Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Team Up With World Central Kitchen

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have partnered with Chef Jose Andrés and his organization World Central Kitchen to fund four new relief service centers that would work to deliver food and resources to individuals living in disaster zones around the world.

The couple is making the donation through their Archewell Foundation, and the first center is set to be opened in Dominicana, where Hurricanes Irma and Maria greatly impacted the area back in 2017; the area is still recovering. The second center is set to be opened in Puerto Rico for the same reasoning, and the two additional centers have yet to be announced, but are currently in the works behind the scenes.

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Markle and Prince Harry sent a statement to the TODAY show this week regarding the collaboration between themselves and Chef Jose Andrés: “When we think about Chef Andrés and his incredible team at World Central Kitchen, we’re reminded that even during a year of unimaginable hardship, there are so many amazing people willing — and working tirelessly — to support each other. World Central Kitchen inspires us through compassion in action.”

“The health of our communities depends on our ability to connect to our shared humanity.”

Megan and Harry both plan to work with the organization to “engage additional partners” internationally who can help build more relief centers around the world. Chef Andrés also sent a statement to the media in which he claimed that him and the couple strongly believe in the “healing power of food, and we like to say whenever there’s a fight so hungry people may eat, we will be there.”

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“We are more energized than ever to continue this vital work, and we’re proud that it will be hand in hand with Archewell Foundation and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I have come to know both of them well, and believe that their values are directly aligned with what we stand for at World Central Kitchen,” Chef Andrés continued.

World Central Kitchen was initially founded by Andrés in 2010. According to the website the purpose of the organization is now to continue the “fight to feed hungry people,” which thanks to the pandemic has taken Andrés and World Central Kitchen to “more places than [they] ever expected.”

“In 2020, the world changed profoundly, and our daily lives were overturned in a way none of us could have ever imagined. We activated in communities around the United States and the world to meet the daily needs of families in need of a warm plate of food – and supported thousands of local restaurants in the process. We also responded to natural and manmade disasters in countries on five continents, from massive bushfires in Australia to a deadly explosion in Lebanon to devastating hurricanes in Central America,” Andrés wrote.

This is also obviously not the first time Markle has embarked on philanthropic endeavours that have taken her around the world. In fact, back in 2017 she launched a cookbook to raise money for the Grenfell Tower Community Kitchen that had been impacted by a fire that killed 72 individuals.