Monday Blues

How To Beat Those Monday Blues

We all know about the mood shift experienced as Sunday night comes to a close and we realize we have to set our alarms to start yet another week of 9-5 emails, meetings, phone calls, and whatever else your personal work week consists of. There’s no denying that “Manic Monday” is way more than just a popular song, and is definitely based on true experiences.

Most of us find ourselves living in a constant routine of waiting for Friday, enjoying Saturday, and preparing ourselves emotionally on Sunday for what’s to come Monday. However, it shouldn’t be this cyclical, there are ways to work around the “Sunday scaries” and “Monday Blues” and it’s all about being more mindful of your own emotional well-being and organizing yourself.

Entrepreneur online magazine did a study of all working class Americans and found that 70% of people hate or are “completely disengaged” from their jobs, simply working for the paycheck, which definitely does not help the mood swings that occur as a new work week begins. 

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Go from this…

A good thing to start with is attempting to identify any specific negatives surrounding your work/workplace that add extra stresses to your Monday blues. Maybe you’re not looking forward to seeing a particular co-worker, or the weekly Monday meetings that occupy your mornings, or maybe in general you just feel like you’re in a cycle and not being challenged enough; whatever it may be, identifying the specific issues you have can lead to finding the specific solution you need for yourself. When you have your issues laid out in front of you, can plan ahead on how to better compose yourself and prepare your brain for another week at work. 

Planning ahead in general is a great way to make sure you can ease into your Monday’s gradually, instead of all at once. A lot of the time we find ourselves being so caught up on the high of the weekend that we don’t even think about Monday morning until our alarms are screaming at us at 7 am telling us it’s time to GO! Instead of waiting, prepare! On Friday, before you leave work and start your well deserved two days off, lay out all the work you know you’ll need to do the next week and try to make a little calendar for yourself of things to be completed. If you space out your work visually for the next week and enter the office on Monday and see that you already have a schedule to ease you into a new week, it can reduce the overwhelming feeling that you have a million things to do. In addition, on Sunday night, help your morning self out by checking the weather and laying out an appropriate outfit for the next day. Also make your lunch and have it ready just to grab from the fridge in the morning. Doing little means of preparation such as these takes the stress out of your mornings because somethings are already done! All you have to do is get yourself together with what you laid out the night before, you may even save so much time that you can sleep in an extra ten minutes, and trust me, it makes a difference. 

In addition to your Monday morning preparation on Sunday, use your weekends to run errands that you otherwise are going to be too run down to do during the week. Once the clock hits 5 o’clock you should be able to just go home, kick up your feet, and enjoy your evenings. To make that more of a feasible possibility, get your grocery shopping, cleaning, appointments, etc. all done on the weekend. These errands may take up a couple of hours of your weekends, but it’s definitely better than having to come home from working all day in an office to having to continue to work in your own home, a place that should be an oasis away from work. 

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…to this!

Mindfulness is an important tool in terms of stress reduction. For instance, when you wake up in the morning and immediately check your phone and begin rushing around to get yourself together you’re overwhelming your brain to the point that it won’t catch up with how tired you are until you’re actually working. Instead, try to set an alarm that will give you the chance to slowly wake up and begin your morning. While this may mean setting an earlier alarm to start your day, if you begin the week at a relaxed pace, you’re more likely to stay relaxed throughout the day. Try not to check your phone right away, and drink a cold glass of water before you reach for the coffee to give your body some much needed hydration. Drinking ice water first thing in the morning is also said to have similar effects to coffee, without all the extra stuff in it. Starting your week more mindfully will lead to a more mindful and organized work week. 

Preparing your week, creating a fixed schedule to stick too, and overall mindfulness are general concepts that can make a huge difference in the way you go about your work week. It’s all about feeling as good as you possibly can mentally and physically, even if you hate your job. You also need to try to change your point of view on Monday’s and remove the negative stigma that we’ve all been programmed to think like. 

“None of these things will cure the Sunday Scaries if you don’t also change your thinking. You have to stop seeing Monday as a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, and you have to start looking at it for all of its possibilities: the opportunity it presents for a good start, the opening it gives you for a productive week” writes Jessica Krampe to Entrepreneur magazine.