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Airplane Landing

This Tiny Change To Flight Paths Could Cut Plane-Induced Climate Impact in Half!

New research from Imperial College London has revealed that if…
Asian Traveling with mask

What To Do If Your Travel Plans Are Affected By The Coronavirus Outbreak?

As the impact of the Wuhan coronavirus continues to play out…
Seville Spain

Where To Go On Your Next Solo Vacation

Solo-travel may not seem like it would be your top priority, however, there’s something truly gratifying about wanting to go out into the world and experience something new by yourself, and then actually doing it.
Immigration & Passport Control

Travel Bans Imposed of Four More African Countries

There have been many questions raised by President Trump’s latest travel ban, which has been imposed on four more African countries. Many visas for citizens of Nigeria and Eritrea have seen heavy restrictions applied to them.
Travel Alone

The One-Legged Journey Across South America That Inspired Masses

Yeslie Aranda is a 57-year-old Venezuelan man who woke up one day and decided to walk the entire continent of South America.

An intriguing and exhausting goal that shocked many of his loved ones due to the fact that Yeslie only has one leg. Aranda’s story begins in his hometown of San Cristobal, Venezuela, right by the northern tip of South America. Read more…