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Biden Calls Out Trump’s Tactics

President-elect Joe Biden has brandished Donald Trump’s refusal to accept defeat in the election as ‘incredibly irresponsible’, claiming that it has sent a ‘horrible message about who we are as a country’. Trump and the Republican Party as a whole have so far failed to acknowledge that Biden has legitimately won the election and are attempting a number of tactics to postpone the transition between administrations and overturn the result.

Trump has launched a large number of lawsuits across the country that claim Biden’s victories came about by way of mass election fraud. All but one of these has so far failed to make any legal progress and a number of state lawmakers have now been invited to the White House, indicating a potential change in tactics from Trump and his team.

The margin of victory in the overall public vote currently stands at just shy of six million, in favour of Joe Biden. The all-important Electoral College system is, at the time of writing, projected to be a Biden victory of 306 to 232.

“(Trump) is sending incredibly damaging messages… to the rest of the world about how democracy functions,” Biden said, before adding that he would be remembered “as being one of the most irresponsible presidents in American history”.

“It’s hard to fathom how this man thinks,” he continued, adding: “It’s just outrageous what he’s doing.”

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Of the election result, he said: “The vast majority of people believe it’s legitimate.”

Trump and his team are continuing to pursue the legal challenges they have put forth despite having next to no success thus far. Media speculation suggests that Trump is now attempting to use Republican lawmakers in states he would need to flip to win the election, for example Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, in order to target the Electoral College system.

Federal law says that statehouse legislators have the power to designate their electors if the state has ‘failed to make a choice.’ This is an unlikely option though as there has been no evidence of voter fraud and Mike Shirkey, a Michigan lawmaker invited to the White House this week, has already ruled out the possibility.

“At the minute, we don’t have access to all the information that we need to get from all the various agencies. We’re not able to deal with everything from testing to guidance, to the all important issue of vaccine distribution, and even more importantly, vaccination plan to actually get vaccinations,” Biden said, standing alongside Kamala Harris at their latest coronavirus press conference.

“We haven’t been able to get into Operation Warp Speed, but we will take what we’ve learned today and build it into our planning.

“The country is still in a crisis and there’s a dark winter still ahead. Yesterday, America reached another tragic milestone, 250,000 deaths. A quarter of a million people died due to COVID-19 and there are empty chairs and dining room tables just were filled just days and weeks ago with loved ones, family and friends who laughed and talked together. To those families and friends that are left behind, Jill and I send our love and our prayers.

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“We know like many of you do how tough it is to find purpose in the memory of a loved one you’ve just lost. It will take time, but you’ll find it. You’ll find it. And you’ll find your purpose as we are going to find our purpose for our nation as a nation now. I promise you that.

“And I promise you that we’ll work together. There’s a great meeting we had today. All the governors, no matter their political party, whether they’re from wherever part of the country they represented, no matter what their political philosophy, shared a strong and abiding sense of a common purpose,” Biden said.

“There was a real desire for a real partnership between the states and the federal government. Each of the governors emphasized that we might be Democrats or Republicans, but we’re all Americans first. They congratulated us heartedly for our win.

“We discussed a number of critical ways we can work together and unify around a national approach to controlling COVID-19. First, delivering economic relief to the city, states, and tribal communities,” Biden added.

“The lost revenue from COVID and the cost of COVID recovery is devastating to state and local budgets. As governors, as all of them indicated, we’ve got to come together. The federal government has to deliver this release sooner rather than later, and with flexibility for the states to meet their needs,” he said.

“This includes helping businesses, schools, working families, from unemployment benefits to early education, continued access to affordable health care, all of that’s needed during this pandemic. States and communities shouldn’t have to lay off teachers, cops, firefighters, cut vital services for families and businesses.”

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