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Troy Aikman Eviscerates Fox Sports Colleague Doug Gottlieb

Everyone has been passing around the Doug Gottlieb tweet about Andrew Luck and if you’ve seen it odds are you saw it connected with a shot at the Fox Sports Radio host and FS1 auxiliary personality. It was an indefensible take, but there is a certain school of sports media thought that going after him just provides “evidence” that he is cutting through.

Nonetheless, criticism carries a lot of weight when it comes from Troy Aikman, who is the no. 1 color commentator on Fox Sports’ NFL broadcasts and won three Super Bowls as QB of the Dallas Cowboys:

Aikman went after FS1 with a specific shot here; it’s no secret that he has had major issues with Skip Bayless for decades. Still, though, this is about as harsh a shot at someone who technically works for the same company as you’ll ever see.

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