And Just Like That… Sex And The City Is To Return But Without Kim Cattrall

It is clear that this year has not started in the way we might have hoped, with continuing restrictions and uncertainty. We could certainly do with some excitement, on our tv sets at least! What better way than with the news that renowned tv show Sex in the City is going to return to our screens in a revival series being brought to us by HBO Max.

In an iconic reunion, the new show is set to air more than 20 years after the first series launched, which introduced the female line up to our screens back in 1998. The hit show had 6 series until its finale in February 2004, following the lives of 4 women; Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York Goldenblatt. Between them they juggled the trials and tribulations of dating, fashion and careers living in New York. The series was based upon the book of the same name by Candace Bushnell released in 1997.

And how long will fans have to eagerly wait for the new series? Not too long as the production is scheduled to begin in Spring. The new series will take on the new name “And Just Like That”, which fans will recognize as a memorable phrase from Sex And The City. The new installment will comprise 10 episodes, which was confirmed by HBO Max on Sunday 12th January 2021.

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Amongst the excitement of the highly anticipated new series, fans are also disappointed that the series will not be uniting Kim Cattrall to the original cast as the 4th member of the gang, Samantha Jones. Her character was notably the most vivacious and will be missed bringing a sense of honestly and humour to Sex and The City audiences.

HBO Max has begun to make its name in the home streaming market, announcing in 2020 a deal with Warner Bros to premiere films on its platform coinciding closely to cinema release dates. Films already scheduled in 2021 include Matrix 4. Now HBO Max is focusing on bringing some iconic series to the fray to become a household name for at home entertainment, reporting to revamp further favourite series’ such as ‘Gossip Girl’.

So far we have been drawn back into the big city magic with a teaser trailer shared by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davies and Cynthia Nixon on their own social media. The clip does not include any of the characters, but does features hot spots from New York City and in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion, boast shots of captions created on a computer of the new title ‘And Just Like That..’. The trailer teases us further with the line ‘The Story Continues…’, which is voiced by Carrie herself. Sarah Jessica Parker adds to the hype commenting “I couldn’t help but wonder… where are they now?”

Fans can follow the excitement via #SATCnextchapter, speculating at what point in life we might find the newly formed trio. Since the end of the original series, fans greatly welcomed two spin off films to the series. The first titled “Sex and The City” was brought to cinemas in 2008 and saw Carrie and Mr. Big get married. The sequel “Sex and The City 2” was released in 2010. There had been rumours and hopes of a third movie, which the new series will now put to a halt.

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So what do we know? The second movie instalment left the ladies with Carrie still married to Mr. Big, but with an emphasis on married life. Miranda refocuses her career as a lawyer after always being so job focussed and chooses to find happiness outside of her work. We also see Charlotte struggle in her family life as a parent to her two children and lastly we follow Samatha just being Samantha, an assertive, highly sexual woman continuing to run her own public relations business and documents her struggles while entering the menopause.

As we know, Samantha will not be returning for this new series, a controversial element the producers have yet to comment on the reasons behind, with some fans believing that the spin off series should not go ahead without Kim Cattrall. Cattrall leaves a hole that cannot be filled in the role she has so firmly created. Over the past few years, there had been rumours of a feud between KIm Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker so could this be the reason she has not returned to the role we all know and love her best?

It has been reported that the returning female actors Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Davies will earn over $1m (£738,000) from each episode of the new series. The ladies will also be taking a more in depth role to the production of the series upholding the roles of executive producers alongside Michael Patrick King, as well as playing the leading ladies.

So as we are left in anticipation, wondering at what stage of their lives including marriages, families and careers we will find the ladies, we are once again excited to be part of their journeys, particularly as escapism from our own present lives during the difficulties of the pandemic.

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