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Wearable Tech Works Like A Band-Aid To Monitor Health

Scientists have designed an innovative, wearable tech device that tracks movement, heart rate, and breathing without using any wires, batteries, or circuits. The device sticks to human skin like a Band-Aid.

Our skin can give much away about our internal states, as outward signs of physiological changes can provide a window into our physical and emotional conditions. Researchers use the galvanic skin response, for example, to gain insights into a person’s levels of arousal, “stress, excitement, engagement, frustration, and anger.”

Now, scientists have developed a way to harness these skin signals with a device that does not require batteries, wires, or chips.

Zhenan Bao, a professor of chemical engineering at Stanford University, in California, and her team have designed a patch that sticks to skin like a Band-Aid and measures how a person’s skin stretches and contracts.

The researchers named their device “body area sensor network,” or “BodyNET,” and they define it as “a collection of networked sensors that can be used to monitor human physiological signals.”

In the paper, the researchers describe how they tested the BodyNET. They stuck the sensors to the wrist and abdomen of a participant to detect their pulse and breathing.


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