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Some European countries are re-opening their borders

Depending on the restrictions in your country or area, many people are looking forward to the ability to travel to different countries on vacation again and with the global rollout of vaccinations against coronavirus, that is once again looking like a very attainable possibility.
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New York’s Newest Hidden Subway Speakeasy Has A 900-Person Reservation List

La Noxe is New York’s newest speakeasy, and has already gained a slew of attention from citizens looking for the most unique experiences that the city has to offer. Jey Perie is the founder of the establishment, and he’s known for his former ownership of the Williamsburg dance club Kinfolk.

CDC Tells Americans To ‘Limit Travel’ As Covid-19 Surges Continue Throughout Nation 

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave Americans a stark warning this week, claiming that they should limit all travel, as Covid-19 cases are beginning to spike throughout the nation again, despite the roll out of multiple vaccines. 
Covid-19 Immunity Passport

EU Officially Proposed Vaccine Passport Scheme

The idea of digital COVID passports or vaccine passports have been floating around or under discussion for some time. Globally, countries are still battling with the coronavirus pandemic and rolling out their own vaccination programs

Why The Travel Industry Is Ready To Embrace Covid-19 Vaccination Passports

Many airlines are already looking into implementing a vaccine passport requirement to motivate safe travel as more individuals receive their doses around the world.

Authorities in Europe have already begun to embrace the concept as a means of rebuilding some of the economic loss that the tourism sectors of the world’s economy endured within the past year. With the summer vacation season quickly approaching as well, many travel leaders are ready to get back to a sense of normalcy. Read more…