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Sydney Australia

How Australia’s Dispute with Google and Facebook Progressed

In a world-first law, proposed by Australia aimed to force tech giant such as Facebook and Google to pay for news content. The aim of which was to address the media’s loss of advertising revenue to tech giant such as Facebook and Google.
Apple Store

Apple Is Creating A Magnetic Battery Pack Attachment For iPhones

Apple has announced that they are currently working on a magnetically attached battery pack for its newest line of iPhone models. This wireless accessory would charge the phone the same way a chargeable case would. 
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Denmark’s Offshore Wind Island

Denmark has recently announced its majority stake in the world first artificial ‘energy island.’ The offshore wind farm will be built in the North Sea, 50 miles or 80km offshore west of the Jutland peninsula.

Pigs Can Play Video Games? Study Shows ‘Remarkable’ Level Of Mental Flexibility In Species

According to a new study published in ‘Frontiers In Psychology,’ pigs are proving to have a remarkable level of behavioral and mental flexibility after scientists tested the ability of four pigs to play a simple joystick-enabled video game.
Twitter Account

Twitter Chief Says Banning Trump Was The Right Choice But Sets A ‘Dangerous Precedent’

Jack Dorsey, chief executive of Twitter, recently spoke with the media about Donald Trump’s social media suspensions following the Capitol riot.

Dorsey is speaking out for the first time since Twitter and a multitude of other social media platforms permanently suspended the president’s account following the violent riot that occurred at the Capitol last week. Dorsey claimed that the company faced an “extraordinary and untenable circumstance, forcing us to focus all of our actions on public safety.” Read more…