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How to Brighten and Enliven Your Home For Spring

After a tough year and tough start to the new year, for the Northern hemisphere springtime is upon us, bringing brighter days, blooming flowers and many celebrations with it, such as Easter. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us will still be spending much of our time in our homes, and although this can be depressing, there are plenty of ways in which you can brighten your home in honor of springtime – opening the door to let the winter blues out and usher in all the bright and blooming possibilities of springtime.  


You guessed it – a spring cleaning. Freshening up your home as the seasons change can not only be great for hygiene purposes, but it can be a wonderful mood booster. Studies have shown that an organized and de-cluttered household can improve your mental well-being, and even the act of tidying up is a form of exercise that releases endorphins.

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Many find that spring and summer is generally lifting for mental wellbeing anyway, so sprucing up your home to match could usher in some great new positive energy, whether that is a simple deep clean or re-organizing and redecorating completely. You may have items or clothes that you only need in winter that can be put away and replaced with spring/summer gear. Or you may simply need another reorganization after spending more much more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Placing some freshly cut flowers in your home, some new plant pots or even adding some new plants to your garden can really brighten things up to celebrate spring. Even if it is too late to plant some spring time flowers, there will be plenty of nurseries, or garden centers that will have those plants already blooming in pots that you can take home and place in window-sill pots or your garden. Many plants and flowers have tons of wonderful properties that are cleansing and healthy for your home – as well as looking pretty.

If you are into gardening, now is the time to start planting flowers, fruit or vegetables in time for summer and autumn! Spruce up the path to your front door, or your windowsills, or anywhere with fresh bright plants and flowers. 


If you are the type of person that loves to style their home around the seasons, spring time is a beautiful time for you! You don’t have to go all out if you do not want to, although if your home could do with a lick of new paint or some general repairs, now may be a great time to do just that. A light and bright color palette is perfect for spring. You could even up-cycle old furniture, painting them with lighter colors which will give your current color scheme a lift. Cushions, throws, vases, framed pictures all can help to spruce up décor on a smaller budget.

Even just adding in some new plants, decluttering, swapping out accessories, taking down curtains and replacing with blinds to bring more light into the room can all be relatively easy changes that can transform a room. You may even like to rearrange your rooms to make the most of the spring sunshine!

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Think about aroma

Spring is such a fresh and enlivening time of year and your home can embody that too. You may have already cleaned up your home and redecorated, rearranged or adjusted the curtains to let in the bright daylight of spring. Another way to really bring in springtime is to think about aroma, freshly cut flowers can add a floral note to your home and are beautiful to look at. Lavender or potpourri are other great options. Opening the windows regularly to air out the home can also be great for an added freshness and your physical health.

You could also look into scented candles or air fresheners with a light spring theme to give your home a peaceful and aromatic lift. 

Theme it

Whether you love decorating for Easter or prefer to subtly brighten things up for spring you could try setting a seasonal theme. If your chosen theme is Easter, there are many of wonderful décor ideas ready for Easter that you can find online. If you have children, this is the perfect time for crafting, decorating eggs, floral arrangements, drawings of Easter bunnies or chicks, making Easter baskets. Or if you prefer subtler décor, many home stores will have spring-themed ornaments that you can recycle year after year.

Or simply add fresh flowers, rabbit ornaments, a beautifully decorated Easter wreath and anything else that suits your home style… the possibilities are endless.

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