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The Best Science Gifts For Kids

Gift giving can be one of the most daunting tasks of the holiday season, but it doesn’t have to be. Luckily there are tons of online resources and articles to help you find the best gifts for your loved ones, this being one of them! With Black Friday coming up, there’s never been a better time to shop for your specific loved ones wants. Many kids these days are so engulfed in technology, they forgot about the lost art of toys as a source of entertainment. As a child, I always loved gifts that involved making anything. The tactile process of creation is one that keeps kids engaged, their brains stimulated, and is also extremely fun. Live Science Magazine recently compiled a list of amazing Black Friday gift ideas for all of your little creators! What child doesn’t want to conduct experiments and create some scientific magic all by themselves? These gifts not only are a great source of non-digital entertainment for your kids, but provides an educational component that is disguised as fun experimentation. 

Amazon has a bunch of online Black Friday deals that have already been discounted on the site, and these science themed toys are some of the best deals out there! Even if you’re child isn’t too keen on scientific experiments yet, these toys will surely grab their interest, without breaking your bank.

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First up is a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton model that assembles to be two feet long (26 inches to be exact)! This toy is for kids ages six and up, and is perfect for any child who has a keen interest in the species that ruled the planet before we got here. The kit also comes with a colorful instruction manual that will catch the eye of any child. The kit itself is made up of twenty different pieces, so depending on how old your child is, they may require some assistance, however, that just means you get some extra time both playing with and teaching your kid about something really cool! Once complete, the T. Rex model comes with it’s own stand, so your little paleontologist can display their beautiful work, and educate all their friends about the cool dinosaur skeleton in their room! The best part? It’s currently discounted at $10 off the original price (now $19.99)!

Next up is the Kidzlane Microscope. This microscope is for kids ages three and up and is the best way to introduce your children to the magical powers of magnifying something to see all its inner workings. The kit itself comes with two rubber “specimens” that your  child can view up close with a magnifying glass that zooms in eight times the size of the object! In addition, the built in light, fun design, and science tools will have any kid feeling like a real scientist ready to learn! Currently on sale from $20 to $16!

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Speaking of magnification, for more portable fun you can get your child a cool pair of compact binoculars made for kids! Currently priced at $10 with free shipping, these vibrantly colored binoculars can bring the microscope powers outdoors! Your child will be able to see the world magnified eight times, perfect for discovering new birds and critters lurking in the backyard, as well as getting a closer look at any planes flying up above. This gift is perfect to fulfill all the curiosity cravings that kids are constantly engulfed with.

Going back to our dinosaur theme, this set of four dinosaur figurines with movable jaws is perfect for any child who wants to see what their favorite prehistoric friends looked like beyond just a skeleton. At just $13, this set will give your child a variety of dinosaurs to learn about and play with. The figures range in size from five to ten inches and are perfect for any child ages three and up!

Last, but certainly not least, what child do you know that wouldn’t be completely entertained by the classic exploding volcano experiment? Amazon is now offering a Volcanic Eruption and Lava experimentation Kit at 60% off, making it just $20! This 22 piece set is made for children eight and older, and provides enough entertainment for a full day of building, mixing, and exploding! The best deal on the list and by far the most entertaining and educational. This gift will allow your child to not only have a great time making a cool volcano craft, but they’ll be able to learn about the inner workings of one of the Earth’s coolest natural features.