The Rise Of The ‘Staycation’ In The UK

Some countries are now opening up tourism following coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, relaxing travel restrictions mean that airlines are jetting off, taking holidaymakers to their desired destinations. Yet, as travel and tourism slowly gears up in some areas, many are still choosing to avoid the risk and take vacations at home. One thing is for certain, that many of us will need to rejuvenate via a break, during the continued stress and chaos of the coronavirus pandemic. If you do not want to travel abroad, it is still important to take some time out for yourself and tend to your well-being levels. More and more people are looking to their local area to provide the entertainment of holiday life, and being pleasantly surprised at what it has to offer.

Britons love to take a holiday and popular travel destinations include European countries such as Spain, Greece and France, although many more like to go further afield. As some travel destinations have opened up, many Britons are taking to the skies to fill their holiday cravings. However, the rolling British countryside, vibrant cities and seaside towns are also popular destinations and whilst some travel restrictions are in place and the threat of the coronavirus looms, some have chosen to explore Britain and their local areas instead.

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Some countries, such as the UK, have imposed a two-week quarantine for travelers returning from different countries, therefore this can be quite an inconvenience costing extra time away from work or other commitments. Therefore, opting for a vacation in the area, state, or country that you live can be a great alternative. Being a tourist in your hometown may be an enlightening experience, allowing you to see the area through a different lens and experience the culture in ways you haven’t done before. Further, you may discover new things, new favorite spots and fall in love with your local area all over again. We often forget what our hometown has to offer, taking for granted its culture and entertainment, instead seeking new and exciting destinations. The rise of the staycation could ultimately change that perspective.

A report by Schofields Insurance on UK travel habits showed that many felt, ‘Holidays within the UK are not only a financially safer option for most, but many people will find staying with the UK to be a less stressful option as you don’t have to worry about local health advice and medical practice differing from home.’ The study also showed that the impact that the pandemic has had on people’s financial situations, is naturally, playing a part in the choice of holiday destinations. Many are looking to take shorter and less expensive holidays and staying in the UK or the local area can fit those needs. Further, some staycations were influenced by other elements outside of the pandemic, for example, ‘people are concerned about low impact travel now more than ever. In the 25-49 age group, 30% say they would consider swapping a holiday abroad for one in the UK to reduce the impact of travel on the environment, a 2% increase over just 6 months. (YouGov)’

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Sky News also reported that Briton’s perspective on overseas holidays may have even changed, ‘some 49% think people will go back to having overseas holidays, while 37% believe people will stop having holidays abroad.’

If you are interested in trying a staycation, research your local area or state as if you were a tourist. Find a great hotel, Airbnb or campsite; look for cultural hubs, historical landmarks or even spa experiences. Find great dining experiences or entertainment venues – whatever you prefer on your vacations see if you can’t recreate it locally. You may be pleasantly surprised, and it may become one of your favorite destinations. You may also save a lot of money, as you are not shelling out for plane tickets and so forth.

For many, ‘staycations’ are also becoming ‘workcations’. Some people who are still having to work remotely, are taking their laptops to a different destination, perhaps staying with a friend and working whilst on a mini vacation. A change of scenery, however local, could be of humongous benefit during this challenging time. In the UK, Huffington Post reported, ‘considering one in three workers believe they won’t be back in their office until at least next year, according to YouGov, these ‘work staycations’ are probably about to become more popular. A survey of 2,000 workers by Huawei found 10% have worked from a holiday destination or holiday home already, and more than half said being able to choose where they work had a positive impact on their mental health.’

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