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What is Post Pandemic Stress Disorder?

The pandemic has been mentally and physically challenging for many of us, and as many countries hope that the vaccine rollout could mean the restoration of ‘normality’, the effects of the pandemic on many people’s mental health will have taken its toll.

Updated Efficacy Levels in Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine

The coronavirus vaccine rollout is well underway for many countries around the world. After an applauded record development of several coronavirus vaccinations, developers are still monitoring vaccination data as they are distributed worldwide.

Some European countries are re-opening their borders

Depending on the restrictions in your country or area, many people are looking forward to the ability to travel to different countries on vacation again and with the global rollout of vaccinations against coronavirus, that is once again looking like a very attainable possibility.

Survey finds Asian Americans Endured the Largest Rise in Online Hate in 2020

A recent survey published by the Anti-Defamation league – which is an anti-hate speech organization established in 1913, looked at online hate and harassment specifically on social media platforms.