Using Aura Photography, A Psychic Is Able To Help Clients Learn About And Balance Their Energies...

Through years of training, visions, and challenges, psychic Gloria Bieber has been able to help clients see their strengths and weaknesses by identifying their physical auras through aura photography.

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Gloria Bieber

Imagine being able to see your personality, traits, and overall balance in life from just simply looking at a color that represents your aura and energy. Or transcending to another dimension and possessing the tools, capabilities, and mindset to pave the road to a better world around you while ensuring your mind, body, and soul are healthy and true to who you and your thoughts are.

While those kinds of journeys and abilities may seem far-fetched at first, those like Canadian psychic Gloria Bieber would be quick to disagree. The owner of Life Portraits, Bieber has had quite the experience in mediumship, from envisioning the COVID-19 pandemic to meeting the Dalai Lama in between her work of perfecting her meditation, healing, and connection to higher spiritual planes. 

Life Portraits offers a number of spiritual insight and inner-self services for her clients, which range from medium readings and Reiki therapy all the way to deep healing treatment. Of course, the one that might catch everyone’s eyes is aura photography, which is the method of translating a person’s unseen, atmospheric auras into the physical world. To do this, Bieber has clients place their hands on a sensor, which is connected to a computer system.

“When you lay your hands on the sensor, it transposes your energy around you into different colors, and the colors mean different things. It also drills it down to the different chakras, and enhances your aura around you, [such as] how far does it go out, how far does it come in.” 

“They also have to add a little bit of joy in their world because if it’s too much — if it’s always work and not enough pleasure — then the person seems to be overwhelmed [by] a lot of things that are happening to them.”

When your auras are revealed, they come in different colors — identical to a color wheel — which equate to different personality and energy types. “You could be green, which means that you like animals, you like nature and in general kind hearted, [and] you like to go outside to feel balanced. The opposite side of that would be into the pinks, purples and reds. They are imaginative and have some structure in their life. That they share their love and their wisdom with other people. They always come from truth and communicate to others effectively.”

In addition to showing a person’s hobbies and tendencies, the colors also give an idea of what someone is lacking in their lives, and what they need to do in order to find a balance that helps to give them composure and strength. 

“But the colors [are] the primary colors and within the primary colors, there’s bright red, dark red, and the reds [that mix in with pinks],” Bieber said. While the reds may share similar hues with each other, they each carry different meanings in regards to personalities of the clients. “With that, through the colors, I tell them what’s going on in their world right now or what they need to balance on.”

Along with that, however, Bieber will provide some mediumship as well if she feels it’s warranted due to the presence of another. “If I see a person that’s, for example, standing beside them, I’ll share that with them, or if they want to give some kind of a message to an individual I’ll share that with them.”

“I remember running through the grass with Mom, Grandpa and Grandma, and then they seemed to be walking faster and faster and I couldn’t keep up with them. I said to slow down and the next I know, I opened up my eyes from my coma. I came back into the three-dimensional world.”

Gloria Bieber

Bieber first started her journey into the world (or worlds, in this case) of clairvoyance and spiritualism at a very young age during a tragic time in her life. “When I first discovered my gift, I was about four or five years old and [my] grandpa had just died. We kids weren’t even told about it yet and I was talking to my mom about Grandpa. She was wondering how I knew [about his death].”

Bieber proceeded to further shock her mother by reiterating family issues that weren’t common knowledge, least of all to a child. From that point, part of Bieber’s family started to get into spirituality and finding the alignment between the three-dimensional world — the world we live in — and the fourth, fifth, and sixth-dimensions.

Bieber and her family’s connection with the other dimensions, along with teachings and skills, would continue to strengthen. “As we grew older, [our family] had to meditate every Thursday, and we were introduced to a teacher from England whose name is Elsa Lund, and she gave us a discipline of spirituality, a reading of the codes, all those kinds of [lessons]. Mom and Dad made sure that we were always in alignment with that as we grew up, and I just developed it as time went on, to be stronger and stronger.”

Bieber would eventually reunite with her grandfather and take a step into another dimension, although her entryway would take a method that’s not typically preferable by any means: a coma from septic shock she suffered that would see her out for an entire week.

“I remember dying in my septic shock, I went into a coma. I was out for about seven days or so, and then I remembered being on the other side.” Bieber explained her experience was like being in a chamber, with different people acting as guides. “They were teaching me different lessons to learn and things that I’ve already mastered myself.”

“We just went over some of the material, and then I got [to go] play outside with [my] mom, grandma, and grandpa.” After a while, Bieber’s time and enjoyment with her family had to come to an end. “[My grandfather] said [it was] time to go back. I said, ‘I really don’t want to go back. He [told me], ‘You have to share your wisdom with other people.'” Bieber was still hesitant because it “was so different on the other side compared to the world we live in.”

“Don’t let anybody have power over you because if they do, then they kind of construct what you’re going to do next. Be in charge of your own self. If you can’t handle that, or you’re overwhelmed, walk away from it. You don’t have to describe how you’re feeling to anyone if you’re not ready to talk or open up.”

For Bieber, ensuring that her clients are able to better understand and have confidence in themselves — while also overcoming obstacles that make them feel small and meaningless — is one of her top priorities. “[I want them] to trust and believe in themselves. More to enlighten themselves. They call it the white light, to make sure that they understand in the power of the white light.”

Bieber gave an example of the “white light,” noting her girlfriend was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given three weeks to live. “She felt there was nothing left for her, she was so depressed and anxious.” However, Bieber said that Guide came to her and told her to hold onto the white light before her operation, which was going to be successful (and luckily, it was). 

Another instance came with a client of Bieber’s who was going through a divorce. Like Bieber’s girlfriend, the man was devastated and felt there was nothing in life that was worth anything anymore. Emphasizing free will and choices, Bieber told the client that the experiences he was going through were opportunities for him to grow stronger, but taking the first step to ensure that outcome is a necessity.

Though Bieber’s beliefs and teachings haven’t presented her with a life free of trials and tribulations, her gift and tools gained over the years have helped her to overcome the struggles — which included cancer — while showing others how to achieve similar successes. 

“I’m not saying that I haven’t gotten down, I’ve gotten down quite a bit. I know that the tools that have been given to me by Guide or by doctors to help me get out of my depression has substantially helped me and talking to the guides, I can listen to them and hear them while they’re talking and sitting beside me. They’ve given me a lot of coaching to get myself through some of these perimeters because I’ve always thought when I was growing up, I would never get these diseases because I would always live in truth.”

Gloria Bieber

“[You must] come to a reality of what it is that you are, that you’re fearful of items or you’re really mad at something that happened. Come to the terms of that. It’s just an experience that we all end up going through.”

Gloria Bieber

Just like any other psychic, Bieber faces skepticism, though she won’t acknowledge it if someone has a clearly determined view on the matter. If someone appears to be on the fence, she’ll give them a chance and try to see their thoughts on life. “Because that’s what spirituality is, it’s life. It’s not a religion or anything like that, it’s about getting ventured in your belief system. It’s no different than going to school and having to memorize your mathematics, for example, to get a passing grade.”

In order to achieve better self-healing of the body, soul, and mind in a person’s daily life, Bieber stressed meditation, and then Reiki. Through these age-old practices, we are able to gain a greater sense of who we are. “It’s the transference of energy. [You have] to understand and to know yourself truly, because what we say and what we speak of ourselves is not necessarily the truth.”

“As we reincarnate, we have [a number of] tools that we are able to use or not use as we are reborn in our lives. So it’s like you go up the ladder, you might start as a very poor person or a person that is naive about something, but it gives you tools to power through each one of those personality types that there are in this world, and it helps you move further. They call it under the veil, to move through the veil to the other dimension. It’s almost like a new  energy that is manifested that gives you an opportunity to balance mind,body and soul.”

Bieber said that with the pandemic, everyone has risen from the third dimension to the fourth dimension, a change that some have not exactly come to terms with and are thus stuck. “They’re frustrated with their world. It just doesn’t fit. They like the old world the way it was, and so they’ll become stalemated.”

Those who haven’t become resistant to the change of dimensions will focus on things that are more powerful within their lives, and are given the tools and mindset to change the surroundings around them and help lift up not only themselves, but others in the world. “It’s people helping people. Because if you’re trying to get through this world alone, I’d be surprised if you could.”

To learn more about Bieber, her services, and to schedule an appointment, you can visit Life Portraits’ website by clicking here.