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United Nation Reports Global Wildlife Trafficking Is Causing ‘Untold Harm Upon Nature’

A report from the United Nations has warned that more than 4,000 species of animals around the world are currently being targeted by traffickers, which is causing an unknown level of “harm upon nature.”

US State Department Issues Travel Advisory For Jamaica Amid Crime And Health Concerns 

The US State Department has issued a travel advisory for Jamaica among an influx of crime and health concerns.

Vietnam Opens New ‘Kissing Bridge’ As A Selfie Hotspot 

Last week, a new hotspot opened in Vietnam called the “Kiss Bridge” to give couples a chance to share a romantic moment with the beautiful Vietnamese sunsets. 

Virgin Atlantic And British Airways Face Complaints Over Alleged Misleading Sustainability Claims 

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are currently facing formal complaints regarding accusations that the airlines are misleading the public over their sustainability claims and environmental credentials of aviation. 

New Resort In The Philippines Sparks Debate Over Conservation And ‘Abuse Of Natural Resources’ 

The new Captain’s Peak Garden and Resort located in the famous Chocolate Hills of the Philippines is meant to give visitors an exclusive experience of lush scenery. However, the public and government officials are viewing the resort as a “blatant abuse of natural resources,” calling for an investigation into how the resort was able to be built where it was in the first place.