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Over Two-Thirds of Migrants Have Experienced Extreme Violence

This week the medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) have…
Pope Silhouette

Pope Francis Makes Public Plea To Save The Amazon, And The Planet

"We are water, air, earth and life of the environment created by God. For this reason, we demand an end to the mistreatment and destruction of mother Earth."

Top 5 Greenest Countries In The World

Here are some of the greenest countries on the planet currently, maybe we all can learn a thing or two from them. 
Planet Earth

A Life on Our Planet is Sir David Attenborough’s Legacy To The World

Sir David Attenborough is widely known and respected across the…
Lady Justice

From Lawyer To Business Mogul

How Julia Salasky Changed Her Life In Order To Benefit Others

Julia Salasky has always dreamed of working to fight for human rights. When she finally got a job as a lawyer at the United Nations, it seemed like all of her dreams were finally coming true. So it was to her surprise that this seemingly idealistic situation she was in was actually nothing like what she had pictured. Read more…