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Governor Cuomo Announces New Travel Restriction Enforcement's For New York

Governor Cuomo announced this week that he would be implementing even more travel enforcement operations at all airports in the state in order to ensure that all travelers coming into New York follow quarantine guidelines and restrictions.
Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines Staggers Their Reopening

The last six months has been a turbulent time for the world thanks to the grip coronavirus has had on every country at some time.
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EU Slowly Reopens For Business

Leaders around the world have welcomed the news that the European Union (EU) has created a ‘safe list’ of the countries they have deemed safe enough to allow travelers to start making non-essential trips.
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Amtrak Offers Buy One Get One Free Deal On Roomette Tickets

Amtrak is offering a new opportunity this summer to encourage individuals to get back to travelling in a safe way this summer. The rail service is offering a buy-one-get-one-free discount for its “roomette” accommodations.
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Travel Journalist Offers Advice On Summer Vacationing During The Coronavirus Pandemic

“Minimal-contact options like those [camping or road tripping] will be the safest options this summer…”

Nicquel Terry Ellis is an Atlanta-based travel journalist/national correspondent for USA Today. Ellis’ work in the past has covered news regarding the world’s top travel destinations and stories covering travel-related politics throughout the world as well. Read more…