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Dating at a Distance – Date Night Ideas

The restrictions in place for the coronavirus pandemic will vary from place to place as different governments apply their own methods for containing the spread. Not to mention waves of the COVID-19 virus affecting countries at different times and vaccine rollout varying by pace and country as well.

As these circumstances differ, restrictions on relationships across the world will vary too, especially for those couples who are living in different areas and complying by different rules. Wherever you are, if you are still dating your significant other at a distance (whether due to the pandemic or not) you are not alone. Often it is hard to cope with missing your partner, maintain a long-distance relationship, whilst also navigating through everyday life. Sometimes, rather than attempting to keep your relationship alive by speaking at every possible moment, cultivating some intimate moments (at a distance) can be beneficial to both your relationship and happiness levels. Here are some creative distance date night ideas to try out. 

Cook a meal together

A spin on the classic date – whether you prefer visiting a restaurant or honing your home-cooking skills together at home – this is a fun way to share a meal together. Decide on a recipe beforehand, ensuring you both have all the ingredients before you start. Video chat whilst you follow the recipe together, then afterwards sit down for a romantic meal, boasting over your culinary prowess (or laughing at your failures). 

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Watch a movie

When you are missing the physical presence of your partner you may begin to notice all the little things you enjoyed, even in silence – whether that was watching your favourite TV show or movie together, sitting in the same room whilst you both did your own thing and so forth. You may find that watching a film or TV show together virtually can quell some of those distance pangs, as you laugh along, chat over the storyline or gasp at the unravelling drama together. There are several apps available that will allow you to host a watch party, including on Netflix, or simply set up a video chat and sync up your screens. 

Book Club

If you are both into reading, form a book club. Pick new book for both of you and schedule in a time that you can both realistically read it by. Set a ‘virtual date night’ for that day, with drinks and nibbles should you prefer, and discuss the book together. Similar to watching a movie together, you can provoke in-depth discussions, debate over characters and plotlines and share which parts you loved the most. It also means that whilst you are both apart and the times you are not able to speak, you can pick up a book and participate in an activity that connects you both – which may be comforting and exciting for you. 

Play Games

Chatting on the phone can become quite tiresome for everyone. You may run out of things to say or simply have nothing interesting to say after a run of the mill kind of day. Instead, invigorate your minds by opting to play a game instead. If you both already are gamers you may have PlayStation, Xbox or PC systems set up and can choose a multiplayer game to collaborate on together. If not, there are plenty of classic online games available to you, whether chess, scrabble, cards and so forth. Even make up your own game if you want!

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Small Gestures

You may not be able to spend the time you want together, but you can feel close together by arranging small gestures for the other. Whether writing a letter, sending a gift or surprising them by curating your own date night. You can put together a care package for one and other, opening it at the same time over video chat. You can even curate that care package into a fun, themed date night – perhaps inspired by your future goals. If you want to travel together for instance, sending over some themed drinks, snacks and travel books or a map that you can look over and mark together and start getting excited about ideas. 

Star Gaze

If you are lucky enough to be in similar time-zones – or at least time zones where you can sync up daylight and night-time periods even for a few hours. Try stargazing together whilst you are catching up on the phone. Pointing out constellations that you can both see may make you feel not so far apart, as we are all under the same sky. If it is a little overcast, or you are in an area with a lot of light pollution, there are some apps that can help you spot and identify the constellations in the direction you are looking. Failing that, spending some time outside at night describing to each other what you see or simply relaxing in the moonlight can be very comforting in itself.  

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