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Where Can Americans Travel Internationally?

While we are still unable to travel as freely as we once could thanks to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, it seems the virus is happy to roam around the world.

Latest figures show that there were more than 288,000 daily confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 44,507 of those in the US so it is understandable why some countries are reluctant to welcome American citizens back to their shores.

Many countries are continuing to ban American citizens while others have implemented quarantine rules but it is easy to get confused as to where you can and cannot travel.

Many countries in the European Union (EU) have seen a resurgence of the number of positive coronavirus cases meaning that there is still no clear forecast as to when the region will be reopening to everyone, particularly those from countries with higher numbers of cases than their own.

The UK is one of the countries allowing Americans across their borders however you must adhere to a 14-day self-quarantine rule before you are allowed to venture out. Those found breaking the rules are subject to fines.

Croatia is also allowing visitors to the country however anyone wishing to enter must present a negative Covid-19 test that is taken within 48 hours of arrival. Any results that are older will see the traveler required to self-isolate until they can produce a negative resulting retest. Anyone who does not have a negative test must quarantine for 14 days however if you have a negative test while in the country this could be reduced to only seven days.

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As well as producing a negative test travelers are required to prove that they have accommodation for their stay – either a receipt from the hotel or proof they are staying with friends or family. This must either be produced at the airport or uploaded before they visit.

Turkey is also allowing travelers into their county and passengers will need to complete a form with their details as well as be checked for any Covid-19 symptoms. If you pass these stages you are free to travel into the country, however if you do show any symptoms you will be taken to hospital to be tested.

It is worth noting that along with the majority of countries within Europe it is mandatory to wear a face covering in any public location and fines can be handed out if you do not wear one. Exceptions have been made in some countries provided you have a medical reason.

Closer to home, Mexico has continued to keep its land borders between us closed for any nonessential travel however US citizens are allowed to fly into specific destinations. United Airlines is just one of the airline companies that are either resuming or adding flights to their itinerary and Mexico has become one of the top destinations for Americans at the moment alongside the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

If you do decide to visit Mexico it is important to check the requirements for your destination as they can vary. While Cancun does not require you to have proof of a negative Covid-19 test you are required to fill out a questionnaire when you arrive and leave. You should also remember to bring your face covering for the airport.

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo (Los Cabos) are checking temperatures of passengers at the airport via thermal screening and while face coverings are required at the airports no further restrictions appear to be in place.

If you fancy a spot of relaxation in paradise then you can now head to Aruba although there are restrictions depending on what state you are traveling from.

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All American visitors must be PCR tested 72 hours before traveling however those traveling from states that are not on the restricted list can opt to be tested at the airport instead, although this will cost you $75. Visitors need to check with to see what their state’s requirements are before traveling. Test results must be uploaded to the online embarkation/disembarkation forms at least 12 hours before the flight’s departure.

Visitors to the island are also required to buy Aruba Visitors Insurance which the country believes will help cover medical expenses if a positive test is recorded during your stay. The cost of the insurance depends on the length of your stay as well as your age and must be bought within 72 hours of your flight.

One of the most popular locations for Americans to visit at the moment is the Dominican Republic who ask that all travelers over the age of 5 have to have proof that they have had a negative PCR test within the previous five days before they land in the country. Any traveler who shows symptoms during their stay, or tests positive, must isolate at an authorized location.

On arrival travelers will be required to complete a health evaluations and, as is the case at most airports, face coverings are mandatory.

If you do decide to travel internationally it is important to remember that although the global travel advisory put in place by the U.S. State Department in March has been lifted there are many countries that still have restrictions in place. It is also worth noting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are still advising against travel to many parts of the world.

Wherever you decide to travel make sure you keep up to date with that country’s restrictions as they are changing frequently and if you end up being stuck overseas it could cost you a lot to get back home.

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