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India’s Covid-19 Crisis Is Continuing To Grow Exponentially, WHO Issues Warning

India’s Covid-19 crisis has reached a new peak this week after it was reported this Tuesday that the nation hit a seven-day high for new cases. The World Health Organization, and many other experts in the industry, are worried about the virus’s variants, as those pose a more global concern. 
AstraZeneca Vaccine

European Union Sues AstraZeneca Over Vaccine Delivery Delays 

The European Union (EU) announced this week that it will be launching legal action against the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca after claims that it repeatedly under-delivered on its Covid-19 vaccine shipments throughout the continent. 

‘Out Of Control’ Fire Burning Through Cape Town’s Table Mountain National Park 

According to South African officials an “out of control” fire is currently burning through Cape Town’s Table Mountain National Park, and has already damaged a multitude of buildings.
Syrigne of Covid Vaccine

China Looking For Foreign Vaccine Options After Admitting To Ineffective Vaccines

This weekend, the director of China's health agency claimed that Covid-19 vaccines being produced by private and state-run groups are not very effective. This announcement comes after an Oregon congressman began pushing for more effective and compassionate vaccine property rights to be shared among the world to end the pandemic more quickly. 

How Holistic Medicine Is Revolutionizing The Way We Take Care Of Ourselves

Holistic physicians, like Dr. Norman Shealy, want to educate the public on the whole-body approach to healthcare that this sector of medicine accomplishes by combining conventional treatments with complementary and alternative medicine.

More people are turning to non-traditional means of treating their medical needs after realizing that conventional medicine only provides temporary solutions to their long-term ailments. The study of holistic medicine and biogenics works to treat the mind and spirit, in addition to the body, so that patients are focusing more on reaching an overall sense of wellness, as opposed to just fixing one problem at a time. Read more…