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Some Of The Most Popular Pets Being Adopted During The Pandemic 

Dogs and cats have always dominated in terms of popular pets for the whole family, and while the Covid-19 pandemic has given numerous households the opportunity to commit to raising a puppy or kitten full time, many are opting for some more unique additions to their family while enduring the rest of the pandemic. 

According to Pets4Homes, an online resource used by many Americans for finding or putting up adoption listings for any and all pets, nearly 20,000 parrots were rehomed in 2020; a 79% increase when compared to 2019. The company claims this is likely because many individuals got tired of the silence in their homes and wanted an animal that could talk back to them. 

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That’s not all either, according to Pets4Homes stats on the past year a wide variety of extremely unique pets have risen in popularity amid the numerous lockdowns the US has endured within the past ten months. Chickens, salamanders, ferrets, quails, tarantulas, and stick insects are among some of the coolest species on the list. 

Lily Wakefield is an average citizen who recently spoke with the media about this unique pet phenomenon and discussed why her and her housemates became obsessed with the idea of owning and raising baby quails after watching numerous TikTok videos about it. TikTok and social media in general has been a major player in getting all of these diverse species onto people’s feeds and thus getting them interested in what it would be like to be an owner of that species. 

“The quails are very funny and have individual personalities. They’re also a great conversation starter as nobody is doing anything in lockdown, and we get so many eggs to give to our neighbors.”

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Daniella Dos Santos is the senior vice president of the British Veterinary Association who also spoke with the press about how while it’s awesome to see so many animals finding loving homes, many of these owners don’t actually take the time to learn about all the specific care that goes into taking care of these species. 

She also went on to discuss how in a year from now when the world is likely back to normal, many of these owners may begin to neglect their pets once they’re able to go out into the real world again. Remember, for these pets, you’re their whole life, and your home is also the only space they will occupy for their entire life. We all now know what it’s like to be stuck in our homes indefinitely, so make sure you’re giving your pet the best care and most loving and entertaining life possible, and make sure you do the research!

Many of these animals have indeed found those loving spaces and owners that actually need their new friends as much as they need them. Romy Miller is a barista who said she found comfort in adopting her axolotl Pluto. Axolotl’s are nicknamed “little water dragons,” to give you an idea of what they look like. 

Miller explained how lockdown gave us all the opportunity to appreciate those we love the most, and that includes our animals. People are finally able to really commit to their pets like they should’ve been all along, and give them the same level of love and emotional companionship that all pets give to their owners.

Jump Rope Workout at Home

Easy Exercises You Can Do At Home

Staying indoors has become the new normal for all of us as we endure the coronavirus pandemic. While remaining isolated is the best way to curve the spread of the virus, it’s still important to be doing things that will improve your physical and mental health, especially during times of global uncertainty. 

Exercise has long been one of the greatest things an individual can do to improve upon their physical and mental wellbeing. However, many are struggling to adjust their lifestyles to remain active and healthy while stuck inside during a public health crisis. Additionally, research shows that living an inactive life for an extended period of time can lead to an increase in depression, anxiety, and a decrease in physical health/motivation as well. 

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The main goal is simple, do something to keep your mind and body engaged for at least 30 minutes everyday. This means doing some sort of physical activity besides pacing around your house. Exercise is also an amazing way to keep your bodies systems running smoothly and efficiently, which is of the utmost importance especially during a pandemic. 

If you own an exercise ball, stairmaster or treadmill, maintaining a solid cardiovascular workout routine is easy. If not, you want to look for activities that are specifically meant to increase your heart rate; jumping jacks, sprints, climbing up and down the stairs, etc. Covid-19 aside, heart disease is normally the number one killer in the world, so these types of exercises are imperative for everyone, regardless of age or health status, to do.

Jumping rope and setting up a hopscotch course to run back and forth through are just a couple of other easy solutions for ways to get your blood pumping and heart rate going at home. YouTube is also an amazing free resource to use.

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There’s a multitude of actual fitness instructors who have accounts and upload full workout routines for their subscribers. For individuals with televisions that are WiFi compatible, you can easily pull up any of these videos on the screen so you’re not bending over the phone or computer to really see the instructor. 

If you’re more interested in developing mobility/flexibility and strengthening your muscles, you’re going to want to look for more resistance-based exercises. Typically in a gym setting these exercises would use weights and resistance bands to help your body work even harder, both of which can be found online. If you’re not looking to spend any money, push-ups against the wall, squats, lunges, and wall-sits are just a few easy at home exercises that will lead to successful results. 

Online cardio dance classes like Zumba are also available online for low prices, and you can find other hip hop choreography/exercise classes on YouTube as well. These types of classes are especially great for engaging your mind and motivating yourself to continue to exercise because it’s fun. Dancing along to popular music in sync with another person while also getting a full-body workout is just as enjoyable as it is effective. Plus, if you’re the type of person who gets shy about dancing in front of other people, this type of online exercise is perfect to do alone from the comfort of your own home. 

As the world continues to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important that we remember to take care of our physical and mental health. Make a routine, write out a weekly schedule, choose exercises that can be fun and impactful, and of course, keep health and safety as your number one priority.


Fun Board Games To Keep Your Family Entertained In Quarantine

Passing the time is beginning to get tougher and tougher as this quarantine/pandemic continues to linger in our world. Getting creative with your family is no easy feat after spending more than two months under the same roof together, however, when in doubt it’s never a bad idea to return to your roots. 

For example, what ever happened to sitting down together and playing a good old fashioned board game? Board games are easy, fun, and most importantly, distracting! Most of them can also be ordered online as well, so what should you and your family play first? Here’s a list of some of the most popular and classic board games out there today:

Monopoly: One of the most classic family board games that’s been on the market for decades, Monopoly has been known to cause some extremely friendly-competition in the household. There’s also a ton of specialized versions of the game that any kid would love, such as Disney themed Monopoly. Monopoly typically sells for about $20 as well. 

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The Game Of Life: This game is just as much of a classic as Monopoly. If you’ve been missing travelling during this pandemic, the Game of Life released a special version of the classic board game with TripAdvisor that allows all players to “go through life” while visiting some of the most unique vacation spots in the world along the way. The Game Of Life also typically retails for $20.

Pictionary: This classic board game allows you to release your inner artist as you draw pictures quickly while your teammates guess what it is! Pictionary is currently available at Target for $14, but this game can also be played easily by simply looking up different ideas to draw.

Mouse Trap: In this game players work to build an intricate “mouse trap” design to try to catch each player’s mouse while they go around the board collecting cheese. The game itself is 3D so it’s especially great for young kids who love to embrace their creative and tactile side. The game is currently on sale for $20

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Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego?: This game is based off the beloved TV series and computer game of the same name, and prompts players to embark on an international secret mission to find a missing Carmen Sandiego and recover all the precious treasures she’s stolen. The game retails for $10.

Cards Against Humanity: If you’re quarantined with your friends or other adults, you may want a game that’s made with your demographic in mind. Cards Against Humanity is an adult version of Apples To Apples that you’ll truly need to experience for yourself to understand all the hype. The game retails for $25 and you can also buy a ton of expansion card packs for endless playing options. 

7 Wonders: This game is for individuals who are 10 and up, so while kids can still play it, the directions are a little more complex than other classic board games like Candyland. In this strategy game, players become the leaders of seven great cities which will eventually be built into the seven wonders of the ancient world. This game is on the more expensive side due to its extensive and strategic nature, retailing for $45.

Scrabble: Many individuals are hesitant to play this game because of its more “academic” nature, however, this game is perfect for passing extended periods of time and using your brain muscles, which a lot of us aren’t really doing right now; I’m looking at all of you who are on their fifth reality TV binge of the pandemic already, myself included. The classic word-game is currently on the market for $28.


Rare Footage Captured By Robot Baby Gorilla Shows Giant Apes Singing While They Eat

Gorillas have long been studied by scientists ever since we discovered the process of evolution. Now, researchers have found that certain mountain gorillas like to “sing” during their dinner, a behavior that’s never been observed before from the species. The group of researchers were able to capture footage of this weird ritual using a robot “spy” that was designed to look like a baby gorilla. 

The “singing gorillas” made their television debut this week as a part of the PBS special “Nature: Spy in the Wild 2.” This was the second installment of the “Spy in the Wild” series from PBS, and like its 2017 predecessor, this special gave audiences an intimate insight into “elusive wildlife behavior, seen through the eyes of robots that look like the creatures they film.” Gorillas weren’t included in the original installment of the series, so researchers were astounded to see how much the robot gorilla captured on film; including an intense amount of interaction with the “baby” from the other gorillas. 

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Scientists in 2016 obtained an audio recording of mountain gorillas “singing” as they eat, but they’ve never had an actual visual of the behavior the gorillas are exhibiting while singing. What they learned back then was that older gorillas were always more inclined to perform at dinnertime, while younger gorillas observed.

Those scientists also were able to derive that males sang more often than females, and only performed while eating aquatic plants and seeds, as opposed to insects. After those conclusions, scientists hit a dead end in terms of where to go next, since they only had an audio recording to work off of. It was this research, amongst other things, that inspired the team from PBS to include gorillas in the next installment of their “Spy in the Wild” series. 

“Eye communication is very important amongst gorillas. You’ll see in the footage in the first episode; the gorillas came straight over to our spy gorilla and peered right into its eyes. So we made sure that the gorilla had the most amount of detail put into the face. We sometimes have to anoint them in feces to allow them to be accepted into the group, it’s not the most pleasant of jobs,” said  “Spy in the Wild 2” producer Matt Gordon.

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The hardest challenge, according to Gordon, was getting the gorilla robot to pass an inspection from one of the dominant males in the gorilla troop. To display submissiveness, Gordon and his team had the robot avoid any “eye contact” with the male, which convinced him that the young gorilla robot wasn’t a threat, which led to the rest of the troop coming to take a closer look at the baby. 

“A young gorilla came over and did the natural thing for him, which was to beat its chest. For a baby gorilla, that means ‘I want to play,’ and if our gorilla was lifeless, not moving, I think the gorilla would have lost interest. But our spy gorilla was able to beat its chest too,” Gordon said.

Other episodes within the “Spy In the Wild 2” series follow groups of seals in South Africa, polar bears in Norway, and even tiny hummingbirds in Mexico. New episodes air on Wednesdays, until May 20th, at 8 p.m. on PBS, so check your local listings today!

Auto Racing

What The World Of Sports Looks Like During A Pandemic: Timmy Hill Wins Virtual NASCAR Race

Thanks to iRacing, a subscription-based gaming platform that requires a makeshift virtual reality-esque race car set up to play, racing fanatics were able to log on and watch as the platform hosted a virtual race at Texas Motor Speedway.