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Trump Attempts To Lift Covid-19 Travel Restrictions, Biden Moves To Block The Order 

President Donald Trump on Monday lifted Covid-19 travel restrictions for a majority of Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Brazil, which would become effective on January 26th.
Film Reel

When California Is Really Vancouver

America is world famous for the movies and television shows that they produce and distribute around the world. However should we believe everything that we see? Many films are set in cities and states around the country such as California or Texas however many are actually filmed in Canada.
Baltimore Maryland

Spend Time Exploring Maryland

Known as the ‘Old Line State’, the ‘Free State’ and even ‘America in Miniature’ Maryland may not be at the top of everyone’s list of places to visit. However if you are a water lover this state is a must visit. Home to the first railroad as well as the first umbrella factory, Maryland has over 10,460 square miles of land and water meaning it is home to virtually every natural feature – except the desert.
Delta Airplane

Delta And United Airlines Will Permanently Remove International Change Fees 

Initially this was just a temporary move so that travelers wouldn’t have to worry about paying more money in the middle of a global health and economic crisis, however, Delta and United realized the elimination of these fees is actually a great thing for consumers and the airlines all together. 
Covid-19 Immunity Passport

Covid-19 Passports May Be Key For Traveling In A Post-Pandemic World

Individuals with an “immunity passport” will be able to navigate through the world much more easily.

Now that a multitude of companies are gearing up to distribute their Covid-19 vaccines in 2021, a lot of questions are being raised in regards to how we will navigate in a world during that transitional period where everyone’s waiting to be vaccinated. One of the most creative and heavily discussed options is the idea of a Covid-19 immunity passport that would essentially allow individuals who have been vaccinated to easily prove that they’ve received their dosages when entering into certain public spaces . Read more…