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Brexit Negotiations Stall After UK Say No To Extension

This week has seen discussions between the UK and the European Union (EU) restart however it appears that the possibility of finding a post ‘Brexit’ solution that everyone is happy with is still allusive.

WHO Director Claims Lack Of Unity Among World Leaders Is Bigger Threat Than Covid-19

It’s been over six months since the coronavirus initially appeared in Wuhan, China. Now, half a year later, the virus is continuing to rapidly spread in what experts are calling the “once-in-a-century pandemic.” 
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Hong Kong Activist Flees The Territory

Following the announcement of China’s new – and controversial – security law, one of Hong Kong’s democracy activists has been forced to flee the territory.
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Palestinian Members Demand Help From U.S. Democrats

Following the announcement that Israel is planning to annex several large parts of the occupied West Bank, demands have been made that US Democrats “take a firm stand."
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Trump Plans To Suspend Immigration Into The U.S. Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

President Trump will be signing an Executive Order that would suspend all immigration into the United States.

This is not the first time Trump has banned travel into the US as a response to this pandemic. When cases first began appearing in America, he banned most travel to and from China, as well as restricted travel for more than 24 European countries. In addition, he closed the Canadian and Mexican borders; all of these policies have been relatively precedented considering the rest of the world has also enforced strict travel bans. Read more…