2020 Presidental Election

The Art of Wellbeing: Kanye’s Breakdown in His Race To Become The Next President

In the eyes of many, celebrities look to be living the life that most of us can only dream of, though we sometimes fail to understand how hard it can be in the limelight. In the midst of this dazzling world, we see glimpses of turmoil and that certainly has been evident for this week for one of the biggest American stars, Kayne West. Famous for multiple talents including rapping, singing, songwriting, record producing, composing, and also as a fashion designer, the star is now firmly on the path to his next endeavor, a bid to become the new President of the United States. And if you weren’t skeptical about this before, you soon will be.

Upon hearing Kanye was entering the political race we all knew this would not be an ordinary campaign but early this week, a pre-election rally had everyone talking, but in the world of celebrity and now more so politics, it left everyone guessing.

On the 20th July 2020, Kanye appeared at a rally to launch his political campaign in Charleston, California. Already not a conventional event in these circumstances, the rally took place within a city based conference hall which was said to have been filled with guests, which was already controversial as it was reported the stars campaign website had no capability for aspiring attendees to register or RSVP.

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Kanye took to the stage to address his audience, dressed in a security vest and ‘2020’ shaved boldly to the back of his head when he began his speech directly to the guests without a microphone. He addressed the crowd who also had no microphones for the later section where they could ask questions which he was noted to ask for silence on numerous occasions so he could hear and answer.

But his speech soon turned into ramblings, he began to cry when he spoke about abortion, a topic close to his heart from his own upbringing and in his own path into adulthood, stating in his speech ‘my mum saved my life, my dad wanted to abort me’.

More revelations came from the renowned rapper, who went on to share his own experience just before becoming a first time father himself to his daughter North, who in the early stages of pregnancy he revealed him and his wife, Kim Kardashian considered an abortion. He admitted, ‘I almost killed my daughter’ before claiming that he had a calling from God, after which he knew he was destined to father this baby.

As part of his controversial plee, Kanye believes abortion should remain legal but there should be financial support in place for new mother, even going as far as to say that ‘everyone that has a baby should get a million dollars’.

He also paid reference to Harriet Tubman, the 19th century abolitionist stating’ Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had the slaves go work for other white people’ and his speech also went on to the topic of gun violence.

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Kanye announced his candidacy on July 4th, which has had us speculating as to whether he has true intent with his political endeavors or whether this could be a publicity stunt? There has since been a tweet from his account which was soon to be deleted, which questioned his integrity as it referred to a ‘publicity stunt’ ahead of the release of his new album ‘Donda’ on the 24th July 2020.

On the back of these public revelations, it has also been questioned as to whether Kanye has in fact had a public breakdown. His wife, Kim has started the rap star lives with bipolar disorder having noted him as a ‘brilliant but complicated person’.

It is without doubt that his speech has provoked anger in many, particularly about his comment regarding Tubman, but what strikes most should come out of concern for his well being. From our own personal experiences we all know how easily pressures we face can hit hard but we have the ability to deal with our problems away from the public eye. In the life of a celebrity, they are used to sharing their life with the world but at what point does this become too much? When used correctly it is a platform that should be used for good but what about when the unexpected happens and we divert off the path of the message? Strategically prepared speeches designed in a race to lead a country in turmoil might not have cut it from a household name like Kanye West. He was always set to make a stand and is this a true insight into his life and his beliefs and what might be needed for the next person in power?

On reflection of the event and throughout his ramblings, Kanye always paid tribute to God and on numerous occasions that he received a calling. At present, his appearance at the rally has people questioning the meaning of his speech, was this to be a publicity stunt as it certainly had gained a reaction, was this a manic episode forming part of his bipolar disorder or was this passion for his electoral campaign? What is evident is that we will all be watching to see how this unfolds.

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