‘The Soul Garden Pathway’; One Woman’s Universal Guide To Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Growt...

Life is truly unpredictable, and the way we cope with change can determine the path we end up on. Sally Gallot-Reeves is a spiritual gardener, dedicated to promoting growth and wellness in herself and others through kindness, understanding, and healing, which is why she published “The Soul Garden Pathway,” a book where she reveals her innermost thoughts and feelings to nurture and guide readers to their own discovery and awareness.

The past year has taught us all that life is short, and our relationship with ourselves is one of the most important to take care of.  Unpredictable situations  can easily diverge us from the life path we intended for ourselves, however,  how we react and respond to those changes determines our wellbeing. 

Sally Gallot-Reeves is a writer, healer, and “spiritual gardener,” who has an extensive background working in healthcare as an RN. Her career  in acute care hospitals  taught her a lot about what it means to heal the entire person, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Sally believes “compassion, love and acceptance are the foundations to living in harmony and unity. One as one, one as whole. She credits her years in nursing service and healthcare to illuminating her heart and mind to the core needs of people, and her commitment  to assist everyone in living their lives to the fullest.”

Sally’s life’s work is dedicated to promoting the highest good for all individuals, animals, and nature kingdoms. Communicating through her writing, she reveals her innermost thoughts and feelings to support and guide readers to their own discoveries and awareness. Her most recent work, “The Soul Garden Pathway: Discovery Guide,” is a culmination of all the lessons she’s learned throughout her life in regards to healing, self-reflection, transformation, and finding one’s purpose. 

“I am a Spiritual Gardener planting seeds. My life’s work as a healer has combined physical, mental, and emotional therapy with daily gratitude and blessings sent into the world. I have witnessed all aspects of human frailty, I have listened to confessions, regrets, hopes, and dreams. My books reflect my promise to those I serve: I will support your journey through kindness, compassion, and acceptance.”

Born in New England, Sally currently resides in New Hampshire where she continues her literary work and spiritual life creating sanctuary space for all living things. She began journaling at the age of eight in green composition books with sharpened pencils. Writing has always been a means of expression for her, a way to connect to something that she needed to explain but could not verbalize. In her continued growth, education, and career, her life as an author remained a focal point and grounding mechanism. 

Her background includes undergraduate degrees in Child Behavior and Psychology, and Nursing. As a Registered Nurse, she credits her years in nursing service to illuminating her heart and mind to the core needs of all people, the sacredness of life, and her dedication to bringing Divine Light and Love into the world.

“It’s really interesting when I reflect back on the many different things I’ve been privileged to do in my life. Everything has led me here, and it’s a great feeling.  My ultimate goal was to help children and families and with  a nursing degree I started working in hospitals. There I felt I could apply my degrees  within an acute care  setting and help patients not only physically, but mentally as well. 

My nursing career has included work in Labor and Delivery, Emergency Departments, and Intensive Care units. For many years I worked in different facilities throughout the country which allowed me to experience different communities and cultures and appreciate the diversity of people who sought care. I saw patients as a whole physical, mental and spiritual being.

 Those three dimensions of ourselves constantly work together to promote our wellbeing. They are meant to work together in balance and align with our needs.   

What I gained from my time working in Intensive Care units  was that the people who tended to do the best, were the patients  who were most surrounded by love. When a sick individual has a supportive group of people by their side, it gives them a greater sense of security in their recovery. These individuals also seemed to have a  spiritual  belief beyond themselves,  a belief that someone or something was guiding  them. As a result I believe they were able to remain   more positive during their time in the hospital. 

When I returned to  New England  I continued to work in healthcare  in a managerial level.   In 2005 I completed a  master’s degree in Management and certifications in Project Management and Change Management. Throughout all of my positions within the healthcare system I was able to see and understand what people need to heal and to live their life fully, to help ourselves and each other. 

In 2014, I compiled  all of my  poetic writings and  published my first book. My goal with ‘Between Shifts’ was to show patients, families, and staff that they  are cared for, and that we, as healthcare workers/healers, know how important our role is in their healing process.”

“My commitment to people continues with my mission as an author and my work with nonprofits, significantly the homeless. It has been my privilege to be present to all experiences, and to grow in understanding of the resilience of people in life beyond the body and the earthly plane. I hold people in my hands and in my heart.”

As Sally was consistently writing, a personal tragedy in her life led her down yet another path in which she could help heal people on a larger scale. 

“In 2017, after a tragic accident involving a friend’s daughter, I created “A Blessing for Your Day”, a shared message of reflection offering hope and love that was emailed to support her each day.  After the third day I asked her what else she needed to best support her during this dark time, and she replied that all she wanted was for me to continue sending her blessings because ‘It gets me through each day.’ 

By word of mouth, more and more people in my life began reaching out and explaining their difficulties in search of a daily blessing as well. The contact list grew tremendously and at the urging of recipients, I launched the Soul Garden Pathway website in 2019. The website contains inspirational writings related to the Soul Garden Journey: Pathways, Seedlings, and Blossoms. Blessings are emailed daily to subscribers.  

During the initial months of launching the Soul Garden Pathway website,  I  knew I wanted to publish other books that  promote well-being and spiritual alignment.  My second book,  ‘Behind The Open Door’ was published in 2020, which is the first work in a five-part series unveiling the life of eight-year-old Cassie Murphy, a highly gifted and telepathic child and her invisible dog-friend Patrik. Cassie has unique abilities, which uncover the secret past of their home in Maine and its connections to the elemental kingdom, the vibrational forces of nature, and the Angelic realm. Cassie’s talents and behaviors are not well understood, and the story revolves around the two worlds she lives in: her experiences within the dynamics of her family, school and social spheres; and her adventures with Patrik through portals to multiple dimensions.

Ultimately, ‘Behind the Open Door’ is a book about relationships and love. I wanted to communicate to readers that even though we may not be able to fully understand certain things, how  we create an environment – for children specifically – that allows them to be who they truly are and fosters their growth and abilities”

“‘The Soul Garden’ is meant to be used as a guide for growth and healing based on all the  life lessons I’ve learned throughout my existence. What I really want people to feel and grasp from this book is that our life processes are indeed processes. We never fully reach an end goal, because as we continue to grow and develop  we expand; our paths and our goals change to meet new needs.” 

“‘The Soul Garden Pathway’ is a nine-chapter book, meant to represent the nine-month transition of our initial growth to birth.  The spirituality within it is universal, so no matter what a reader’s personal belief is, they can relate to the concepts and utilize the information within it. The book is categorized as transformational non-fiction. It is a type of self-help book, meant to reveal principles and information as you read and then prompt you to journal so you can  apply the lessons to your own life. 

There are a lot of great self-help/healing books out there, but many of them start with the assumption that the reader is already equipped with certain philosophies and practices to be able to help themselves. ‘The Soul Garden’ truly starts at the beginning, and leads readers into a greater understanding of themselves, and the power they have within themselves to heal. 

I want readers of ‘The Soul Garden’ to know that healing and improving yourself is an evolution and slow process. You  first reflect and create a greater understanding of yourself and your goals, then  begin the work to make the changes necessary in your life. It’s also  a book that you can re-read,  and see how the changes you made helped your journey. 

I believe we all desire a sanctuary space of reflection and meditation in which we are free to find and be our true selves. With that in mind, ‘The Soul Garden’ offers a place of serenity and refuge for all. The Discovery Guide facilitates processes that explore and reveal who we are, who we have been, and who we want to be with a greater understanding of the dimensions of spirit and the laws of the universe.”

Throughout her entire publishing process, Sally also created an online hub of information for all of the lessons and information she so passionately writes about. She actively expanded her online platform for The Soul Garden Pathway to social media in 2020 (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn), and created an author website to showcase her creative work, articles, interviews, and reviews.

“‘The Soul Garden Pathway’ teaches us how to recognize where we are, where we have been, and where we desire to be. It is a roadmap and guide that bridges the earthly experience with the spiritual experience and empowers the reader to rediscover themselves in Divine Light.”

“‘The Soul Garden Pathway’ presents an analogy of an expansive nature garden, beginning at the Tree of Life, and proceeding along life paths in a burgeoning garden, with each section bringing greater understanding of the universal laws and spiritual truths that influence man’s life and growth. The nine chapters continue to explore Universal and Spiritual Laws, the Human Self, the Spiritual Self, Life and Growth in the Soul Garden, Life Paths, and Life Purpose.

The use of ‘Discovery Thoughts’ and Affirmations create space for readers to journal their experience, reflections, and responses. The book is an introspective experience expanding knowledge, thinking and awareness of human and spiritual life. It assists readers to look into their feelings, choices and desires, which will lead them forward in understanding life’s purpose and next opportunities.

Designed for both those new to their spiritual journey and those that are looking to expand further, ‘The Soul Garden Pathway’ weaves foundational concepts with higher awareness of one’s physical and intuitive senses, connections with higher self and spirit, and appreciation for the gifts of abundance.

The Soul Garden Pathway is also a Holistic and Therapeutic business. In my healthcare and consulting career I have extensive experience in mentoring, coaching, and supporting individuals and teams to reach their highest potential and achieve their desired goals.” 

Sally concluded our interview with some inspiring words about how we’re all universally struggling in one way or another, but we’re always going to have the opportunity to grow, change, and better ourselves.

“We are prodded by daily exposure to environmental degradation, social injustice, economic inequity, violence, and disease. We are challenged to evaluate the imbalances in our world against our beliefs and faith. 

The world is chaotic, rapidly changing, and unpredictable. We feel stressed, anxious, and misaligned. Restless, we search for truth, wisdom, and guidance; we seek higher meaning and purpose in this lifetime, and the sanctuary within our soul. We are in a vortex of dynamic change and spiritual evolution. 

There is uncertainty and insecurity in the future. We search for peace, sanctuary, and assurance that incorporates balance with spiritual enlightenment. We want to know who we truly are and our purpose within our lifetime. The Soul Garden Pathway builds our faith and leads us.”