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Why The United States Should Treat Immigration like A Job Interview

Such concerns inevitably arise when trying to hire the best person for any job. Yet such rational considerations receive regular pushback in a closely related realm: our nation’s immigration policy.

During a recent debate between Democratic presidential candidates, Sen. Cory Booker accused former vice president Joe Biden of pitting immigrants against each other when Biden had the temerity to suggest that we give priority to immigrants with PhDs. I suspect, however, that Biden aptly views immigration policy as zero-sum; it’s about choosing the best applicants for a finite number of very valuable positions. That’s certainly my view.

Law firms hire based on applicant qualifications. It’s why, for instance, they employ those with law degrees to represent clients. Similarly, medical practices hire those with medical degrees to be doctors, graduate schools hire those with graduate degrees to be professors, and so on. Employers are gatekeepers. They hire based on their needs, not the needs or desires of those who want jobs.

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