Razer Announces New Smart Glasses With Built-In Speakers And Blue Light Filtering 

Wearable smart devices are quickly becoming the next big trend in technology. Smart watches have long been a hot ticket item on the market, and now new accessories like eyeglasses are making waves for consumers looking for the next best thing in modern tech. 

Razer is the latest brand to hop on the wearable technology trend with their new Razer Anzer smart glasses. These glasses come in round and square frames in two different size options and are currently available for $200. The design specs are initially thought to be like most smart glasses currently on the market. 

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“The small size weighs 43 grams while the large weighs 48 grams (the Echo Frames are 31 grams by comparison). The glasses include 35% blue light filtering lenses along with a set of polarized sunglasses lenses (you can easily swap them in), have touch controls and integrated 16mm speaker drivers that fire directional sound toward your open ears,” according to David Carnoy, a tech writer for CNET

The glasses are water-resistant, meaning they’re splashproof and can be used during exercise but shouldn’t be submerged in water. Audio glasses are also thought to be much safer than traditional headphones for biking and running because they leave your ears open so you can hear traffic while still listening to your favorite work out tunes. 

The glasses have a five hour battery life and also offer polarized lenses to be switched out for an additional $30. Razer themselves claims to be a “gaming lifestyle company that is highlighting [its] low-latency Bluetooth technology — the customized Bluetooth 5.1 connection brings industry-leading 60ms latency for smooth, stutter-free sound.”

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The Razer Anu companion app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and allows users to update their glasses and make adjustments on things like clarity and trembling. Users can also easily check the battery status from their phones and make calls and access your virtual assistant with a button on the side of the glasses. 

For individuals who wear prescription glasses, Razer has partnered with Lensabl to offer an online replacement lens so users can get a pair with their specific prescription. Lensabl is also offering a 15% discount for individuals who need a prescription lens. 

“I don’t know how the Anzu sound, but most audio sunglasses don’t sound all that good and tend to be lacking in the bass department — and all of them tend to leak sound at higher volumes. The new Bose 2.0 Frames are easily the best sounding on the market thus far, but Amazon’s Echo Frames are lighter and arguably more comfortable to wear,” Carnoy explained for users who may want to compare these new glasses with already existing smart glasses on the market.

The smart glasses are currently available online for $200.