This New Travel Hack Can Take The Pain Out of Flying

“Filing a claim can be tedious for a consumer,” says Zubair Jeewanjee, the CEO of G1G Travel & Visitors Insurance, an insuretech company. “Not to mention waiting weeks with certain carriers to receive your compensation.”

Automatic claims work exactly as you expect. You don’t have to file a claim when something happens to you during vacation. The insurance company does everything for you. From a traveler’s point of view, the two systems function similarly. But they also point to a future in which the travel insurance claims process is dramatically better than today.

Instant or “auto” claims work as you’d expect. Instead of waiting until a flight disruption happens and then filing a claim, the insurance company actively monitors your flight. If there’s a delay, it offers you a fixed benefit without you having to do anything.

Insurance companies also offer fixed benefits of around $100 for lost or damaged luggage. (You may qualify for more, depending on your policy.) It’s almost automatic — all you have to do is verify the loss or damage — and the payment is just as fast. It’s practically instant.

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