Opioid Crisis: Can Emerging ‘Cyborg’ Technology Help Stop It?

Tech these days is often accused of encouraging forms of addiction, but emerging “cyborg” technology may offer an answer for treating the opioid epidemic. Embedding microchips in the brains of addicts could help to, essentially, rewire them.

Gerod Buckhalter is an opioid addict. He’s among millions of people in America affected by what has become a national plague that kills hundreds each day. He hopes, though, that the computer chip in his brain can break him from addiction’s hold.

His dependence took hold after he dislocated his shoulder when he was 15. Dose after dose of the Percocet he was prescribed for pain post-surgery eventually graduated to heroin.

Although it wasn’t what he expected, a group at the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute did care.

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