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Apple’s New IOS 14 Update

Apple has released its new iOS 14 and iPad iOS 14 operating systems. The update has rolled out to all iOS users sporting a compatible model. In order to host the new iOS 14 update, a user will need to have an iPhone 6s and above to be able to download and install the latest software.

UK Faces COVID-19 Test Shortages

The United Kingdom is currently facing an upsurge in coronavirus cases, some areas and cities, or ‘hotspots’, are on enhanced support or have been placed into lockdown due to the rapid rise of cases. As this increase continues many more local lockdowns may prove imminent across the country.

Healthy Ways To Start Your Day

Whilst our normal everyday routines, prior to the coronavirus pandemic, may be altered or out of the window completely, it is still important to try and start your day in as healthy a way as possible. Whether this be mentally, physically or emotionally, starting your day off right can be anything.

Oscars New Diversity Guidelines

In the past years, the Academy Awards have been rightfully and widely criticised for a clear lack of diversity within its categories. Typically, nominations have favoured white male characters and storylines, in some years this has been starkly apparent with little to no actors from underrepresented groups nominated.