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Tips For Traveling More Ethically And Mentally

Traveling can be an incredible experience for many. It offers us new perspectives, new sights, and best of all, new memories. However, tourists can also cause unintended consequences, such as overcrowding, environmental degradation, and being a threat to local cultures and heritages. In a post-COVID world, traveling more ethically and mentally could not only improve your globetrotting, but also help to preserve the destinations you visit.

Airline Violence Rages On As The Work Environment For Flight Attendants Is Deemed “Hostile”

For flight attendants, caring for passengers has suddenly become a dangerous occupation. The total amount of unruly passenger incidents has hit 5,114, about 5.6 incidents per 10,000 flights. Violent assaults have left attendants bloodied and hospitalized, and many employees are exhausted "both mentally and physically." These incidents have led airlines to enforcing stricter punishments against violators, stopping the serving of alcohol during flights, and alerting authorities. Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Peter Buttigieg has said a no-fly list for violent passengers is on the table.
Travel Ban

US Lifts Pandemic Travel Ban For International Visitors 

This Monday the US lifted restrictions on travel from a long list of countries which will allow tourists to make long-delayed trips and reconnect with their family members living in the states, more than a year and a half since the pandemic began. Some of the countries included on the list are Mexico, Canada, and most of Europe. 

U.S. Issues First ‘X’ Gender Mark On Passport

The U.S. State Department has announced the first issuing of a passport that carries an "X" gender marker, instead of just having "M" or "F." The passport was issued to a Colorado native, who identifies as intersex and they/them. The United States joins countries such as Canada, India, Australia, Denmark, Iceland, and Nepal that have issued three-gender passports. While some LGBTQ+ members are praising the decision as giving them more rights, others may not use the new feature due to possible, additional harassment.

US To Ease Travel Restrictions For Fully Vaccinated International Visitors

Jeff Zients, White House Covid-19 response coordinator, said the new rules will take effect in November to give agencies and airlines enough time to prepare for the influx of travel that will likely come from these new standards.