Trump Losing Major Support For His Handling Of Covid-19 and ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests

As the United States battles two major pandemics, the coronavirus and systematic racism, the citizens of America are condemning president Trump for his complacency in both.

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As the United States battles two major pandemics, the coronavirus and systematic racism, the citizens of America are condemning president Trump for his complacency in both of these health crises that are killing thousands of Americans in very different ways. The initial poll numbers for the 2020 presidential election are reflecting that as well, as CNN recently reported on a poll conducted by SSRS which showed Trump’s approval rating decreasing by 7 points within the last month alone. 

Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s approval rating, on the other hand, has put him as the front-runner to become our next president based on these initial polls. It’s important to note that obviously we are months away from the election and these numbers are subject to change, however, if we view president Trump’s approval rating from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to now, the pattern is clear, Americans are losing faith in their government. 

The survey also found that a growing majority of all Americans feel that racism is a major problem in the country, and “the criminal justice system in America clearly favors whites over blacks.” 80% of all those surveyed also said that the peaceful protests occurring all around the nation (and the world) regarding police brutality, and specifically inspired by the unjust murder of George Floyd, are justified.

“Americans now consider race relations as important a campaign issue as the economy and health care.”

The survey also paralleled how Trump’s current polling numbers match up with Jimmy Carter’s and George H.W. Bush’s when they were at this point in their presidency (both Carter and Bush also only served for one term before being elected out of office). Trump currently stands 14 points behind Biden. 

The remaining 41% who say that they support the president are a part of the lowest polling numbers for Trump – as surveyed by CNN – throughout his time in the White House. On the opposite end, Biden’s 55% support is his highest percentage yet. 

The real shift in numbers occurred within this past week, after president Trump responded to the protests occurring outside of the White House. Many Republicans who have long backed Trump throughout his presidency have turned against him in response to his clear lack of empathy and action in terms of racial justice for black people in America. The most shocking move being former Defense Secretary James Mattis, who served under Trump, speaking out against the lack of mature leadership the president has exemplified. 

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“We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership. This will not be easy, as the past few days have shown, but we owe it to our fellow citizens; to past generations that bled to defend our promise; and to our children.”

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65% of those surveyed said that the president’s actions in response to the recent peaceful protests has done more harm than good. As previously stated, around 80% of all Americans believe the protests are justified, and 27% of them also believe that the violence that has broken out as a result of outside police force, has also been justified. 

Both of these numbers were much lower when compared to survey numbers from protests in 2016. Back then only about 60% of Americans thought the protests (which were also fighting for racial equality) were justified. Two-thirds of all Americans consider racism a major problem in America, and compared to results from 2015 asking the same question, that statistic has only increased in every ethnic group. Latinx individuals went from 64% to 79% in terms of believing racism to be a major problem; black people went from 66% to 88% and white people went from 43% to 60%. 

Voters have so far given Biden a two-to-one advantage over Trump in terms of handling race relations. 63% feel that Biden would do a better job handling the issue and among black voters specifically 91% feel he would do better. In terms of the coronavirus pandemic, Biden also trumps Trump in the polling numbers with 55% of Americans surveyed saying they believe Biden could handle it better. 

The most staggering numbers come from the surveys of individuals outside of the Republican party. Only 1% of Democrats said they would vote for Trump if the election was today; CNN reports that as the lowest opposite-party result that they’ve ever recorded (George H.W. Bush came in a close second with 2% during the end of his presidency. 

The poll was conducted between June 2nd and 5th among a national sample of 1,259 American adults. SSRS reports that the results for a full sample can be estimated but would likely be off by 4%, so for now, these are the numbers for how Americans feel currently. To see the rest of the results, click here