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Amazon Boxes

Amazon Opens An Online Pharmacy Service

Amazon, the multibillion-dollar conglomerate, has now moved into the pharmaceutical industry, which is apparently worth $4 trillion a year. Starting in the USA, Amazon customers will be able to provide their insurance and health information, and will be eligible to order prescription medicines.
Black Friday Sale

Are You Likely To Get A Good Black Friday Deal on Your Tech Gadgets?

With Black Friday fast approaching many will be gearing up to make the most of the bedazzling promotions on offer and hopefully grab a bargain when it comes those must-have gadgets and gizmos. But is Black Friday really all it’s cracked up to be and will you be left elated or underwhelmed at the promotions on offer this year?

Best Black Friday Tech Deals For Students Of All Ages 

Many brands have already begun their Black Friday deals online as a means of making up for the lack of foot traffic they’ll likely experience this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are some of the most highly anticipated and popular tech devices going on sale this week.
COVID19 Test

Mass Testing Begins To Rollout Across The UK But How Does it Help?

One of the UK government’s latest plans to combat the COVID-19 pandemic was to instate mass testing. The scheme, which has already been piloted in the English city of Liverpool.

Australian Politician, Peter Dutton, Confirms Government Can Spy On Its Citizens Under Cybersecurity Plan

New $1.6 billion cyber strategy initiative to help law enforcement identify and disrupt criminal activity.

Peter Dutton recently spoke with the media about this new plan and did claim that ASD won’t actually be able to directly help federal agencies in this, and instead will assist law enforcement on targeting terrorists, drug/human traffickers, pedophiles, and other major criminals operating through the dark web. Read more…