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Home Adjustments To Save Money

Whether you are trying to tighten your belt after a tough year, looking to save up to move house or go on vacation, or simply trying to be more financially savvy there are many ways you can save money around the home. From bigger changes of energy service providers to save money over the long term, to small changes in routine, there are plenty of ways that you can save money without having to feel like you are sacrificing those things you love to indulge in. Saving money need not be difficult or unpleasant, so here are some easy ways you can keep more of your hard earned cash. 

Switch providers and check subscriptions

It is always a good idea to regularly look for new providers for your various utilities, shop around and see who is providing the best deal for you. This can be everything from your energy provider, to cable, to internet access, car insurance, to your cell phone. Shop around on the regular to see who can provide you with the best deal so you aren’t paying out as much each month. There are plenty of comparison websites that make this easy to do and even switching services that make this hassle free. Some providers may even give you a discount or bonus for switching to them. 

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You may also want to look into different bank accounts. You may have sat with the same account for some time but over the years your interest rate has changed or you are not getting as many benefits as some other accounts. Make your bank work for you by opening up new accounts which will give you more return on your investments, or even switch to a new credit card provider that is offering more benefits that you could utilize. 

Simply looking into new providers for your various services could cut your monthly bills down by a substantial amount. 

When looking at your outgoings look at subscription services that you are still paying for but no longer using. Take the time to cancel those subscriptions and gain some money back. If you live with others, you may also find that some of your favorite services such as Spotify, do a family account, which accommodates up to 6 accounts under one monthly price – which could be cheaper for you all!

Think eco-friendly   

Being eco-friendly not only benefits the climate and the environment, but also your pocket too! Often when you look into ways of being less wasteful, conserving energy and recycling you can save a lot of money each month. You can make large changes such as installing a low flow toilet or looking into better home insulation to save more money on heating or cooling bills. There are smaller changes you can make too, such as switching to LED lighting and picking energy-efficient appliances such as dishwashers. You can instill simple every day habits too such as making sure you turn off electrical items when not in use (rather than leaving them on standby), taking shorter showers, ensuring you are wasting less food by eating more leftovers or not letting food go bad and so on. 

Ensuring your home is energy efficient by way of utility options or simple changes in behavior could be particularly useful if, due to the coronavirus pandemic, you are spending more time inside the home and therefore your energy bills have increased. 

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Are there areas of indulgence that you would be happy to swap out? Often, items from popular brands are more expensive than those without a well-known brand. When you are shopping could you look to buy off brand items rather than branded items to save money? If you are particular with food, it may be fun to start by buying both branded and the supermarkets own brand item, do a blindfolded taste-test with your family and see which item you like best! You may be surprised to find you like the unbranded version!

Are there other areas in your weekly routines where you could save money? Could you swap out the weekly takeaway once a month for a home-cooked version? It could be fun to challenge your culinary skills or even try something new. Perhaps you are still paying for a gym membership but actually, some home workout sessions would suit you better?

Even if you do not find anything in your lifestyle that you are willing to, or can, swap out to save money, there may be areas where you can look for discounts. Choose to shop when things are reduced rather than buying full price.

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