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Ideas For A Socially Distanced Halloween At Home

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for the kids, and let’s face it, often the adults too. With the prospect of trick or treating, costumes and candy on the cards who would not be excited for this incredible holiday? However, with COVID-19 still ever-present in society, the usual trick or treating activities, or Halloween parties may not be able to safely go ahead. Some areas may be facing tight restrictions or lockdowns and others may still be subject to social distancing. However, this does not mean Halloween has to be cancelled, here are some great activities that you could do inside your home whilst socially distancing.

The secret to any good indoor Halloween celebration? Decoration. You can even do this early and enjoy the festive season for longer, so gather your kids and put up some decorations from fake cobwebs to witch’s cauldron’s. If you don’t have many decorations instead of going out and buying some more, why not try to make some? Black and orange paper chains can add a simple but effective touch. Cut out pumpkin shapes and make gravestones out of paper, to stick to walls and windows. Papier-mâché a balloon, hang it from the ceiling and drape it with a white sheet to make it look like a ghost. If you are staying indoors as much as possible, decoration making can be a fun activity to fill the time.

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Make Spooky Treats
There is a plethora of creative Halloween food ideas across the internet. Get your kids involved ahead of time and get the creative juices flowing to make a variety of spooky treats ready for the big day, from candy apples to ghost shaped sugar cookies. Get really creative and shape food into different monsters, spiders, bats, mummies and so forth. Rice crispy treats on popsicle sticks, can be decorated into any spooky character, and cake pops can be made to look like bloody eyeballs. Simple tricks such as adding red food dye to the punch bowl drink and dropping in fake bugs or eyeballs in it can be easy and effective. Or placing bug-shaped candy into the hidden center of a cake for a surprise filling. You can get more complicated by moulding Jell-O into the shape of brains or worms… The possibilities are endless.

Trick-or-treat Treasure Hunt
So, you may not be able to go trick or treating this year but that doesn’t mean that the kids can’t still enjoy an element of candy hunting. Hide stashes of candy around the house and give the kids spooky themed clues and puzzles to solve to find them all. If you are unable to see friends and family you could even get them involved virtually by giving them some clues to deal out over the phone or video chat (in costume of course). If there is a socially distanced trick or treating parade in your area this still may be a great evening out.

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Costume making
Instead of going out to the store and buying a new costume, it’s maybe fun this year to take the time to make one. You don’t necessarily have to be very good at sewing but you could fashion together old pieces of clothing, paint T-shirts and look into innovative face painting ideas. This can be a great way to give the kids a long activity especially if they are spending more time at home.

Halloween Games
There are plenty of different Halloween games that you can play, from Halloween charades to smashing the Halloween piñata. Traditional games such as apple bobbing or even bobbing for donuts (where a donut is placed on a string and hung from a height, and it is a race to see who can eat their doughnut first without using your hands). Jack-o’-lantern carving, or even hiding small objects into bowls of Jell-O, and two blindfolded people have to race to get them all out. Games like Halloween bingo or even activities such as telling ghost stories can all be fantastic ways of spending Halloween together. There are hundreds of ideas on the Internet and plenty more that you could make up yourself, adapt old and favourite games by giving them a spooky theme, or simply stick on a Halloween playlist and play games such as musical chairs, the floor is lava, learn some Halloween themed dance moves and generally just have a great time.

There are plenty of fun ways to celebrate Halloween indoors and although this year may not be the same as others it can still be just as good. If the idea of a quieter Halloween appeals to you then stick on a traditional Halloween movie have a nice meal and celebrate the day that way.

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