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Kickstarter Workers Make Historic Vote To Unionize

"This is a sign, loud and clear, that it's possible to organize tech. Workers in tech want the same agency union workers have won for decades."
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What Will The Tech Industry Do With Mobile World Congress 2020?

The much anticipated Mobile World Congress had little choice…
Online Banking

How Safe Are Online Banks?

Fintech continues to transform the way we handle our finances…
Smart Devices

Get The Most Use Out Of Your Smart Devices

Making simple upgrades and adjustments to the ways in which we implement this technology in our personal and professional lives can make all the difference in terms of productivity. 

Henk Rogers, Who Brought Tetris to the West, Plans to Save the Planet

Rogers has been fascinated with technology ever since his childhood.

You may not have heard of the name Henk Rogers before. But without him, the West may not have been introduced to the world’s most popular video game, Tetris. Rogers secured the distribution rights for the groundbreaking puzzle game in 1988, and struck a deal with Nintendo to package the game with the company’s then-revolutionary Game Boy. Read more…