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Inside One Psychologist’s Mission to Bring Faith And Stability To Young Students | Rev. Linda Dixon, Ph.D.

To Rev. Linda Dixon, Ph.D., the emotional states of young students and teachers has become a warzone, with trauma, stress, and a lack of necessary social interactions pushing them to the brink.

Scientists Confirm The Existence of Salt Water Lakes on Mars

In 2018 scientists discovered a large salt water lake under the ice in the South Pole of Mars. Although it could not initially be confirmed as a body of water it was an exciting potential discovery that warranted further investigation.

Apps To Help With Social Distancing

Governments across the world have attempted to implement test and trace systems in response to the coronavirus. Whilst some countries were able to successfully harness test and trace capabilities, others, during the height of their countries’ wave quickly became overwhelmed with the volume cases.

UK Government’s Green Recovery Focuses On Housing

As Coronavirus infections have slowed, governments looked to slowly re-open their economies, climate activists and experts have been urging the inclusion of green policies into economic recovery plans.

Is The Party Over In Europe’s Hotspots?

With travel restrictions still in place across the world due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic, many countries are worrying about their tourism industries. And with summer fast approaching it is clear that Europe could be severely affected financially.