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T-Mobile Approved To Takeover Smaller Rival Sprint

A US judge has approved plans by T-Mobile to buy Sprint in what…
Lake Adirondack Park Mountains

Fun Things To Do In Upstate New York

New York City is an amazing and beautiful metropolitan that actually holds up to all the hype it gets, however, upstate New York is like NYC’s middle-child sibling, and it’s time we stop neglecting her! 
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Florida’s ‘Red Flag’ Law Deemed a Success, Despite Being Used Inconsistently

Two years ago a gunman entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High…
Los Angeles California

Underrated Things To Do In Los Angeles

There’s plenty to do in LA beyond just TMZ bus tours and posting pictures of smoothie bowls on Instagram.
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Andrew Yang Stands Out in a Crowded Field

Andrew Yang is not a typical presidential candidate.

Andrew Yang is not a typical presidential candidate. For one, his signature campaign promise, at first glance, seems patently absurd – if elected, he promises to institute what he calls the “Freedom Dividend,” a promise to give every American adult $1,000 a month, for free, no strings attached. Read more…