Fast Food

What Happens to Your Body When you Eat Fast?


Gulping down food in a hurry can do you great harm, as there are many things that can go wrong, health wise. While we understand that it is a busy world, munching away mindlessly is a bad habit. The brain must always be given the time to process and relish food. If you are a fast eater, here is why you should stop.

One of the primary reasons you should slow down when you eat is because it can cause you to eat too much. Overeating, in turn, can lead to unnecessary weight gain. When the brain is not given the time to realise that it is full, it can make you eat more food and consume more calories.

Obesity is a global problem, and it especially afflicts those who eat fast. It cannot be squarely blamed on lack of will power, inactivity and poor diet. There are many other factors that contribute to obesity. On your part, you can try and rid yourself of the habit of eating fast. Do not fall prey to lifestyle stress.

It is also believed that eating quickly can lead to insulin resistance, characterised by high blood sugar and insulin levels.


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