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This Week’s Best Home Entertainment: From The Loudest Voice to A Confession

Proof that you can’t have too much of a bad thing: ahead of Bombshell, a Nicole Kidman-starring film about the grim rise of Fox News, comes this Showtime series on the same toxic topic. Russell Crowe is on scenery-chewing form as monstrous exec Roger Ailes, with Naomi Watts playing Gretchen Carlson, the anchor who spoke out about his alleged abuse.Thursday 5 September, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

This riveting thriller tackles surveillance culture and deep fakes. Callum Turner is a soldier whose conviction for a murder in Afghanistan is overturned; Holliday Grainger the detective investigating after damning footage emerges of him on a night out.Tuesday 3 September, 9pm, BBC One

Director and video essayist Cousins returns to his home city of Belfast for a heartfelt exploration of how cinema both helped explain, and provide a release from, the Troubles. As an added bonus, some of the films featured here, from Steve McQueen’s gruelling Hunger to the tense thriller ’71, will be shown on Film4 across the week.Sunday 1 September, 10.20pm, Channel 4

Laden with cheesy French one-liners – “death waits for no one” – and set in sun-soaked Marseille, this drama follows grizzled detective Fred Cain, the wheelchair-using, murder-solving renegade using any means necessary to catch criminals. Cain’s first breezy series is available to binge in full.From Friday 6 September, All 4

Here’s a refreshing change to the backbiting of much reality TV: five women who’ve never met – from a stripping student nurse to a Yemeni scouser – expose each other to their contrasting lives in just 48 hours. While there are some tense conversations around the big issues (feminism, cosmetic surgery, Islam), the group find common ground over what unites them.From Sunday 1 September, BBC Three

Such was the buzz that surrounded this Spanish-language, rich-kid drama, Netflix picked up the second season as soon as the first had landed. Sex, money and intrigue surround a murder at an exclusive private school – it’s exactly as soapy as that sounds, with enjoyably “OMG!” twists aplenty.From Friday 6 September, Netflix

The story behind Harvey Weinstein’s long history of alleged abuse is still being written, with the disgraced movie mogul awaiting trial on multiple sexual assault charges. Still, this hefty documentary does a thorough job of detailing what is known about how he amassed and abused his substantial power.Sunday 1 September, 9pm, BBC Two

Hope Dickson Leach’s haunting debut has veterinary student Clover (Ellie Kendrick) returning to the family farm to find herself attending the funeral of her brother – who died at a bacchanalian party shortly before, in a shotgun incident. Set in the eerie, flooded flatlands of the Somerset levels, it’s a chilling tale of family secrets and hard rural lives.Friday 6 September, 11.45pm, BBC Two

Garbage’s formidable frontwoman joins the mass of musicians fronting podcasts (see also: George Ezra, Talib Kweli and Aimee Mann). Here she sits down for a natter with some major names, from Courtney Love to Big Boi and Karen O, to discuss the song that served as a game-changer in their fledgling careers.Podcast