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7 Dream Summer Vacation Ideas

While traveling should be the last thing on all of our minds right now, considering the current coronavirus pandemic we’re all enduring, it’s important to break the cycle of only thinking/talking/texting about covid-19 and remember that this will eventually come to an end and we will be able to return to normalcy eventually. Remaining positive can be all we have in times of crisis, so let’s manifest that by the summer the coronavirus will be a memory and we’ll be able to take a much needed vacation. Here are a few classic summer vacation trips to inspire you to begin planning your dream post-pandemic vacay;

The country of Columbia has quickly become one of the most visited countries in the world for tourists, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that it’s made quite a name for itself as a hub for art and culture. Medellín is often referred to as the “City of Eternal Spring,” and in Colombia, spring is defined by gin cocktails on the patio with breathtaking beachfront views, hiking in the mountains, frolicking through the vast meadows that surround the local rain forests, and taking in the history of the town’s colorful architecture and cobblestone streets.

Monaco has become known as the 007 fantasy vacation we’ve all wanted to go on. The tiny city is located on the Mediterranean coastline of France and is the perfect setting for feeling like an international spy on a strict mission to save the world and get the girl in the matter of two hours. Gamble in the city’s upscale casino facilities while you dine out at some of the most extravagant eateries you’ve ever experienced. The seaside-hillside backdrops paint a magnificent view from anywhere in the city.

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Monaco harbor at twilight

Morocco is a country in northern Africa that has one of the richest and most diverse histories out there. The city of Marrakesh is known for its street-market goods and long winding walking paths that you can ride a camel down to catch some seriously breathtaking sunsets, which later transitions into a sky full of more stars than you’ve likely ever seen in your entire life.

Jamaica has long been one of the hottest, pun intended, summer vacation destinations for travelers all across the world, and how could it not be? The temperatures are extremely hot in the summer, which basically requires you to be on the beach at all times. Famous beach sites in Jamaica include  Doctor’s Cave Beach or Walter Fletcher, both which are known for their snorkeling. 

Machu Picchu offers some of the most surreal clear blue skies, green landscapes, and intensely beautiful views. Whether you’re actually up for the challenge of hiking the entire trail or not, there’s a multitude of sightseeing destinations that the casual traveler can leisurely make their way around. The Peruvian town of Cusco, which is located adjacent to Machu Picchu, lights up their hilltop views at night, and offers a bunch of local markets, eateries, and experiences to enjoy on your trip. 

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Machu Picchu, Peru

If you’re a water sport enthusiast, Nicaragua might be the perfect place for your next summer vacation. Nicaragua is known as one of the top surfing destinations in the world. The country is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, creating some of the best conditions for participating in any sort of water sport or activity. Beyond athletics, Nicaragua also offers various natural sights to see including historical lakes, volcanoes, and rain forests which are densely populated with tropical birds and other wildlife. 

Finally, who hasn’t thought about embracing their inner real housewife and going wine tasting in Napa Valley before? After the recent wildfires, California’s wine country is actually thriving as a means of stimulating the economy. Napa Valley is located right outside of San Francisco and, beyond wine, is also known for its amazing restaurants. They also have a bunch of fun summer events and activities including the Festival of Napa Valley, or the Napa Valley Wine Train

While the coronavirus has become pretty much the only thing on all of our minds within the past few weeks, it’s important to disconnect from the chaos of the world and take some time to daydream. So make a mood board, cut out photos, and plan your perfect fantasy vacation. If anything, at least it’ll give you something to do while we wait for all of this to be over.