A Royal Denial: Harry and Meghan Dismiss Plans To Star in Netflix Reality Show

It is now without a doubt that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are opting for an arguably more controversial path than the traditional royal one taken by their predecessors, but it has still come as a shock to many followers of the family from across the world that they have struck a deal with online streaming giant Netflix.

Following their wedding and the birth of their Son Archie, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made the decision that in January 2020 they would resign from their royal duties and make a more permanent move to North America over the course of the following months.

Now settled in North America, following a further move that has seen them become based in L.A, the debate surrounding the couple’s decisions and whether they should have continued with their royal duties continues, with some critics going as far to say they should have their royal tiles stripped.

The couple have always had intentions to split their time between the USA and the UK so their son Archie can spend time with both his American and British families, with the questionable move bringing Meghan and her mother closer together. The move has also brought increasing speculation that Harry is following his mother’s path as revelations after her death indicated that she has planned a move to the USA herself.

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Harry and Meghan have found themselves back in the headlines since the announcement of their partnership with Netflix, where the couple have embarked on a deal comprising a portfolio of programmes covering a wide range of topics revealing that they might star in some of them arousing speculation of a reality style documentary.

On September 2nd 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan released a statement commenting upon the program stating: ‘Our focus will be on creating content that informs, but also gives hope’ continuing to share their beliefs behind the introduction of the programmes. He added: ‘As new parents, making inspirational family programming is also important to us’

The deal, set to be worth £112 million ($144,995,200.00), will see the royals create a string of documentaries, docu-series, feature films, and a multitude of shows including children’s programmes, over the course of the next few years which focus on issues and stories that are close to the their hearts. Netflix head Ted Sarandos announced that he was ‘incredibly proud’ to play host to Harry and Meghan’s new ‘creative home’.

However, reports the couple would be taking part in a reality tv series, rumored to be filmed following their lives over the course of three months, has been heavily denied by the royal couple. Since denying the prospect of a reality show, it has been shared that the plans for their first offering, an animated series created to inspire women, is already underway and will provide an indication of the calibre and the messaging behind the married couple’s work.

It is also rumoured that they have a nature documentary in the pipeline, which could be a series featuring Prince Harry and Meghan themselves exploring the glorious wildlife of Africa when it is deemed safe to do so and adhering to Covid-19 restrictions that are in place.

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The couple have also been subject to controversy surrounding the launch of the book titled ‘Finding Freedom’ which will place a focus on their experiences and relationships with fellow royals and also Meghan’s family. However, this is another instance where the couple have denied their involvement in the project.

Harry and Meghan have been keen to stay away from the public eye as much as possible while they strive to use their platform for good.
They are noted for commitment to charities and raising awareness for their causes through their role as ambassadors. Since the deal with Netflix has been announced, their intentions have been called into question; are they using the backing of Netflix and capabilities to reach large audiences for good?

The rumours and denials of potential forthcoming documentaries lead us to wonder whether we will be beginning to see insights into the life of the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex and will we be invited to share their lives. Will this provide a way for the people to understand their life choices and the work they continue to do based in the United States but also in their travels back to the UK?

It is important to consider the intentions of Netflix and their investment in this multi-million dollar deal. They will want to see significant ratings as a return on their investment, so it may be the case that they wish to focus on the more personal aspects of the royals lives to gain viewers interest. Time will tell where the relationship between Netflix and the royals will take their programming schedule.

Since the announcement that the Kardashians will be departing from our screens, reality TV has been looking for the next big names to fill the billing, but at present it’s not looking like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their family will be it.

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