What Clinical Ethics Can Learn From Decision Science

While there is disciplinary diversity in bioethics, it is limited. Other disciplines that could improve the quality of bioethics in its clinical and research manifestations have not been included. One of those fields is decision science, which is designed to help people make optimal choices given the information available.

However, there are some ethical questions about decision science, including the development of methods for learning how people make decisions under conditions of uncertainty. It is also important to consider legal, social and cultural dimensions of applying decision science to actual decision-making in ethically complex cases in health care settings.

The October issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics® (@JournalofEthics) features numerous perspectives and insights on the value of decision science for clinical ethics.

Articles include:

What Clinical Ethics Can Learn From Decision Science.” How information is provided can change a choice. Decision science helps reveal affective forecasting errors and can generate choices congruent with patients’ and families’ values.


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