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Gatwick UK Airport

Major UK Airport To Shut North Terminal Due To Lack Of Flights Caused By Coronavirus

The UK’s second largest airport Gatwick has announced that it will close one of its major terminals citing the lack of flights as a result of travel bans imposed to help slow down the spread of Coronavirus.
Norway 2

Why The Nordic Countries Are The Happiest in The World

The world’s happiest cities have been revealed in the 2020 World Happiness Report and it seems that four of the five Nordic countries have been listed in the top ten. Helsinki in Finland ranked first on the list with Aarhus in Denmark (2nd).
Cruise Ship on Water

Can The Cruise Industry Recover From The Devastation Of Coronavirus?

There is no doubt that the spread of novel Coronavirus has led to massive disruption to a wide range of businesses and industries, with the cruise sector taking a particularly devastating blow.
Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Among Growing List Of National Parks Closing Due To Covid-19 Concerns

Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks have officially been closed down until further notice due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Travel Alone

The One-Legged Journey Across South America That Inspired Masses

Yeslie Aranda is a 57-year-old Venezuelan man who woke up one day and decided to walk the entire continent of South America.

An intriguing and exhausting goal that shocked many of his loved ones due to the fact that Yeslie only has one leg. Aranda’s story begins in his hometown of San Cristobal, Venezuela, right by the northern tip of South America. Read more…