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Video Chat

Technologies To Help Your Gatherings Go Digital

Lock-downs, self-isolations and social distancing in the fight against the coronavirus is a necessary step. In the digital age, keeping in contact with others whilst maintaining sensible social distancing couldn’t be easier.
Coronavirus Testing Kit

New Coronavirus Testing Kit Provides Vital Answers To The Spread Of The Virus

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to take a hold in countries across the world, a new Coronavirus testing kit is helping to identify who has already had the disease, in an effort to better understand how the virus is penetrating the global population.
Medical Masks

Tim Cook Says Apple Will Donate 'Millions Of Masks' To Healthcare Organizations

Tim Cook, the CEO of major tech company Apple, recently tweeted that the corporation will be donating millions of masks to healthcare professionals in the United States and Europe within the following weeks.

The 5G Future

As 5G starts on its rising journey, rolling out across countries around the world. What could it mean for the future and is it more than the next generation of mobile networking?

Henk Rogers, Who Brought Tetris to the West, Plans to Save the Planet

Rogers has been fascinated with technology ever since his childhood.

You may not have heard of the name Henk Rogers before. But without him, the West may not have been introduced to the world’s most popular video game, Tetris. Rogers secured the distribution rights for the groundbreaking puzzle game in 1988, and struck a deal with Nintendo to package the game with the company’s then-revolutionary Game Boy. Read more…