Home Security

Technology Helping Lexington Police Solve Property Crimes

Lexington police detectives say more property crimes are being solved because of home security cameras.

“We’re getting more and more evidence, more and more video to review,” Lt. Clay Combs said. “Every time we get out on something, it’s like that.”

But Lt. Combs said with every new piece of technology there’s good and bad. He said people will call in with video of a car in the middle of the night, and no one, not even police, can tell what the car is, or who’s driving it.

But sometimes, when a thief’s face comes in contact with the camera, it can be a home run for police.

“We now have lots more opportunities to solve some of the things. We have a lot better evidence to go on, get people’s pictures out, information out,” Lt. Combs explained.

He said the cameras aren’t just catching events at one home anymore. They’ve become a way for neighbors to share videos and help each other.

“Now, some of the home security systems have the ability to hit a button and share with your neighbors,” Lt. Combs said. “If you had someone come up in your driveway who was suspicious, you can share a video to everyone within a certain radius of your home.”

The detective reminded homeowners that just because there are so many cameras and so many people are caught on them, you shouldn’t forget to call the police.

“A lot of times, there’s an assumption that we have that video, and a lot of times we don’t. A lot of times, we’re seeing it the first time when we see it on social media,” said Lt. Combs.


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