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Create A Warm and Cozy Atmosphere with Simple Lighting

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, many of us are still spending an increased amount, if not the majority of time in our homes. It is an uncertain, taxing and trying time for everyone, and with the winter months upon us, our homes can offer a warm, safe and cozy sanctuary. Many may be feeling rather sick of our homes, having been inside them for the greater portion of 2020, but small tweaks such as cozy lighting can be both beneficial to your mood and create an inviting and comfortable space to reside in whilst safe at home.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Julian Andriuta, CEO of Smart Lighting Industries said: “Not only can your lighting choices change your mood but it can impact everything from sleep to productivity and serotonin levels.” Lighting can transform a space, opening it up, creating a warm and cozy sanctuary even whilst a storm is raging outdoors, it can create a sense of calm and peace and boost the moods of the residents.

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According to Andriuta and Huffington Post, the wattage and temperature of your lights are very important, depending on the usage and intended atmosphere of each room:

‘Most domestic lights will include lights with color temperatures on the Kelvin scale, ranging from 2700K up to 6500K. For a warm and cosy feeling you need your scale to be between 2700k and 3999k, says Andriuta. Day white lights (4000K-4999K) are best used for active areas of your home, such as kitchen, bathroom and office. “Day white color temperature will help boost concentration and give you a brighter and more energetic feel,” he adds. Cool white lights (5000K-6500K) are very bright, usually intended for commercial and industrial spaces. “However, it is perfect for task lighting and improves concentration and productivity.”

A mixture of lighting will allow you to utilize the room for several different functions. For example, if your living room operates as a productive home-office by day but a personal cinema by night, equipped with warm blankets and cozy cushions, you may need to have adjustable lighting – i.e. a brighter main light for working, and warm toned lamp shade for the evening’s relaxation. Simply changing between lighting can transform a room’s functionality and feel. Lamps can create a cozy atmosphere by diffusing and spreading out light. Spreading out lamps or installing wall lamps can make the room feel bigger, however, try not to clutter up the room by bringing in too many lamps as it will clutter the space and may not be calming.

Lamps can also be great for ‘task’ lighting, for example, bedside lamps with a warm hue can be placed one on each side of the bed for couples. This can create a cozy low-light setting that allows one person to sleep and the other to read in bed, should their schedules differ. Low warm light in the bedroom can also make it easier to sleep as it creates that cozy ‘winding down’ effect.

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Ambient lighting is indirect light, that can give a room a warm glow, often cultivating feelings of warmth and relaxation. This is often achieved with light fixtures that direct light upwards, bouncing the rays off of ceilings or walls, to soften the intensity of light. Lamp shades will also diffuse light, and opting for a lighter color lampshade will do this the most effectively. You could also illuminate or highlight features of the room, adding soft LED lights atop cabinets, lighting up art pieces and gently accenting the room, for a stylish, yet cozy look. Adding lights in darker spaces can open up a room, making it seem larger and LED lights emit light in every direction – offering even light distribution. However, for the cozy look opt for warmer lighting rather than bright fluorescents. Even fairy lights can be incorporated in your room for a magical, cozy and special effect.

LED lights are a great option and come in a range of different warmth. LED lights are generally more environmentally friendly as they use less energy to emit light, reducing the greenhouse emissions from power companies. This also means that they could bring down your energy bills and be cheaper to run – meaning you can achieve that cozy effect at a lower cost!

Dimmable lighting is also a great way to adapt your space for multiple usage. You can adjust your lighting to your exact needs or personal preference at any moment. There are even lamps available that allow you to utilize a multitude of colors, should this suit your style.

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