How Can Apple’s New Vision Pro Change The Workplace?

Apple recently announced their newest innovation, Apple Vision Pro, a mixed-reality headset computer that will change how users interact with technology at home, and also at work. 

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Apple’s Vision Pro announcement is the latest in the company’s history of creating technological innovations. The device will be made available in 2024, and will cost $3,499 each. Now that companies have seen a preview of what the Vision Pro can do, business professionals are already planning how the technology will change the workplace. 

For example, Krystal Khali, the CEO at Spacebourne Inc., an aerospace company, told SHRM Magazine about the benefits the device could bring to her workplace. 

“In the area of HR, Spacebourne will be using the Apple Vision Pro to hire and screen applicants. As an aerospace corporation, our screening process is significantly more involved than it is for most industries. Our hiring process includes various rigorous testing modules,” she stated. 

“[It’ll] also ensure that Spacebourne attracts the best minds from various backgrounds and locations. We can put someone in a simulated capsule and have them carry out emergency sequences to test how they will react to rehearsed as well as novel scenarios. This is part of our hiring and screening evaluation process, which can often take months before someone is officially hired,” she explained.

“We can meet face to face with a broader range of recruits because no one needs to fly in. It’s a more immersive experience for team members, including both candidates and hiring managers.”

Co-founder of The Luxury Pergola, a pergola manufacturer, Stacy Elmore explained how she can use the Vision Pro to replace computer monitors, which take up space, and also for training purposes. 

​​“From an HR perspective, it would be beneficial to use this in training—if apps support it—to make the standard HR training more real. We could actually place our employee in various scenarios and show them how best practices are demonstrated in the workplace. This is much more relatable than watching a standard video.”

She went on to explain that she’s “even more excited to see how developers support the device for an enterprise application.”

Chris Alexakis, CEO and HR director at Cabinet Select, explained how the Vision Pro will also improve the retail experience for his company, and customers. 

“For products like furniture, where visualization is key, tools like Apple Vision Pro could prove invaluable. Customers could use AR [augmented reality] to see how a cabinet fits before making a purchase or how well they like a sofa in their space. This could drastically improve the shopping experience and potentially reduce returns,” as well as improve customer relations,” Alexakis stated

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“I believe that adopting the Apple Vision Pro, and similar advanced technologies, is part of a bigger picture of digital transformation. It’s an exciting time to be at the intersection of retail and technology, and we’re eager to explore all possibilities that can bring us closer to our customers.” 

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Alexakis also explained how the Vision Pro will be beneficial for members of his team who work remotely, as a way of feeling more connected to the company and their colleagues. 

“It would be nice to not actually be outside of your house, but still get the feel of an office while you attend meetings,” he said. “And it’s going to make collaboration so much easier too, because you work better with someone who’s not a blank screen to you.”

Elmore explained a similar excitement over this aspect of the technology:  “I expect this will help with remote work, as the fidelity on the device is unparalleled and could help bring teams from all over the world together with ease,” she said. 

“For many people, I expect that it will help them create a better work/life balance by offering more manageable work from home.”