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Tom Brady To Join Fox Sports As Lead NFL Analyst Following Career

Following his playing career, quarterback Tom Brady will be joining Fox Sports as their lead NFL analyst. While the terms of Brady’s contract were not disclosed, the New York Post reported it to be a 10-year, $375 million deal.

It’s quite a historic contract on multiple levels if the report is accurate. Over his career, Brady earned over $302 million. He’s set to earn $15 million in 2022, meaning he’ll make $58 million more while sitting in a booth. Brady will also earn $7 million more annually than broadcaster Jim Rome, who makes $30 million a year.

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However, Fox corporate spokesman Brian Nick has disputed the report of Brady’s deal and value. “What has been reported isn’t an accurate description of the deal and we have not released details beyond what was disclosed on our quarterly earnings call,” Nick said.

The signing of Brady was first announced Tuesday by Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch during a corporate investors call. Brady will call games alongside play-by-play announcer Kevin Burkhardt, and work as an “ambassador” with respect to “client and promotional initiatives.”

The real question now is when Brady will finally quit. The 44-year-old announced his retirement in January, only to return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers two months later for his 23rd season. Given his competitive nature, one could assume Brady wasn’t happy with last season’s divisional round loss.

For Fox Sports, meanwhile, the coup of Brady is a huge — and necessary — one. The company lost announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast this offseason, with Burkhardt replacing Buck.

The New York Post added that ESPN also showed interest in adding Brady to its broadcasting group, though given its star-studded cast of announcers, there wouldn’t have been much room for Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion. While Brady continues to play, former All-Pro tight end Greg Olson will work alongside Burkhardt as an analyst.

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That shift in announcers was just one of many happening this offseason. Elsewhere, Al Michaels left NBC and Sunday Night Football to join Kirk Herbstreit on Amazon Prime’s new exclusive coverage of Thursday Night Football. Of course, given Tom Brady’s name recognition, his announcement certainly the biggest splash of them all and could help Fox to bring in more viewers down the line.

Brady also represents just the latest quarterback to step into the broadcasting world. Former Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo joined CBS Sports back in 2017. He turned into a masterful game-caller, and is now earning $18 million per year, the third-highest mark among sports broadcasters. On opposing channels, brothers Peyton and Eli Manning teamed up on ESPN’s well-received “Manningcast” broadcast for Monday Night Football, while Drew Brees joined NBC for Sunday Night football.

Certainly, the NFL — and those calling it — reign supreme on television. The league made up 75 of the 100 most-watched broadcasts in 2021, with the Super Bowl (91.63 million viewers) sitting in the top spot. Fox is set to broadcast two of the next three Super Bowls.

Over his career, Brady has thrown for 624 touchdowns and 84,520 passing year (both NFL records) and shows no signs of slowing down. Last year, the three-time MVP threw for 43 touchdowns and a league-leading 5,316 yards against just 12 interceptions, registering a 102.1 quarterback rating.

NBC Sees Beijing Winter Olympics End With The Worst Ratings Ever

For NBC, everything that could’ve went wrong for the Beijing Winter Olympics, did go wrong. From debates over China and their abuses to doping scandals involving teenagers, the end result was a pitiful total viewership that might have executives mourning what was once thought to be a great business deal.

Perhaps it might be better to start where it all began back in 2014, when NBC locked up the American media rights to the Olympics through 2032 for $7.75 billion dollars. Previously, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London saw a viewership record of 219.4 million while the company reeled in a $120 million third quarter profit.

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Eight years later, it’s a very different scene. The Olympics averaged 11.4 million viewers (160 total million viewers) across all of NBCU’s platforms — which include NBC Sports, USA Network, and Peacock — down 42% from the 19.8 million viewers averaged during the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. At the time, the 2018 Olympics had been the worst watched, dropping 1.4 million viewers from 2014’s Sochi.

The highest night of primetime viewership — 13.7 million — occured on Feb. 13, which was only due to viewers trickling in after NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl LVI, usually the most-watched program (112.3 million viewers) of the year.

The network did boast that these Winter Games were the most streamed ever with 4.3 billion minutes consumed across NBCU digital and social media, a fact greatly helped by its streaming service Peacock. Still, the damage has been done. “This was probably the most difficult Olympics of all time,” NBC Sports Chairman Pete Bevacqua told the Wall Street Journal.

Just a month before the two-year mark, COVID-19 has continued to impact Olympic Games. Bevacqua highlighted the difficulties the virus has caused which in turn affected fans’ interest, which include few spectators, athletes wearing masks, no families of athletes in attendance, and “very harsh protocols” in place by China.

The broadcasting company also was limited in how many announcers they could have on-site. “We had 1,600 people in Stamford [Conn.] and 600 people in Beijing. Normally that would be flipped for us,” Bevacqua said.

Of course, the blaming of COVID can only work so much. Months leading up to the games were filled with protests and anger over China’s authoritarian actions and mistreatment of groups like Uyghur and Uzbek muslims. The drama didn’t end there. 15-year-old Russian skater Kamila Valieva entered the Olympics as the favorite to win gold, but tested positive for a banned heart medication. Despite the positive test, her suspension by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency was erased, and she continued to participate.

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In the free skating competition, Valieva fell numerous times during her routine, leading to a fourth place finish. However, viewers were treated to sights such as Valieva breaking down in tears while fellow skater Alexandra Trusova screamed “I hate this sport” for all to hear after a silver medal finish.

Also not helping were event start times. The time zone of Beijing — 13 hours ahead of New York — made it difficult for American viewers to watch events live, often forcing them to stay in the early morning hours of 1 to 5 a.m. ET if they wanted real-time.

Bevacqua stated that the ratings are in line with what they told advertisers. NBC, worth $35 billion, has not announced yet whether the Olympics turned into a profit or loss. An anonymous source told the Associated Press that the turnout is a “particularly vulnerable moment” for the company and wouldn’t be surprised if NBC is looking to improve its deal with the International Olympic Committee.

However, the source noted it’s highly unlikely they would try to get out of the multibillion deal altogether. After all, even with the down years of Beijing and 2021’s Tokyo — which averaged 15.1 million viewers, down 12.4 million from 2016’s Rio — it’s still a unique property that no other media company possesses. The challenge now for NBC is how to successfully market and strategize for the games down the line in order to avoid another catastrophe.

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NBC Won’t Air 2022 Golden Globes As Actors Return Their Awards 

Tom Cruise has joined a list of influential Hollywood figures speaking out against the Golden Globes, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association more specifically. Cruise returned three of his Golden Globes in protest after criticisms revealed all the issues the HFPA were causing in the industry. 

The HFPA is a small group of journalists who vote on the Golden Globes every year, and after a major expose highlighted the failings of the voting process for the awards, many industry leaders began speaking out, and NBC even went so far as to announce they won’t be airing the 2022 ceremony. 

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The Los Angeles Times revealed multiple allegations made against the HFPA, claiming the association is corrupt, and lacks diversity. NBC recently released a statement about their decision to not air the award show next year: 

“We continue to believe that the HFPA is committed to meaningful reform. However, change of this magnitude takes time and work, and we feel strongly that the HFPA needs time to do it right. As such, NBC will not air the 2022 Golden Globes. Assuming the organization executes on its plan, we are hopeful we will be in a position to air the show in January 2023.”

In response, the HFTPA released a detailed timeline of their proposed changes: “Regardless of the next air date of the Golden Globes, implementing transformational changes as quickly – and as thoughtfully – as possible remains the top priority for our organization. We invite our partners in the industry to the table to work with us on the systemic reform that is long overdue, both in our organization as well as within the industry at large.”

NBC has been airing the Golden Globes since 1996, and pays about $60 million for the rights annually. The most recent ceremony had a 60% drop in viewership, likely due to the controversy that most of the major award shows are enduring. 

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Hollywood studios, publicists, and performers have all begun to distance themselves from the HFPA. For example, Netflix, WarnerMedia, and Scarlett Johannsson have all called on the industry to take action against the corrupt attitudes that these institutions have. 

“Unless there is necessary fundamental reform within the organization, I believe it is time that we take a step back from the HFPA,” Johansson said.

Around 100 PR firms representing the film industry said they would “continue to refrain from any HFPA-sanctioned events, including press conferences, unless and until these issues are illuminated in detail with a firm commitment to a timeline”.

“Our community of vibrant creatives across all racial, ethnic, and gender backgrounds deserve better.”

The Los Angeles Times initially ran two investigations into the HFPA which detailed multiple “ethical lapses” in the voting process, and since the article was published the HFPA’s former president, Phillip Berk, was expelled for sharing an article with other members that referred to Black Lives Matter as a “racist hate group.”

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Steven Speilberg Is Bringing Hit TV Show “Smash” To Broadway

“Smash” was a NBC TV drama series that only lasted for two seasons, but for those two years that it was on television, it gained a loyal, yet small, fanbase that to this day has been waiting for some sort of revival from the beloved series. “Smash” has been off the air for about seven years now (its last episode premiered in May of 2013), however, it’s looking like fans will be thrilled to learn that their favorite show will be revived, but in a much more lively way.

Steven Spielberg, Robert Greenblatt (the chairman for WarnerMedia Entertainment), and Neil Meron (who produced the Broadway production of “Chicago” recently), all announced that they would be working on a new project titled “Smash, A New Musical,” and the three are looking for it to find its home on the Broadway stage. 

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Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman are the Tony and Grammy-winning duo who wrote and produced over two dozen songs for the original television series, and they will also be returning to their former “Smash” roles through creating the score for the Broadway production. 

The Broadway production is meant to mimic the series in the sense that it will be a stage show that “will follow the efforts to mount ‘Bombshell,’ the Broadway musical-within-a-musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe,” according to Spielberg. However, the creators also want to make sure that the plot deviates from the original series so it’s not overly predictable, especially for those loyal die-hard fans that will surely be lining up down the block the second Broadway is reopened. 

The characters of Julia, Tom, Ivy, and Karen (portrayed in the television production by Debra Messing, Christian Borle, Megan Hilty, and Katharine McPhee), will all be in the play production, and will be just as central to its storyline as the television series. Besides those key details, Speilberg and his team are trying to keep other aspects of the play under wraps until the play is actually able to open. 

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Bob Martin, who helped write the Tony winning music ‘The Prom’, and Rick Elice, known for his writing in “Peter and the Starcatcher”, will be writing the musical’s book itself, and Joshua Bergasse, who has won an Emmy for his work choreographing the “Smash” television show, will also be returning to choreograph the play as well. 

“I am personally thrilled to be a part of this musical and its road to Broadway, ’Smash’ is near and dear to my heart, and it seems fitting that a new musical inspired by what we did on the show would eventually come to the stage. I’m beyond thrilled to be working with this incredible creative team and my producing partners, who began the ‘Smash’ journey with me over ten years ago,” said Spielberg, whose original idea led to the NBC series in 2012. 

When it was on TV, “Smash” was pretty well-received by critics, however, due to backstage conflicts between the show’s creative team and Theresa Rebeck, the show’s creator, which led to her quitting, the show suffered and lost a majority of its audience. Since then, the series circle of supporters has only gotten larger, as the show has begun to appear on a multitude of streaming services since going off the air. 

Obviously, there’s no real timeline as to when this revived “Smash” production will hit the Broadway stage, because there’s no real timeline for when Broadway will reopen in general amid the Covid-19 pandemic. For now, fans can rewatch the series online while we wait.

COVID-19 Hand Writing

The “Parks And Recreation” Cast Will Reunite For A Special Episode About Covid-19

Parks and Recreation was one of the most popular NBC comedies to air on the network. Now, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the cast of the show are reuniting and returning to Pawnee, Indiana for a one-time quarantine special. The half-hour scripted special is going to benefit Feeding America’s Covid-19 Response Fund and will be airing on NBC on Thursday, April 30th at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. 

“Like a lot of other people, we were looking for ways to help and felt that bringing these characters back for a night could raise some money. I sent a hopeful email to the cast and they all got back to me within 45 minutes. Our old ‘Parks and Rec’ team has put together one more 30-minute slice of (quarantined) Pawnee life and we hope everyone enjoys it. And donates!”  said executive producer Michael Schur. 

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It’s been announced that all of the original cast members will be returning for the special which is being produced by Universal TV. Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Aziz Anzari, Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Jim O’heir, Retta, and Adam Scott all confirmed their roles in the special, and even hinted at several guest stars making an appearance. 

The special is projected to follow the current pandemic and will show “Pawnee’s most dedicated civil servant, Leslie Knope” as she stays connected with all of her friends during times of social distancing and quarantining. This will be the first time in 5 years that Parks and Rec fans get to see their favorite local government staff return to their TV screens. 

“In such uncertain times, we can’t think of anyone better than Leslie Knope to unite our country with her unbridled enthusiasm and compassion. A huge thank you to Mike Schur and the cast of Parks and Recreation for putting this wonderful special together and bringing a smile to all our faces while raising money for such a worthwhile cause,” said Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta, Co-Presidents of Scripted Programming, NBC Entertainment. 

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A lot of the cast took to their social media to express how excited they were for the reunion special and to be given the opportunity to give everyone a little bit of happiness during these scary times. According to Chris Pratt, who played Andy on the show, the special has been filmed for some time now, and they’re all very excited to finally share it with the world. 

It makes sense that NBC would bring back one of its most beloved comedies during this time of stress and uncertainty. To put it simply, we all could use some Leslie Knope positivity during this pandemic. Parks and Recreation has previously received a Peabody Award for excellence in television programming and has been nominated for several Emmy awards. Amy Poehler even won a Golden Globe for playing Leslie Knope back in 2014. 

For the special itself, NBCUniversal and the writers/cast/producers of Parks and Recreation will be donating a total of $500,000 to Feeding America. In addition, State Farm and Subaru of America also agreed to help sponsor the special and agreed to make matching donations of $150,000 each. If you’d like to donate yourself before the special airs next week, you can visit the Feeding America website and donate any amount you like right now. 

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‘Fired’ Gabrielle Union Criticizes America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent has seen the judging panel change many times over the last 13 years with the majority leaving on good terms. However Gabrielle Union’s recent departure, after only two months on the show, has come under scrutiny.

Since joining the popular show, Union had started to have concerns, which she highlighted to the NBC executives, including those who ran the show, highlighting issues including what she saw as attempts to misgender contestants, alleged racist incidents and producer Simon Cowell’s constant habit to smoke indoors.

Two months into the producer and actress’s contract Union was invited to a meeting with Simon Cowell. The music mogul discussed her concerns regarding the show but asked her to talk directly to himself with her issues rather than with the NBC executives. However she had been speaking to the executives, including those in charge of the show, who, according to sources, would attempt to soothe her with promises they would investigate her worries before ignoring them completely.

So when Union finally got to talk with Cowell she was incredibly infuriated with the environment and his orders not to talk to NBC was interpreted as him trying to cover up some serious problems.

Last week NBC cut short Union’s 3 year tenure with the show after just one season with several sources claiming it was due to her being seen as ‘difficult’ by Cowell and his team. However Julianne Hough was dropped at the same time which could contradict these claims.

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America’s Got Talent has seen several female judges come and go over recent years as it tries to retain their share of the viewing figures. Not only has host Tyra Banks been replaced, so have judges Heidi Klum and Spice Girl Mel B. However the two male judges, Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel, have remained on the show.

Sources states that claims Union was fired are incorrect, rather commenting that she was ‘rotated out’. While the show does like to change the judges often to maintain a fresh appearance, previous judges were retained for several seasons before they left.

Last week Variety reported on several of the complaints from Union, including an allegedly racist joke from Jay Leno who was appearing as a guest judge. In season 14 a painting was shown on camera of Simon Cowell and his dogs. Leno commented that the painting ‘looked like something on the menu at a Korean restaurant’. Not only was Union shaken by the remark, an Asian member of staff who was also on the set seemed to be upset. When Union requested the footage not be included in the show she started to gain her reputation for being ‘difficult’.

A list of questions regarding Union’s departure was sent to NBC Entertainment and Fremantle who produce America’s Got Talent who commented,

“America’s Got Talent has a long history of inclusivity and diversity in both our talent and the acts championed by the show. The judging and host line-up has been regularly refreshed over the years and that is one of the reasons for AGT’s enduring popularity. NBC and the producers take any issues on set seriously.”

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It was also alleged that Union annoyed producers, as well as Cowell, almost from the moment she started on the show due to her complaints regarding Cowell smoking inside the theater during filming. With few walls between dressing rooms, cigarette smoke drifted into Union’s dressing room. It is worth noting that California law – where the auditions were being held – forbids an employer to allow smoking in an enclosed work space.

Despite Union’s requests that smoking be stopped inside, due to her allergy to cigarette smoke, she was repeatedly turned down. A source claims an NBC executive informed her that despite the crew, staff, and talent’s annoyance, Simon Cowell had been smoking indoors for years. With NBC giving the majority of America’s Got Talent’s control to Cowell there was little they could do to stop him as all decisions regarding the show had to have his approval first.

Union further frustrated executives when she asked drag contestants which pronoun they preferred as well as an incident when an Italian male contestant wore black gloves when doing a Beyoncé impression.

Concerned the gloves were being used to highlight the skin tone changing, or ‘blackface hands’ as Union referred to them, Union chose not to put the contestant through. The act was never included in the show.

It appears that the incident that caused the most damage involved Dylan Gilmer, a 10 year old black rapper. Two sources have alleged that in a meeting with producers the team decided the show required an act ‘that America can get behind’. Their decision for that act to be an all white dance group from Texas rather than Gilmer, who gained a far greater response from the audience, caused Union to object.

However sources have denied the producers commented on the need to choose such an act, saying they would never use that choice of language.

After meeting with Cowell at his home last May the decision to drop Union was made during the break between season 14 and 15 leaving Union to look at her legal options against NBC.


How Netflix Influenced Georgia And Hollywood To Stand Up For Women’s Rights

Georgia has become known as a second Hollywood throughout the past few years. With its vast and diverse landscapes, the state can be transformed into practically any setting, and with the tax credits, more and more production teams are choosing Georgia over standard Hollywood sets. Tyler Perry just opened a record breaking film and production space that takes up 330 acres of the famous state. Additionally major TV Shows and movie productions such as “The Walking Dead,” “Atlanta,” “Stranger Things,” “Black Panther,” “Avengers: Infinity War” and “The Hunger Games” were all filmed there, according to CNN

Georgia also made headlines this past year for announcing the passing of their restrictive abortion law stating that an abortion cannot be performed anytime after 6 weeks of pregnancy, or when the fetal heartbeat can be detected. Georgia received a lot of backlash for this law, mainly for the fact that most women don’t even know they’re pregnant at 6 weeks, giving them little to no chance of even thinking about what decision they would want to make. 

When Georgia made this announcement earlier in the year, Netflix decided to also make an announcement, and let the world know that they would be “rethinking” any of their current or future investments in Georgia if the law actually did go into effect in 2020. Netflix was the first major corporation to speak up against the Georgia legislation, and it posed a major risk for them. Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos is the one who made the official statement back in May, and by doing so Sarandos was also making a much larger general statement to everyone that does or may work with Netflix; the company will always choose its core personal values over anything. 

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Ted Sarandos (Right)

“We have many women working on productions in Georgia, whose rights, along with millions of others, will be severely restricted by this law. Given the legislation has not yet been implemented, we’ll continue to film there, while also supporting partners and artists who choose not to. Should it ever come into effect, we’d rethink our entire investment in Georgia.” Sarandos said in a statement back in May to Variety Magazine.

The following two days after Sarandos issued that statement, Disney, AMC, Sony, CBS, and WarnerMedia (which also owns HBO, TNT, and TBS) all issued similar statements threatening to withdraw future investments if Georgia keeps the heartbeat law. With all these major production companies threatening to withdraw their billions from the state, it seems as though Georgia had no choice. Two weeks ago a federal Georgia judge blocked the heartbeat law from going into effect this upcoming January. For now, this means that there’s no chance that the law will be enforced once 2020 hits, however, many experts are predicting the state will appeal the blacking and the case will end up in front of the Supreme Court, according to CNN. 

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Young women protest against abortion ban bills at the Georgia State Capitol building

However, this was a hopeful blocking, as the federal court has made it abundantly clear many times that the states do not have the right to ban abortion, and the 6 week rule will most likely see its end. In the time being, Netflix and companies alike will be waiting and seeing. While it’s hard to say how much of the blocked law decision was made from the Netflix, Disney, Warner, etc. statements we definitely can conclude it had a major impact. Georgia’s economy would see a serious decline if all those production teams actually did go through with their threats. In 2019, over 455 television and movie productions were shot in Georgia, bringing in over $9.5 billion in indirect spending, according to CNN. That type of financial loss could be detrimental; so for now production corporations and viewers will have to wait to see what the future holds for Georgia and its restrictive laws. However, regardless of what happens, seeing such a large amount of corporations being so outspoken about their own personal values is truly a milestone for this country. 

“It is essential that Netflix treat creatives with respect, and many of them have trouble with abortion restrictions and any laws that impact women’s rights. They totally could have remained silent, and they didn’t. They’re aware that corporations speaking out are an important part of the big-picture strategy to keep abortion safe and legal. They know that they play a role in that and have power in that situation,” said Kirsten Schaffer, executive director of Women in Film, Los Angeles, to CNN.


NBC Announces New Streaming Service, “Peacock”

The National Broadcasting Company that has given the world iconic moments in entertainment through their many famous television shows such as “The Office”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Saturday Night Live”, “Friends” and so many more. Now, NBC is planning on joining the likes of Disney and CBS by releasing their own streaming service. The network announced the news this past  Tuesday, stating their new service will be called “Peacock.”

“The name Peacock pays homage to the quality content that audiences have come to expect from NBCUniversal. Peacock will be the go-to place for both timely and timeless,” said Bonnie Hammer, NBCUniversal’s chairman of direct-to-consumer and digital enterprises, in a statement to CNN

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“Peacock” will house over 15,000 television shows and movies in a “colorful” library. It will be the only place for NBC original sitcoms such as “The Office”, and Universal Pictures movies such as the “Fast and Furious” series. In addition, it will reboot classic series from decades past such as “Battlestar Galactica” and “Saved By The Bell” which is set to include the entire original cast including our beloved Zack Morris as a California state senator? We’ll just have to watch and find out what happens there. NBCUniversal hasn’t officially announced the pricing for “Peacock”, but said it will be announced closer to the launch date, which is currently set to be sometime during April 2020. The service will be supported by advertising and subscription costs, it most likely will cost anywhere from $6 to $12 a month, based off other current streaming services monthly prices. 

Peacock is joining many other major companies who have also recently announced their entry into the streaming service business. Disney+ is set to launch in November, Warner Studios announced it will be releasing HBO Max to combine all HBO services on one major platform, as well as Apple TV+. All these new services launching are competing with Netflix, also known as the “original streaming service.” Consumers are growing more and more tired of Netflix, as it’s consistently been increasing it’s monthly prices, and is known for cancelling and removing content that audiences of multiple backgrounds embrace. A recent example is the uproar of fans who attacked Netflix for cancelling “One Day At A Time”, a show that followed a Cuban-American family which also dealt with major social issues such as LGBT rights, Immigration, sexism, racism, etc. and was also hilarious. Many individuals cancelled their subscriptions after Netflix didn’t renew the multi-representative series for a fourth season, after season 3 became the most watched season.

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Hammer went on to discuss how “Peacock will host a slate of original programming as well, including a crime series called ‘Dr. Death,’ which stars Alec Baldwin, and ‘Brave New World,’ a series starring Demi Moore based on Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel. Universal Pictures, Focus Features and DreamWorks Animation will also create original films for the series.”

News in the streaming service realm has been quite hot lately. Just this past week J.J. Abrams announced a partnership with WarnerMedia that would make the company the sole proprietor of content from Abrams production company, “Bad Robot”. The partnership is contractually obligated to run through 2024 and is valued at over a billion dollars. This merger will be huge for WarnerMedia and subscription rates for HBO Max, as they are gaining access to an abundance of classic Hollywood works by Abrams, as well as new original content from the famous director for its platforms. Netflix also announced that it will be the exclusive home for streaming “Seinfeld” on Monday, and WarnerMedia also announced that it now has the steaming rights to “The Big Bang Theory.”

The competitive nature of all of these platforms are working to dismantle the empire that Netflix has set up for all of them to take over, and honestly, they most likely will. Besides the expensive monthly cost and wild cancellations, Netflix is becoming more and more obsolete in terms of content choice, making the increasing price point not worth it for many. As 2020 approaches and these services begin being released into millions of homes, there will certainly be a time period of complete fluctuation in terms of what’s the most popular. At the end of the day it’s going to become a “which is most worth it for my home” situation, and some will come out of the other side thriving, while other companies will be left to go back to the drawing board.