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Empty Streets in UK

UK Travel and Hospitality Sectors Suffer

The recent localized lockdowns across the UK has fuelled concerns that a second national lockdown may be implemented in the upcoming weeks. With these concerns shares in the travel industry, including hotel groups and airlines, as well as pub companies, have slumped.

Coronavirus-Sniffing Dogs To Start Test Program In Airports This Week 

In a new pilot program launched this past Tuesday at Finland’s Helsinki Airport, trained dogs are being used to detect if passengers are infected with the Covid-19 virus.
Airplane Landing

Airlines Demand Air Bridge Between New York and London

Following a year of unprecedented turmoil not just in the travel industry but also around the world, it has been hoped that ‘air bridges’ between specific countries or cities that have low cases of coronavirus could be created in an attempt to kick start international travel.
Cruise Ship on Water

Cruise Ships Announce New Voyage Dates

Furthermore, as a result of the virus on these ships many were refused entry to their chosen destinations, meaning that many passengers were left stranded at sea while being confined to their rooms. Clearly not what they had signed up for when they first booked their voyages.
Sanitizing Surface

How This CEO Has Been Able To Travel Safely Over 30 Times In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Mika Manninen has been away from home for approximately 75% of 2020 thanks to a specific health and safety routine he’s been adhering to.

Manninen is the CEO and co-founder of Hälsa Foods, a dairy-free yogurt company that began in Finland, but is now based in Palm Beach, Florida, where Manninen also lives. Manninen has taken 33 flights, four of which were international, and spent over 160 nights in hotels and major cities throughout the past six months. In fact, throughout the entire pandemic Manninen has spent a total of nine days in his own home. Read more…