Coronavirus Test Positive

Stephen Miller, Trump’s Top Adviser, Tests Positive For Covid-19 

Stephen Miller is one of the president’s top advisers, and has recently tested positive for the coronavirus as a part of a growing number of individuals close to the president who are falling ill to the virus that has now killed over 200,000 Americans. 

“Over the last 5 days I have been working remotely and self-isolating, testing negative every day through yesterday. Today, I tested positive for Covid-19 and am in quarantine.”

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At this point over a dozen White House officials and other individuals within the president’s inner circle have tested positive for Covid-19; including first lady Melania Trump, and Miller’s Wife, Katie Miller, who is also press secretary to Vice President Pence. 

Miller has been one of the most loyal policy advisers and speech writers for the president. He’s also one of the biggest supporters of the policy that has been separating children from their parents at the border. In the public eye, Miller is viewed as a racist with white supremacist ideals who only further fuels that fire in the president. He’s gone on record claiming that migration and amnesty for immigrants would “decimate the US,” and he also played a key role in getting the president to sign a zero tolerance immigration policy that led to over 5,400 children being separated from their parents. 

Miller was seen boarding Marine One, the president’s helicopter, less than two days after Trump revealed that he had tested positive for the virus. He boarded the helicopter with other top advisers Hope Hicks, Dan Scovino and Jared Kushner. Hicks tested positive for the virus last week, an announcement that was made hours before the president’s diagnosis was released. 

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Just like the rest of the country, White House staffers didn’t receive any clear guidance on new health and safety measures being implemented to protect them until this past weekend. Mask-wearing has previously been seen as a personal choice when working in the White House, however, yesterday workers were seen in full hazmat suits disinfecting a majority of the building consistently. 

Every individual within Trump’s circle who has contracted the virus has defended their irresponsibility in terms of this virus as a means of keeping Trump’s name in good grace among his supporters. With an election less than a month away, the last thing the president needs is his entire staff contracting a virus he just spent 8 months downplaying. 

Ron Johnson, a senior republican senator who also is battling the virus currently, recently released a statement that claimed he would be “in a moon suit” if that’s what it takes to cast his vote to confirm Barrett for the supreme court. Trump has already been tweeting his eagerness to get back on the campaign trail, stating that when it comes to next week’s debate against Biden, “It will be great!”

Biden, however, has claimed if the current president is still testing positive for the virus by next week, the debate should be cancelled over obvious safety concerns. Biden has continuously tested negative for the virus himself, despite having interactions with Trump last week for the first round of debates. 

The CDC is currently still recommending that anyone who has had close contact with a Covid-19 positive individual needs to quarantine for two weeks and get tested themselves.