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US vs Iran

Trump Talked Out of Attack on Iran

Reports have come out of the White House stating that President Donald Trump has been looking into his “options” for attacking the nuclear facilities belonging to Iran. According to the report, the request was raised in the Oval Office and Trump had to be dissuaded of any action by senior administration officials.
Nurse Wearing PPE Gear

UK Sourced PPE From North Korean Slave Labor Factories

A Guardian investigation has found that the British government have been sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE) for the coronavirus pandemic from Chinese factories in which hundreds of North Korean women are secretly working in modern slavery conditions.
Tristan da Cunha

UK Blue Belt Expands to Include Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha, a remote British overseas territory, has plans to make the marine sanctuary one of the largest in the world.
Covid-19 Restrictions

The WHO Claims Covid-19 Restrictions In Europe Are Paying Off 

Covid-19 lockdown procedures in Europe appear to be paying off as the World Health Organization (WHO) reported a decline in new weekly cases this week while cases continue to soar in the US.
School Books with Apple

Established Professor Claims ‘Higher Education In The UK Is Morally Bankrupt’

Ulf Schmidt is leaving the UK to return to his hometown in Germany for a better educational experience for himself and students.

Ulf Schmidt has been living and working in the UK for the past 25 years, but after seeing how the educational system in the country is responding to the coronavirus pandemic in relation to keeping students/staff safe, he’s ready to leave. Read more…