her intellect. You have no idea, haha…. If there’s actually a point to any of your s–t. She might be the only person that could save u. As if the ‘honor’ of being invited to your show should keep someone from giving their opinion? Lol. You’re a bully and a joke.”

She also reposted a statement from José Criales-Unzueta, a Vogue employee, on her Instagram story.

“I was trying very hard not to give that man air time, but publicly bullying someone who criticizes your work on your massive platform is another level of ridiculousness to me. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it. If you can’t take criticism, especially the smart, nuanced, and kind criticism that GKJ provided yesterday’s show, then don’t put work out for public consecution.”

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Ye doubled down on his comments.

“Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter was a scam. Now it’s over. You’re welcome.”

Ye also accused LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault of killing fashion designer Virgil Abloh.


Tremaine Emory, the creative director of Supreme, responded, “I gotta draw the line at you using Virgil’s death in your ‘ye’ is the victim campaign in front your sycophant peanut algorithm gallery.”

“This time last year you said Virgil’s designs are a disgrace to the black community in front of all your employees at Yeezy -ASK LUCETTE HOLLAND…I GOT ALL THE ‘RECEIPTS’ ( don’t let me get into the things you said about v after his death)

Ye tell the ppl why you didn’t get invited to Virgil’s actual funeral the one before the public one at the museum( and why you weren’t allowed to speak at the public funeral). You knew Virgil had terminal cancer and you rode on him in group chats, at Yeezy, interviews…YOU ARE SO BROKEN. KEEP VIRGIL NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH…KEEP @gabriellak_j NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH…Your not a victim your just an insecure narcissist that’s dying for validation from the fashion world…take care…at least we’ll always have ‘UGANDA’.”

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Purchases Blue Box Jeweler Tiffany for $16.2 Billion

In a move Holly Golightly may or may not approve of, Tiffany & Co has been sold off to Louis Vuitton for over $16 billion, ending nearly 200 years of independence for the luxury jewelry company.

The owner of the biggest luxury goods company in the world – an accolade gained following the 1987 merger with Moët Hennessy thus creating LVMH – billionaire Bernard Arnault claimed Tiffany has an ‘unparalleled heritage’ and would be a perfect match alongside his companies and brands, therefore giving him a larger grasp on one of America’s fast growing markets.

An icon of New York, Tiffany’s flagship store is based on 5th Avenue, New York City and became a household name thanks to the Audrey Hepburn movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961, leading to thousands of movie fans heading to the store to buy their pieces of jewelry.

And with over 14,000 people employed in the store that was founded in 1837, they now have around 300 stores worldwide.

Following Mr Arnault’s purchase of Bulgari for $5.2 billion in 2011, he has been looking at buying Tiffany to increase his company’s portfolio stating ‘we have an immense respect and admiration for Tiffany and intend to develop this jewel with the same dedication and commitment that we have applied to each and every one of our Maisons [brand houses].’

The acquisition of Tiffany has increased LVMH’s holding to 75 brands including Christian Dior, Dom Perignon, Kenzo and Tag Heuer. LVMH now operates over 4,590 stores with around 156,000 employees.

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LVMH first put a bid in of $14.5 billion for Tiffany in October however this was declined as it was felt the offer was to low for the brand. The agreed figure now puts shares in Tiffany at $135.

Roger Farah, Chairman of Tiffany confirmed the board had agreed the deal claiming it ‘provides an exciting path forward with a group that appreciates and will invest in Tiffany’s unique assets and strong human capital’.

The all-cash deal appears to be a great opportunity for fans of the Tiffany brand. Unlike companies who remove the heart of the brand when taking over, LVMH are renown for building on what is already there.

It has already been suggested that the move will ensure Tiffany can maintain its position in the luxury market as well as restoring its exclusive status. LVMH will also be looking at extending the brand into China as well as the US, making sure the brand can improve on its already iconic name.

Currently there are 36 stores in mainland China and through star endorsements, alongside a promotion for a limited edition Tiffany key diamond pendant via WeChat – China’s most popular social media platform, Tiffany has grown to become the second favourite jeweler of choice – after Cartier – therefore allowing LVMH to increase their popularity.

Tiffany CEO Alessandro Bogliolo released a statement confirming the sale saying, ‘this transaction, which occurs at a time of internal transformation for our legendary brand, will provide further support, resources, and momentum for those priorities as we evolve toward becoming The Next Generation Luxury Jeweler.’

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Following a drop in sales, Tiffany had comeback with a campaign focusing on their more expensive items rather than the ‘entry-level gift items’ that had weakened the brand, resulting in some of its exclusive clientele choosing to shop elsewhere.

With the lower end items generally cast in silver the brand needed to refocus their attentions and launched its first engagement ring in over ten years – a stunning colorless square diamond – with the option of either an 18-karat gold band or a plain platinum.

At the time Mark J Erceg, Tiffany’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer confirmed ‘we plan to invest even more behind our high jewelry offerings and have plans to continue introducing even more gold with and without diamonds and diamond products’.

If LVMH’s history is anything to go by, Tiffany should see an increase in sales thanks to LVMH’s experience in refreshing ‘stale’ businesses, with Bulgari appreciating a massive increase in sales in the last 8 years.

The sale to LVMH will allow Tiffany the opportunity to increase their watch and jewelry sales significantly. Currently LVMH sales in these products – via their six specific brands – was a reported $4.45 billion in 2018, which was similar to Tiffany’s top line during the same period, implying that LVMH will double their sales by the move.

It is also important that LVMH is taking control of the supply chain, with the improvement of their sustainable sourcing a significant concern to their younger customers.

HSBC’s Global Co-Head of Consumer and Retail Research, Erwan Rambourg believes this could be essential to increasing the brand’s awareness, saying the company – and therefore the employees – will be ‘able to tell you what this is, whether it’s from this or that mine in this or that country. It’s a key competitive advantage.’