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‘Lifestyle Medicine’ To Improve Your Health And Wellness

During times of a worldwide pandemic, health and safety is obviously everyone’s main priority. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and reduce the chances of you becoming infected, the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization have both encouraged the planet to practice good hygiene through hand washing, disinfecting commonly used surfaces daily, and most importantly self-quarantining/social distancing from everyone indefinitely until the spread of this virus is more under control. 

Beyond those general guidelines, however, there are other things you can be doing from home everyday to ensure that your body is running smoothly, your mind is stimulated, and your overall health is being kept in check.

Lifestyle choices that we make everyday have long-term health effects for our bodies that many of us realize, but most don’t like to pay attention to. For example, we all know our diet and eating habits greatly affects things like our weight, energy levels, heart health, etc. however, we may not always like to choose the healthier option when it comes time to eat our three meals, especially during a time of quarantine when the kitchen has basically become all of our best friends. 

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Since we’re all spending an indefinite amount of time indoors, it can be hard to get creative in the kitchen, especially when you can’t go grocery shopping at the drop of the hat anymore. Luckily, certain services online, such as, will now do the work for you when it comes to creating new and exciting recipes. You simply enter in the ingredients you have available in your pantry, and websites like Supercook will show you a multitude of things to make with those ingredients, they’ll even categorize meal types for you!

Dr. Rob Lawson, who founded the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine says, including diet, there are six “strands” of “lifestyle medicines” that ensure your mind, body, and soul remains as healthy as possible given your personal circumstances. 

“There are six strands to lifestyle medicine – a healthy diet, regular physical activity, getting enough good quality sleep, minimizing stress, building strong community ties and supportive relationships, and reducing your exposure to toxins. The benefits will depend on your age, general health and the personal ‘prescription’ you adopt – but gains are guaranteed. It’s all common sense stuff, but we have become so removed from what is healthy, most of our focus is on sick-care, not healthcare. It doesn’t take that much to go from being completely inactive to being a little more active, but in six to eight weeks you will notice real improvements.”

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The benefit of running your life based on these six lifestyle medicines is that a lot of them intertwine with one another. Reducing your exposure to toxins while getting some more exercise daily will help improve your sleep, aid weight loss, and reduce stress, which could also indirectly help you improve on your relationships. 

Getting more exercise from the comfort of your own home can be difficult, as when we’re in our own space it’s easy to get distracted by every little thing. There are plenty of online articles and YouTube videos that offer free exercise classes/advice on maintaining a healthy means of physical activity from home. 

Beyond that, make sure you’re getting at least eight hours of sleep every night. At this point, there’s really no excuse when it comes to not going to bed early and getting enough sleep. You’re home all the time, you can go to bed before midnight. Your mind and body will thank you, and will also notice a reduction in stress/some of your coronavirus induced anxieties.

While so many resources online are continuously telling everyone the many ways that they can keep themselves from getting sick, we also need to make sure we’re focusing on just being healthy, without the context of preventing illness. If you focus too much on over-charging your body virus-prevention measures, you could actually forget to take care of the other crucial parts of your life, like your mental health. Take a breath, make a plan, and keep yourself occupied and calm. We’re all in this together. 

Closet Organization

Home Organization Tips To Make Life Easier While You Self Quarantine

As we continue to practice safe social distancing by staying at home and avoiding large gatherings of people amid the coronavirus pandemic, it can be difficult to figure out how to best occupy your time. Binge watching your favorite Netflix show is always fun, but as we all know, that can get really old really fast, especially when it feels like it’s the only thing to do. Trying to participate in stay-at-home activities that stimulate both your mind and body will actually make you feel more productive, and what could be more productive than re-organizing and cleaning up your home? It’s not like you’ll be going anywhere anytime soon… 

Start by clearing out any shelves or closet spaces so that you can take inventory of all of your belongings and decide if you should throw anything away or donate any of it. So many of us avoid organizing integral storage spaces in our home because after a while the task just becomes overwhelming, however, now that you have an unexpected amount of time on your hands, you might as well. 

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Think of the different cabinet, shelf, and closet spaces as various “zones” in your home. This is a common technique used on various home and garden programs, you tackle the different zones of your home at different times so that your mind is focused on one specific space. When you just take on one space at a time, you can more easily list out the goals you have for the space and what you’d like to see done with it by the time you’re done with your cleaning process. 

It’s never a bad idea to label your various storage bins, cabinets, jars, and anything else that is meant to hold other things throughout your home. You don’t need a fancy label maker to do so either, simply using a strip of masking tape and a sharpie marker, you can label almost anything. This way, when you go into your hall closet looking for the bin of Christmas lights, you won’t have to completely empty it out in order to find them. 

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Within your drawers, you can use old tins and jewelry boxes as makeshift dividers to better organize your smaller supplies. When you take the tops off of old metal tins that would hold things like mints or cookies, you can simply place them face up within your drawer and fill them with, for example, paperclips, and another with post its, and another with pens, this way everything is in its proper place and you can find everything right away. 

A fun way to organize your clothing items is by color coordination. Within each “category” of drawer (shirts, shorts, socks, etc.) try to organize by color, this is not only a visually appealing way of organizing, but it can also make finding specific pieces of clothing so much easier. 

Apply that same logic to your kitchen pantry, but instead of clothing, organize things like pasta, cereal, rice, etc. in clear mason jars with labels. Just like color coordinating your clothes, this will make finding particular ingredients much easier, and is also much more visually appetizing to look at, pun intended. 

Finally, as you’re going through and organizing all the many crevices of your home, make sure you’re carrying around a bucket full of various cleaning/disinfectant products so that you can clean as you go! It’s so important to keep all the surfaces in your home clean and bacteria/virus free, the same way you do for your hands/body. So fill up some sort of portable bin with various disinfectant products to ensure that the chemicals you’re using are safe for the many different kinds of surfaces in your home (stainless steel, wood, porcelain). It can be easy to get overwhelmed during times of a global pandemic, so make sure the space that you’re now isolated to is clean and organized so it gives you an overall sense of peace, which we all could use during a time like this.