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Fall Sports Athletes Got An Education in Social Media From The Broncos

Social media can be a tool for success or a detriment to one’s growth through their desired activity or profession.

That’s what Denver Broncos senior strategic communications manager Seth Medvin spent time telling the high school athletes that made their way through the Pat Bowlen Fieldhouse. During the CHSAA and Denver Broncos fall sports media day, Medvin provided a lecture on social media use and how to use it in a way that is responsible and positive.

“The unique thing with social media training for high school athletes is they’re exposed to it than even pro athletes are right now,” Medvin said. “We’re getting rookies in that were very active on social media when they were in high school. Athletes coming out now, they’ve been on social media since they were in maybe elementary school. It’s important as they’ve had much more experience in it that the education is more important at a younger age because it sticks with them and it really is their digital footprint.”

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