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Taylor Swift Has This Candle ‘Everywhere’ Inside Her House

Taylor Swift has been hosting fans at her private homes in London and Nashville over the past week for a few of her infamous “secret sessions.”

The invite-only events serve as advanced listening parties for her albums, where she invites select fans into her homes to hear her latest release before anyone else. While they’re sworn to secrecy over the actual contents of the album, they are allowed to share other details from their once-in-a-lifetime experiences hanging out with T.Swift.

Following her recent London secret session for her upcoming album, “Lover,”one fan opened up about the experience on the internet and shared some observations they made about Swift’s idyllic home in London, where she clearly sought to make her fans feel at home with several meaningful personal touches.

For one, the fan said that Swift had Le Labo’s popular Santal 26 candles “everywhere” in her home. The luxe, $75 candle is a classic choice for anyone looking to spruce up their living space, with one Nordstrom reviewer describing the “gender neutral scent” as “not too perfume-y” and “with a subtle hint of spice.”

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