Travel News

Hawaii Set To Welcome Back Travelers On Nov. 1

Hawaii governer David Ige has announced on Twitter that starting on Nov. 1, Hawaii will welcome back both essential and non-essential tourists. Due to the state's uptick in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in late August, Ige made the request for non-essential travelers to stay away. That severely hurt Hawaii's tourism industry, as it saw millions lost in revenue. Meanwhile, Hawaii's "Safe Travel" plans will continue to remain in place.

U.S. Opens Mexican, Canadian Land Borders To Fully Vaccinated People

After 19 months of restricted traveling, the U.S. will be initiating a two-phase process that will allow nonessential travelers to enter in from the Canadian and Mexican borders. Beginning in November, nonessential travelers must be fully vaccinated, while essential travelers can remain unvaccinated. However, beginning in January, all travelers, regardless of essential status, must be fully vaccinated.

Australia’s Prime Minister Says International Travelers Won’t Be Welcome Until At Least 2022

Prime Minister Scott Morrison outlined plans for lifting some of Australia’s toughest Covid-19 this week. Part of this outline stated that foreign tourists won’t be welcomed back until at least 2022.

Airlines Pushback Reopening Flights Between US And Europe Amid Covid Case Surges 

US borders are currently closed to travelers from the European Union (EU) and the UK, and have been that way for over 500 days now. While there hasn’t been a formal announcement as to when these borders will reopen, airlines are beginning to push back the scheduled restart of their London-New York flights. 

US To Ease Travel Restrictions For Fully Vaccinated International Visitors

Jeff Zients, White House Covid-19 response coordinator, said the new rules will take effect in November to give agencies and airlines enough time to prepare for the influx of travel that will likely come from these new standards.