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Dramatic Climate Efforts Are Needed As The World Risks Hitting Temperature Limit Within 5 Years

The 2015 Paris Climate Accord aimed to pull together countries across the world in a bid to prevent global temperatures reaching 1.5C or above. Countries across the world who joined, would pledge to reduce emissions and work towards greener solutions in order to meet this target. The accord works on 5 year cycles of ‘increasingly ambitious climate action’. In 2020, the UN World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) believed there was a 20% chance that the world would not keep temperatures below 1.5C. However, in the latest forecast, they believe that there is a 40% chance that global temperatures would surpass 1.5C any year within the next five, and the odds are increasing.

A Guide Eco Friendly Travel

Earth day landed on Thursday the 22nd April this year and brought with it new pledges from the Climate Summit from world leaders to reduce carbon emissions.

Vaccinated? Here’s Why You Still Need to Follow Social Distancing Rules

The successful development and continuing rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination has been a monumental moment of hope in the coronavirus pandemic.

COVAX Sharing Scheme Shortfall

COVAX is a global vaccine sharing initiative formed under the organizations Gavi, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and The World Health Organization.

How Climate Change Can Be Fought At The Dinner Table

Inspired by the latest pledges from President Joe Biden and other nations on Earth Day’s climate summit? Although it is integral, it is not just large nations that will make a difference when it comes to cutting carbon emissions, individuals can make in impact too by making small changes to their daily habits inside the home.

US Plans to Cut Emissions By 50% By 2030

It is no secret that the Biden administration is following in President Obama’s footsteps when it comes to an emphasis on climate change.

Flexible Working From Home

Months of working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic has left many itching to get back into the office, whether for the space, ease, socialization opportunities or more.

If Only 3% of Worlds Eco Systems Remain Undisturbed, How Can We Fix It?

The researchers looked to three areas of intactness – habitat intactness (the degree to which human activity has affected the land), faunal intactness (loss of animal species) and functional intactness, which measures if the remaining species are able to keep the ecosystem healthy.

EHRC Suggests Vaccine Passport Scheme Could Be ‘Unlawful Discrimination’

The notion of a vaccine passport scheme, seems to be a quickly catching idea to restart the tourism industries in many countries.

Dating at a Distance – Date Night Ideas

The restrictions in place for the coronavirus pandemic will vary from place to place as different governments apply their own methods for containing the spread. Not to mention waves of the COVID-19 virus affecting countries at different times and vaccine rollout varying by pace and country as well.