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National Lockdowns Imminent as Coronavirus Situation Deteriorates

A large number of countries are preparing for the possibility of further national lockdowns as coronavirus cases continue to surge across the world. Health officials in Europe and beyond are expecting further spikes as winter approaches and flu season hits.
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European Countries Learning From Sweden As Covid-19 Outbreaks Increase 

European countries are currently seeing massive surges of new Covid-19 cases, and some are opting to take a page from Sweden’s book of coronavirus response efforts to better protect their own countries.

Biden and Pelosi Warn UK Over Good Friday Agreement

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden have both warned the UK against undermining the Good Friday Agreement in order to secure favourable Brexit terms in talks with the EU.
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UK Strikes First Post-Brexit Trade Deal

The UK has struck a new trade agreement with Japan, its first major post-Brexit deal. The move comes as the UK is struggling to finalize any deal with its allies in the EU and officials claim it will add approximately $1.9 billion to the economy.
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Established Professor Claims ‘Higher Education In The UK Is Morally Bankrupt’

After living in England for 25 years, Ulf Schmidt is leaving the UK to return to his hometown in Germany for a better educational experience for himself and students.

Ulf Schmidt has been living and working in the UK for the past 25 years, but after seeing how the educational system in the country is responding to the coronavirus pandemic in relation to keeping students/staff safe, he’s ready to leave. Read more…