10 Of The Most Popular Games Of 2020 So Far

2020 has truly been one of the most unpredictable years in history. With a global health crisis keeping everyone indoors, many have turned to video games to keep themselves occupied while having the ability to enter a completely new reality. Here’s a list of some of the most popular games that people have been playing throughout the past year:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: If you own a Nintendo Switch, you definitely already know what this game is. The desert-island alternate-reality game has been one of the most popular Nintendo Games for years now. With the most recent version, New Horizons, being released right as the pandemic began, gamers flooded the Nintendo Store to get their hands on it and start building their island. Players create their own custom avatar and island, while taking care of their 10 animal villagers of various species. 

Streets Of Rage 4: This game is available on a multitude of platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch, and more. This is the fourth installment in Sega’s legendary Streets of Rage series, which hasn’t seen a reprise in nearly 25 years. Players enter Wook Oak City where they will join a slew of vigilante heroes and use a wide variety of weapons and battle moves to defeat massive waves of criminal masterminds trying to ruin the city. 

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Half Life: Alyx: Half_Life 3 has been widely anticipated from fans for over a decade now, so they were surprised when the virtual reality-exclusive prequel to the game was released instead. The game follows resistance leader Alyx Vance at the start of her fight against the alien Combine. This thrilling game is the exact type of VR excitement we all would want in the middle of a pandemic. 

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps: This is the sequel to indie platform adventure game Ori and the Blind Forest. This game follows its predecessor, and players will experience the beautiful quality of the rich, sylvan landscapes and magical elements woven throughout the plot. The game is said to be extremely calming and melancholic when compared to other fighting games. 

Kentucky Route Zero: After six long years, fans are finally getting their concluding chapter to this minimalist, and magical adventure game. The game has been regarded as one of the “defining games of the decade” thanks to its subtle and desolate painting of the universe. The atmosphere creates a calming atmosphere for the player through mystical characters and stories. 

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Coffee Talk: Basically, in this game players are hired as a barista working the night shift in a remote coffee shop located in Seattle. The twist? Your main customers are vampires and werewolves, all looking for a shoulder to cry on and someone to tell their story to. This leisure adventure game is regarded as being widely entertaining and quite funny. 

Lair Of The Clockwork God: In this game friends Ben and Dan must work together to prevent the apocalypse from occurring. This comedy-adventure game offers a more classic style of gaming with simple point-and-click techniques while maintaining a certain modern edge to it. 

Resident Evil 3 (Remake): After last year’s extremely successful launch of the remake of Resident Evil 2, creators knew they had to do the same for the third-installment of the game. The game itself keeps the same narrative and setting as the original Resident Evil 3, but this time certain controls and components have been tweaked to include a more entertaining experience. 

SnowRunner: The gist of this game involves driving huge trucks through mud and snow to make deliveries. While this may sound like one of the most mundane games on the market today, it’s been reviewed as having an “unexpectedly hypnotic” effect on the player. The navigation is slow and steady, and the detailed settings offer a relaxing game play experience. 

In Other Waters: In this exploration game about deep-sea diving on another planet, players become an AI robot installed in the explorers suit. The player is then reliant on the explorers text descriptions and sketches of alien life to map out what this planet actually looks like. The game is also regarded as being very relaxing and peaceful to play.

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Get The Best Seat In The House With These Online Theater Productions

With Broadway, movies, concerts, and other cultural establishments remaining indefinitely closed amid the Covid-19 pandemic, many are turning to digital forms of entertainment to get their fix. Thanks to the power of live-stream technology and a multitude of archived collections, fans have been able to watch all their favorite productions from home. Here’s some of the most popular things people are watching around the world right now. 

Hamilton: If you’re on social media of any kind you’re definitely already aware that Hamilton has been uploaded to Disney+. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s highly praised Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway musical about the country’s founding fathers was filmed over the course of three nights in New York back in 2016 with the original cast. Director Thomas Kail claims that they filmed and edited the show to give audiences at home the “best seat in the house.” 

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The National Theater At Home: The National Theater at Home Initiative has become widely popular all around the world. Popular theater productions are streamed for free online every Thursday at 7 pm and then remain uploaded on the site for seven days until the next show. Currently The Deep Blue Sea, written by Terence Rattingan, is set to be performed and uploaded to the site from July 9th-16th followed by Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus. 

549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War: The 2019 archived production of the play has recently been uploaded to YouTube where it will remain until July 31st. Jack Nurse and Robbie Gordon’s play follows four miners from East Lothian who volunteer for the Spanish Civil War in 1936. The play has been widely well received for its polished choreography during battle scenes, and raw singing talent of the actors. 

WeRNotVirus: In this special directed by Jennifer Tang and Anthony Lau, 10 short dramas unfold for the viewer, each depicting a different part of the current racism pandemic the world is battling simultaneously alongside Covid-19. The entire production is two hours in length and incorporates multiple mediums such as animation, poetry, music, and of course, singing and dancing. The special is currently available on YouTube.

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Tiny Dancers: The National Youth Theatre created this production using a multitude of young dancers. Created throughout the course of the pandemic, this production is described as a “funny and heartfelt look at how it feels to be together and apart.” The production will be available for free on YouTube from July 23rd-31st. The group will also be uploading a Q&A style video on July 23rd that will take viewers behind the scenes of the production. 

The Lord Chamberlain’s Men: This all-male theater company is known in the UK for touring and performing open-air Shakespeare productions. They were performing Macbeth when the pandemic began and have since postponed the rest of the tour indefinitely. However, they recently shared two past archived productions online. The Tempest, filmed in 2018, and A Midsummer’s Night Dream, performed last year, are currently streaming to celebrate the companies 15 year anniversary. 

Scenes For Survival: The National Theatre of Scotland was one of the first cultural institutions in the world to announce a lockdown program for viewers at home. The company is continuously streaming and uploading their collection of short films which are meant to “offer audiences a sense of hope and joy” during such uncertain times. 

The Show Must Go Online: Finally, actor Robert Myles has set up a live-stream reading group that he’s advertising for professional and amateur actors to join. The group of actors perform Shakespeare’s complete plays in the order that they agreed they were likely written. The goal is to give actors old and new an opportunity to continue to practice their craft and have a sense of normalcy for a few hours while they do what they love.