Olivia Rodrigo’s Team Stops Distributing Morning After Pill At Her Concerts 

Olivia Rodrigo was previously being praised for allowing Plan B emergency contraceptives to be distributed at her shows on her GUTS World Tour. Now, however, her team is stepping back on giving out the emergency contraceptive, citing that there are children present at many of the shows.

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Olivia Rodrigo is currently embarking on her GUTS World Tour. Recently, the famous singer made headlines for distributing Plan B emergency contraceptives at certain stops on her tour. Now, however, her team has stopped distributing free contraceptives and the morning-after pill due to concerns over the audience’s age.

The distribution was initially done in partnership with Fund 4 Good, Rodrigo’s global initiative that she set up to “build an equitable and just future for all women, girls, and people seeking reproductive health freedom.” 

According to Variety magazine, Rodrigo’s team was concerned over the messaging of handing out things like lubrication, condoms, and Plan B when “children are present at the concerts.” 

The Prairie Abortion Fund was also present at Rodrigo’s show last week in St. Paul, Minnesota. The chair of the fund, Destini Spaeth, told Variety that they strongly disagreed with the move to stop giving out contraceptives and other sexual health products. 

“There is something really positive about a 16- or 15-year-old having a Plan B and a few condoms in her dresser to use as she needs it,” she said.

“Sex and sexual health tools, whether that be abortion, Plan B, condoms, are villainized because you’re [seen as being] promiscuous. We don’t look at it as a sign of responsibility. [But] if the kids aren’t getting the education they need in school, at least they can rely on reproductive health organizations in their communities to get that information and resources for them.”

The fund’s will still be able to have booths at certain dates on the remaining dates of the GUTS world tour, however, they will only be handing out information on safe sexual health and memorabilia such as T-shirts, hats, stickers, and badges. 

Other women’s sexual health groups have stated their disagreement with the decision. Initially the news that contraceptives and Plan B were being handed out in partnership with Fund 4 Good was met with praise, as well as backlash from more conservative groups. 

Stephanie Kraft Sheley is the project director of Right By You, “a youth-focused* text line connecting Missourians to abortion care, birth care, adoption and parenting supports, birth control, and information about their rights.” 

When speaking to the Guardian after a concert in St Louis, Sheley stated: “She [Rodrigo} invited us, but it was our decision to bring it and hand it out. It fills my heart with so much joy and gratitude to Olivia, and it shows how well received it will be when other artists step up and do this. I hope they follow this example.”

While the news was met with great praise from women’s and sexual health groups, it was also met with a lot of backlash from conservative right-wing members. However, Jade Hurley, communications manager for the DC Abortion Fund, told Variety that all the backlash has been based on misinformation. 

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“It’s disappointing that extremists are causing a moral panic over something they don’t even understand. They don’t know the difference between emergency contraception and the abortion pill, which are two completely different things.”

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Last week, Rodrigo performed in Missouri, where abortions are currently illegal, however, there are no laws that prohibit the distribution of emergency contraception. 

The order to stop the distribution of contraceptives came directly from Rodrigo’s team, not any state agency. The team made the decision due to the increase in media coverage and fears that children could access these products too easily. 

Robin Frisella, the community engagement director of the Missouri Abortion Fund, told Variety that they would be honoring the request from Rodrigo’s team, but were disappointed in the team’s overall decision. 

“While we are disappointed to learn that other abortion funds will not get the same opportunity, we are encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response. We can’t speak to why this decision was made, but we hope this conversation highlights the work being done by abortion funds across the country.”